Can God and Caesar Coexist, Balancing Religious Freedom and International Law-Robert F. Drinan

Balancing Religious Freedom and International Law
Robert F. Drinan(SJ)

Yale University Press[Yale University PressNew Haven and London] 2008-ISBN 9780300133714

A catholic apologetics

Table of contents


I. A New Global Right: Religious Freedom
II. The Dimensions of the Freedom of Religion and of Conscience
III. Religion in the Structure of the United Nations
IV. Religious Freedom in the United States
V. Religious Freedom and the European Court of Human Rights
VI. Vatican II Vigorously Defends Religious Freedom
VII. The Rights of Dissenters
VIII. Religious Freedom and Issues of Gender and Sexuality
IX. When Governments Repress and Persecute Religion
X. The People’s Republic of China and Religious Freedom
XI. Religious Freedom and the Muslim World
XII. The World’s Jewish Community and Religious Freedom
XIII. Questions of God and Caesar
Appendix A. United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief (1981)
Appendix B. Vatican II Statement on the Jews
Selected Bibliography

The Catholic Church did not always seek religious freedom for every believer. For centuries the Church held to the conviction that governments should be required to discourage and even ban not only non-Christian religions but any version of Christianity that differed from Catholicism. Butin the Second Vatican Council radically altered that doctrine, so that now the Catholic Church strongly states that any governmental coercion of individuals to adhere or not to adhere to any religion is wrong.

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