• Duties and Powers of the Turkish President - The President of the Republic, in his/her capacity as the Head of State, shall represent the Republic of Turkey and the unity of the Turkish Nation; he/she shall ensure the implementation of the Constitution, and orderly and harmonious functioning of the organs of the State.
  • Establishment and Rules of Procedures of the Turkish Constitutional Court: Code No: 6216 - The aim and scope of this Code is to regulate the principles pertaining to the structure of the Constitutional Court, its duties, trial procedures, President, deputy presidents and the selection of its members, disciplinary and staffing affairs and rapporteurs, deputy rapporteurs and the quality, appointment, duties and responsibilities of their staff, their disciplinary and staffing affairs.
  • TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ ANAYASASI-CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY-1982 - The Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on October 18, 1982 to be submitted to referendum and published in the Official Gazette dated October 20, 1982 and numbered 17844; republished in […]
  • TREATY OF PEACE WITH TURKEY SIGNED AT LAUSANNE JULY 24, 1923 - Gentlemen, I don't think it is necessary any further to compare the principles underlying the Lausanne Peace Treaty with other proposals for peace. This treaty, is a document declaring that all efforts, prepared over centuries, and thought to have been accomplished through the SEVRES Treaty to crush the Turkish nation have been in vain. It is a diplomatic victory unheard of in the Ottoman history!

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