Sl. No. Case
1. Innoventive Industries Ltd. Vs. ICICI Bank and Anr. (Civil Appeal Nos. 8337-8338 of
2. Mobilox Innovations Private Limited Vs. Kirusa Software Private Limited (Civil Appeal
  No. 9405 of 2017)
3. Surendra Trading Company Vs. Juggilal Kamlapat Jute Mills Company Limited and
  Others (Civil Appeal No. 8400 of 2017)
4. Alchemist Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. Vs. M/s. Hotel Gaudavan Pvt. Ltd. &
  Ors (Civil Appeal No. 16929 of 2017)
5. Arcelormittal India Private Limited Vs Satish Kumar Gupta & Ors. (Civil Appeal Nos.
  9402-9405 of 2018)
6. Macquarie Bank Limited Vs. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd. (Civil Appeal No. 15135
  of 2017)
7. Shivam Water Treaters Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Union of India Secretary to Govt. Ministry of
  Corporate Affairs & Ors. (SLP (C) No. 174/2018)
8. B K Educational Services Pvt Ltd. Vs. Parag Gupta and Associates (Civil Appeal No.
9. Chitra Sharma vs. Union of India (WP No.744 of 2017)
10. Jaipur Metals & Electricals Employees Organisation Through Gen. Sec. Vs. Jaipur
  Metals & Electricals Ltd. Through its MD & Sons [Civil Appeal No. 12023-2018]
11. Swiss Ribbons Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. vs Union of India & Ors. [Writ Petition (Civil) No. 99
  of 2018]
12. Forech India Ltd Vs Edelweiss Assets Reconstruction Co Ltd [CA No.818/2018]
13. Vijay Kumar Jain v Standard Chartered Bank & Ors. [Civil Appeal 8430-2018]
14. K. Sashidhar vs Indian Overseas Bank & Ors. [Civil Appeal 10673-2018]
15. Swaraj infrastructure Pvt. Ltd vs Kotak Mahindra bank ltd [Civil Appeal no. 1291 of
16. K. Kishan Vs. Vijay Nirman Company Pvt. Ltd. (Civil Appeal Nos. 21824 & 21825-
17. Sunrise 14 A/S Denmark Vs Ravi Mahajan (Civil Appeal Nos. 21794-21795 of 2017)


Sl. No. Case
1. Sree Metaliks Ltd. and Anr Vs. Union of India and Anr. (W.P. 7144 (W)-2017)
  in High Court of Judicature at Calcutta
2. Cushman and Wakefield India Private Limited vs UOI [W.P.(C) 9883/2018, CM
  No. 38508/2018]
3. Liberty House Group ltd. vs State Bank of India & ors. [cs(comm) 1246/2018 &
  no.16056/2018 & 16060/2018]
4. Akshay Jhunjhunwala  & Anr. Vs.  Union of  India through the  Ministry of
  Corporate Affairs & Ors. (W P No. 672-2017), in High Court of Judicature at
5. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. Vs. Jyoti Structure Ltd. (O.M.P (COMM)
  397/2016), in High Court of Judicature at New Delhi
6. Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. Vs. PSL Ltd. (CA No. 572 of 2017 in CP No. 434 of 2015),
  in High Court of Judicature at Bombay
7. Dr. Vidya Sagar Garg Vs. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (W.P. (C)
  9520/ 2017, CM Appl. 38726-38727/2017), in High Court of Judicature at New
8. Leo Edibles & Fats Ltd. Vs. The Tax Recovery Officer (Central), Income Tax
  Dept.,  (Hyderabad)and  others  (W.P.  No.  8560  of  2018),  in  High  Court  of
  Judicature at Hyderabad


