Westminister Magistrate rejects Ex-HC Judge Abhay Thipsay’s evidence in Nirav Modi`s case

DATE: O7/09/2020

Westminister Magistrate Court
181 Marylebone Road

The Westminister Magistrate Court has ruled that Abhay Thipsay ‘s evidence need not be in private. Abhay Thipsay had joined the Congress party and stated that he was aware of high profile cases. Abhay Thipsay was a retired judge who served in the Bombay and Allahabad High Court and later became a Congress leader had told the London Court via video link that the charges leveled by the CBI against fraud Nirav Modi that includes criminal conspiracy, cheating, dishonesty inducing delivery of property would not stand up under the Indian law, which means that the charge made by govt of India is sure to fail before the Indian court.  Charges against Modi involved that Punjab National Bank (PNB) extended his companies loans worth over Rs 11,300 crore which he failed to repay.

The Westminister court by Judge Goozee, who is hearing an extradition case against Nirav Modi(49) has stated that the comment made by Abhay Thipsay need not be in private which was made on  May 13th and rejected it.

Modi,  is facing of two extradition requests – one processed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the other by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Modi is put in Wandsworth jail since his arrest in March 2019, he has been refused bail five times.

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