Checklist for inspection of DSP and Circle Inspector`s Office

Inspection of Deputy SP and Circle Inspector(CI) Office

Crime review of every police station head wise – especially murder, dacoity, robbery,
kidnapping for ransom, burglary, auto theft, other theft

Criminal gangs of sub division with details of its members and details about crimes
committed by the gang modus operandi wise

 Preventive measures taken to control activity of gangs in the area

 Inspection of posts – date and submission of Inspection Notes, Advance Inspection Chart also to be produced

 Proceedings – details about pending proceedings

 Gist of Monthly Summary of Work for the whole tenure in Tabular form depicting work done under every head

Reasons for pendency of SR and Non-SR cases under following heads:

  1. Expert Opinion
  2. For Arrest
  3. For Warrant of Arrest
  4.  For Execution of Processes
  5. Govt. Sanction
  6. DM Sanction
  7.  For S. Note
  8. PR / Final PR
  9. Misc. Reason
  10. CID Control / Investigation
  11. Co-operative Cell
  12.  For CDs
  13. Under investigation
  14. For Order

 IO wise list of pending SR and Non-SR cases

 Cases pending period wise (for every PS) – above 3 months, above 6 months, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year

 Chart of disposed cases PS wise


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