Rule by Law: Tom Ginsburg

Edition: 2008

Rule by Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes


  1. Introduction
  2. Of judges and generals: security courts under authoritarian regimes in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile

  3. Administrative law and judicial control of agents in authoritarian regimes

  4. Singapore: the exception that proves rules matter

  5. Judicial independence in authoritarian regimes: insights from Chile

  6. Law and resistance in authoritarian states: the Egyptian case

  7. Courts out of context: the authoritarian sources of judicial failure in Chile (1973-90) and Argentina (1976-83)

  8. An authoritarian enclave? The supreme court in Mexico’s emerging democracy

  9. The institutional diffusion of courts in China: evidence from survey data

  10. Building judicial independence in semi-democracies: Uganda and Tanzania

  11. Judicial power in authoritarian states: the Russian experience

  12. Courts in a semi-democratic/authoritarian regime: the judicialization of Turkish and Iranian politics

  13. Judicial systems and economic development

  14. Courts in authoritarian regimes


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