Classes of Pension in West Bengal

Classification of pensions

 CAG of India through Principal Accountant General (A&E), West Bengal, Kolkata is mainly responsible for the verification of pension claims, authorization of pensionary benefits and any other allied matter. Verification of Pension claims and authorization of Pensionary Benefits relating to State Government Employees, State Judicial Officers including personnel of erstwhile West Bengal Higher Judicial Service, Hon’ble Judges of High Court in Kolkata, Teaching & non-teaching staff of Non-Government colleges and Day Students Home, Employees of State Aided Educational Institutions (Secondary and Primary who retired/died prior to 01.04.1981), Employees of DA getting schools (Secondary), Burma Ex-gratia allowance to the widows/dependants of Burma Army/Civilian pensioner, Members of West Bengal Public Service Commission, Freedom fighters, Ex-management staff of North Bengal medical college and Burdwan medical College who opted for University Rules, issue of Verification of Service Report/Certificate in respect of voluntary retirement case.

Pensions are divided into the following four classes, namely :

(a) Compensation Pension

(b) Invalid Pension

(c) Superannuation Pension

(d) Retiring Pension

(e) Freedom Fighter Pension

Compensation Pension

Option in case of abolition of permanent post. If an officer is selected for discharge owing to the abolition of permanent post, he shall, unless he is appointed to another post the conditions of which are deemed by the authority competent to discharge him to be at least equal to those of his own, have the option–

(a) of taking any compensation pension or gratuity to which he may be entitled for service he has rendered; or

(b) of acceptation another appointment of transfer to another establishment even on a lower pay, if offered, and continuing to count his previous service for pension.

Invalid Pension

Invalid pension when awarded.- An invalid pension is awarded, on his retirement from public service, to an officer who by bodily or mental infirmity is permanently incapacitated for public service, or for the particular branch of it to which he belongs.

Superannuation Pension

When superannuation pension is granted.–A superannuation pension is granted to an officer entitled or compelled under rules prescribed in chapter X of West Bengal Service Rules, Part-I, to retire at a particular age.

Retiring Pension

Retiring pension when granted.- A retiring pension is granted to an officer who is permitted to retire after completing qualifying service for 30 years or such less time as may for any special class of officers be prescribed.

Freedom Fighter Pension

Freedom Fighters under ‘Assistance to Freedom Fighter Scheme’ as well as Swatantrata Sainik Samman Pension Scheme can draw monthly allowances from the Govt. of West Bengal through any treasury in the districts and the Public Sector Banks viz. S.B.I, Allahabad & U.B.I. within the jurisdiction of Kolkata Municipal Corporation area.

Source: West Bengal Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefit) Rules, 1971

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