Anita Diwan was raped and killed by CPI(M) goons at Bantala : CM Jyoti Basu said it happen

Anita Dewan of UNESCO was raped and murdered by CPI(M) goons at Bantala in 1990

On examination of the dead body of Anita Diwan a metal torch was found in her vagina

Date: 30 May 1990 6:30 p.m.

Place: Eastern metropolitan bypass , Bantala, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

CM : CM Jyoti Basu

Home minister: Buddhadeb Bhattacharyya


  • Anita Dewan, Deputy District Extension Media Officer, West Bengal Health Department
  • Uma Ghosh, Senior Officer, West Bengal Health Department
    Renu Ghosh, representative of UNICEF & WHO, New Delhi

Comments :

  1. Mr. Jyoti Basu sais that the thing are normal and happen.
  2. Prasanta Sur, the then Health Minister of West Bengal, defended the CPI(M) goons commented that the victims might have been mistaken as child-abductors.

Tathagata Roy

Former Governor

Dec 20, 2018

The 1990 Bantala rape-and-murder case involved 2 state govt and 1 UNICEF lady officers and a driver. The surgeon examining the dead woman fainted when she discovered a metal torch in her vagina. The driver bore 43 wounds in his body. His penis was smashed by the attackers

D. Bandopadhyay, wrote:-

“ ………… Ms Anita Dewan, an officer of the UNICEF, detected a huge fraud involving UNICEF funds in some CPI-M-controlled panchayats in South 24-Parganas. When she was returning with some seized incriminating documents, her vehicle was waylaid at Bantala. It was set on fire. The driver was killed. And Ms Dewan was raped and murdered. Her naked body was thrown into a paddy field……..”

Worse, when the matter was reported to the CM Jyoti Basu, he was said to have infamously remarked, ‘Such incidents do happen, don’t they…Mistakes do occur…..”

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said at the state Assembly that  out of the 22 arrested so far, seven belonged to the CPM, six were Trinamul Congress supporters and one was from the Congress.


On 30 May 1990, a team of three health officers were returning to Kolkata after inspecting an immunization program in Gosaba; the team consisted of Anita Dewan, the Deputy District Extension Media Officer of the West Bengal Health Department; Uma Ghosh, a senior officer of the Health Department; and Renu Ghosh, a representative of UNICEF’s World Health Organization office in New Delhi. Around 6:30 pm when they had reached Bantala near the Eastern metropolitan bypass, a group of 4-5 youths stopped their car near the CPI(M). party office; the driver Abani Naia made an attempt to escape, but he lost control and the car overturned. In the meantime, another gang of 10-12 youths arrived at the spot, who pulled one of the ladies out of the car, while the others pulled out the other two ladies; the driver of the car tried to resist the youths, but failed. The attackers killed the driver and set the car on fire; the lady officers were then taken to a nearby paddy field and raped. One of the ladies, who tried to resist the rapists was killed.

The police brought the naked bodies of the officers to the emergency department of Calcutta National Medical College at around 11:30 pm.

Other horrible rape incidents in Communist rule in West Bengal

1989- Cooch Behar at Fulbari on one single day, 10 Adivasis were raped by CPM goons

1996 – Uday Narayanpur, Howrah, six housewives were raped by CPM goons.

2003-  Dhantala incident, males in the bus were tired up and CPM goons raped the females in front of them.

2006- Singur, Tapasi Malik, was raped and murdered by CPI(M) goons.

2007- Nandigram ,Women  were inhumanly raped by the CPM goons.

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