  National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT)
Sl. No. Case
1. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Co. Ltd. Vs. Synergies Dooray Automotive
  Ltd. & Ors. [CA (AT) (Insolvency) No. 169 to 170-2017]
2. Consolidated Engineering Co. & Anr. Vs. Golden Jubilee Hotels Pvt. Ltd. [CA
  (AT) (Insolvency) No. 501-2018]
3. SKS Power Generation Chattisgarh Ltd. Vs. V Nagarajan (in the matter of M/s
  Cethar Ltd. & Ors.) [CA (AT) (Insolvency) No. 206-2018]
4. Export Import Bank of India & Anr Vs Astonfield Solar (Gujarat) Pvt Ltd &
  Anr [CA (AT) (Insolvency) No. 754 of 2018]
5. Rajendra  K.  Bhuta  Resolution  Professional  (For  Guruashish  Construction
  Private Limited) Vs Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority
  [CA (AT) No. 119 of 2018]
6. Gammon India Limited v/s Neelkanth Mansions and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
  [Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) No. 698 of 2018]
7. S. C. Sekaran Vs Amit Gupta & Ors. [CA(AT) (Insolvency)495 & 496-2018]
8. M/s Era Infra Engineering Ltd. Vs. Prideco Commercial Projects Pvt. Ltd.
  (Company Appeals (AT) (Ins) No. 31 of 2017)
9. Ferro Alloys Vs. Rural electrification [CA (AT) (Insolvency) No. 92 of 2017]
10. Dr.   Vishnu   Kumar   Agarwal   Vs.   M/s   Piramal   Enterprise   Ltd.
  [CA(AT)(Insolvency) 346/2018]
11. Ashok  B.  Jiwrajka,  Director  of  Alok  Infrastructure  Ltd.  Vs.  Axis  Bank
  Ltd.[Company Appeal (AT) (Insolvency) No. 683 of 2018]
12. Export Import Bank V. CHL Limited [CA(AT) (Insolvency) No. 51 of 2018]
13. Canara Bank Vs. Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited (Company Appeal (AT)
  (Insolvency) No. 147 of 2017)
14. JK Jute Mills Company Limited Vs. M/s Surendra Trading Company (Company
  Appeal (AT) No. 09/2017)
15. Committee of Creditors of Essar Steel (India) Ltd. Through State Bank of India
  Vs Satish Kumar Gupta & Ors. [CA(AT) (Insolvency) No. 03 of 2019
16. M/s  Prasad  Gempex  v/s  Star  Agro  Marine  Exports  Pvt.  Ltd.  &  Ors.
  [CA(AT)(Insolvency) 291 of 2018]
17. Tata   Steel   Limited   Vs   Liberty   House   Group   Pte   Ltd.   &   Ors.
  [CA(AT)(Insolvency) 198-2018]


Sl. No. Case
1. Amtek  Auto  Limited  [CA.Nos.  567/2018  &  601/2018  in  CP  (IB)  No.
2. Sterling SEZ and Infrastructure Limited [M.A 1280/2018 in CP 405/ 2018]
3. State Bank of India Vs. ARGL State Bank of India Vs. ARGL [(IB)-531-(PB)-2017]
4. Essar   Steel   Asia   Holding   Ltd.   Vs   Satish   Kumar   Gupta   [IA   No.
  430/NCLT/AHM/2018 in CP (IB)39/7/NCLT/AHM/2017] Order dated January 29,
5. Asset   Reconstruction   Company  (India)   Limited   vs   Viceroy  Hotels   Ltd.
6. M/s. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Co. Ltd. Vs AML Steel & Power Ltd
  [MA/630/2018 in CP/632/IB/2017]
7. M/s Belthangady Taluk rubber Grower’s Marketing & Processing Co-operative
  Society Limited vs Falcon Tyres Ltd. [CP (IB) NO.01/BB/2017]
8. State Bank of India vs Coastal Projects Ltd [CP (IB) No.593 /KB/2017]
9. Merchem Limited (Ms Nitrex Chemicals India Limited Vs Ravindra Beleyur and
  Ors) [MA /523/2018 in CP/ 689/(IB)/CB/2017]
10. Affinity Finance Services Pvt Ltd Vs Kiev Finance Limited [IA No. 905/KB/2018
  in CP (IB) No. 110/KB/2018]
11. M/S. Nag Yang Shoes Pvt. Ltd. [MA/661/2018 in TCP/431/2017]
12. M/s JHV Distilleries and Sugar Mills Limited and another [CP/IB/221/KB/2018]
13. Avinash Raj Constructions Private Ltd. [CP (IB) 994/KB/2018]
14. M/s Karpagam Spinners Private Ltd and Anr [MA/99/2018 in TCP/225 (IB)/2017]
15. Small industries Development Bank of India Vs Tirupati Jute industries Limited
  [CP(IB) 508/KB/18]
16. Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. Vs Shivam Water Treaters Pvt. Ltd.
17. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. Vs Bharati Defence and
  Infrastructure Ltd. [CP 292/I&B/NCLT/MAH/2017]


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