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Law of Nepal

  • नेपालको संविधान-Constitution of Nepal - नेपालको संविधान भाग–१ प्रारम्भिक भाग–२ नागरिकता भाग–३ मौलिक हक र कर्तव्य भाग–४ राज्यका निर्देशक सिद्धान्त, नीति तथा दायित्व भाग–५ राज्यको संरचना र राज्यशक्तिको बाँडफाँड भाग–६ राष्ट्रपति र उपराष्ट्रपति भाग–७ संघीय […]
  • Statutes/Acts Passed by the Parliament of Nepal - Constitution of Nepal(2072)
  • The Crime Victim Protection Act 2075 (2018) - Whereas, it is expedient to make necessary provisions on the protection of the rights and interests of the victims, by making provisions also for compensation to the victims for damage sustained as a result of an offence, and reducing adverse effects caused to the victims of crimes, for getting information related to the investigation and proceedings of the cases in which they have been victimized, for getting justice along with social rehabilitation and compensation pursuant to law, while ensuring the right of crime victims to justice conferred by the Constitution of Nepal, which remains as an integral part of the process of offender justice;
  • The National Criminal Procedure (Code) Act 2017 – Nepal - The National Criminal Procedure (Code) Act, 2017 (Revised) Date of Authentication: 16 October 2017 Act Number 37 of the year 2017 An Act Made To Amend And Consolidate Laws Relating […]
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