Law of Ukraine

  • Constitution and Fundamental Law of Ukraine - An individual, his life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and security shall be recognised in Ukraine as the highest social value. Human rights and freedoms, and guarantees thereof shall determine the essence and course of activities of the State. The State shall be responsible to the individual for its activities. Affirming and ensuring human rights and freedoms shall be the main duty of the State.
  • Criminal Justice of Ukraine - Crime is identified as an action which infringes the Criminal Law of Ukraine, its political and economic systems, property, person, political, labour, ownership and other rights and freedoms of citizens and socially dangerous actions which encroach on law and order and other activities forbidden by the criminal law.
  • DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE №289 / 2020- On Visa-free regime - To establish from August 1, 2020 a visa-free regime for entry into Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine for citizens of Australia, New Zealand, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if their stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days for 180 days.
  • On Employment of the Population- UKRAINE - This Law determines the legal, economic and organizational principles of realization of state policy in the sphere of employment of the population, guarantee of the state concerning protection of the rights of citizens to work and realization of their rights to social protection against unemployment.

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