‘UPSC Jihad’ to be aired on Friday 11 Sept: Govt allowed Sudarshan TV

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Wednesday allowed the Sudarshan News channel to broadcast a show on  the “infiltration of Muslims in the Civil Services” after following the Broadcasting rules.


There is no pre-censorship of any programme telecast on TV channels

The ministry of information and broadcasting allowed the Sudarshan TV to air their programme on the “infiltration of Muslims in the Civil Services” after receiving representation from the Channel owner.

Earlier the Delhi High Court had restrained Sudarshan TV from telecasting its programme titled ‘Bindas Bol’,  on-air at 8 PM on August 28, whose promo claimed that the channel was all set to broadcast a ‘big expose on conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government service’. The plea in High Court was filed through advocate Shadan Farasat which argued that the TV channel’s editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke openly indulged in hate speech in the promo against Jamia Milia Islamia students and Muslim community.

But a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court, while hearing a similar plea with the same allegation had refused to put a stay on the same show on Sudarshan channel. This fact was overlooked by the Delhi High Court.  The ruling of Apex court is binding on the Govt of India.

The Government has directed Sudarshan channel to ensure that the show to be telecasted should not violate any programme code. 

On behalf of Sudarshan News channel following Tweets have been posted.

नौकरशाही जिहाद
Suresh Chavhanke “Sudarshan News” Retweeted
Madhu Purnima Kishwar
Big relief that attempts to censor
have failed for the time being.
But they won’t give up so easily.
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Suresh Chavhanke “Sudarshan News”
· 19h
सत्यमेव जयते Flexed biceps
#HighCourt ने सुदर्शन पर लगाए प्रतिबंध पर हिन्दुस्थान सरकार की राय माँगी थी, सरकार ने प्रसारण से पूर्व रोक लगाने से मना किया है

#SupremeCourt का पहले ही यह निर्णय था. अब शुक्रवार 8pm #नौकरशाही_जिहाद #UPSCJihad पर एतिहासिक #BindasBol होगा

Read the Govt Order dated 9th Sept 2020


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