Hadith : Fourteen categories of knowledge

Ahxnad Shãkir’s ‘Introduction to Sunan At-Tirmidhi,’ where he refers this to ‘Aridat
Al-A hwadhr:

In his Sunan, Tirmidhi(Died on 279H) mentioned much of what he learnt from Al-Bukhäri concerning narrators and benefits from the narrations. He authored  Al-Jãmi’, and it is this book, more commonly known as Sunan At-Tinnidhi.

  1. Chains of narration (Asnad);
  2. Authenticity (azah);
  3. Weakness (Da’afa);
  4. Multiple routes of transmission (Turuq);
  5. Disparaging remarks regarding narrators (Jarz);
  6. Endorsing remarks regarding narrators (‘Addal);
  7. Names of narrators;
  8. Kunyah (surnames) of narrators;
  9. Connected narrations (Wasal);
  10. Disconnected narrations (Qata’);
  11. The clearest of what is to be acted upon;
  12. What is abandoned of narrations;
  13. Clarification of the differences of the scholars in rejecting and accepting
  14. Mention of their differences in interpretation of the narrations.

Source: Jami` At-Tirmidhi (Volume 1)-Muhammed b. Isa et-Tirmiz

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