Write a precis in English of the following passage-1

Write a precis in English of the following passage within limit of 100 – 125 words.

(15 Marks)

What is fear? Fear exists only in relationship to something, it does not exist by itself. Fear comes into being in relationship to an idea, to a person, with regard to the loss of property, and so on. One may be afraid of death. which is the unknown. There is fear of public opinion, of what people will say, fear of losing a job, fear of being scolded or nagged. There are various form of fear, deep and superficial, but all fear is in relalionship to something. So when we ask, “Can I be free from fear?” it really means, “Can I be free from all relationship?” Do you understand? If it is relationship that is causing fear, then to ask if one can be free from fear is like asking if one can live in isolation.

Obviously no human being can do that. There is no such thing as living in isolation, one can live only in relationship. So to be free from fear one must understand relalionship, the relationship of the mind to its own ideas, to certain values, the relationship between husband and wife, between man and his property, between man and society. If I can undersland my relalionship with you, then there is no fear, because fear does not exist by itself, It is self-created in relalionship. Our problem, then, is not how to overcome fear, but to find out first of all what our relationship is now, and what right relationship is. We do not have to establish right relationship, because in the very understanding of relationship, right relationship comes into being.

I think it is important to see that nothing can live in isolation. Even though you may become a monk or hermit, put on a loincloth and seclude yourself, isolate yourself in a belief, no human being can live in isolation. But the mind is pursuing isolation in the self·enclosure of “my experience,” “my belief,” “my wife,” “my husband,” “my property,” which is a process of exclusion. The mind is seeking isolation in all its relationships, and hence there is fear. So our problem is to understand relationship.


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