Functions and Duties of a Taluka Panchayat in Gujarat

130- Administrative powers of panchayats


Subject to the provisions of this Act it shall be the duty of each taluka panchayat to make in the area within its jurisdiction, and so far as the fund at its disposal will allow, reasonable provisions in regard to all or any of the matters specified in Schedule II.

State of Gujarat

Gujarat Panchayats Act, 1993

Functions and Duties of a Taluka Panchayat


It shall be the duty of a taluka panchayat-

(a) to assist in conducting and revising educational surveys and in preparing and implementing Five Year Plan for the development of primary educational and all other educational activities entrusted to it;

(b) to provide adequate accommodation and equipment for primary schools;

(c) to open, with the sanction of the district panchayat, new primary schools in places where they are needed;

(d) to determine the exact location of primary schools;

(e) to supervise the working of all primary schools and of such other educational institutions under the control of the district panchayat as that panchayat may decide from time to time:

(f) to exercise such powers over the staff employed in primary schools and other educational institutions under the control of the district panchayats as may be delegated to it from time to time:

(g) to supervise the activities of the village panchayats within the jurisdiction of the taluka panchayats to ensure that such panchayat pays its contribution to the School Funds. If any, and to bring cases of default to the notice of the Educational Inspector of the district and generally to guide them to maintain and improve the primary school or schools in their charge:

(h) to be responsible for the enforcement of compulsory primary education; and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions-

(i) to determine on the recommendation of the competent officer of the district panchayat, the distance measured according to the nearest road between an approved school and the residence of the child for the purposes of the Bombay Primary Education Act, 1947;

(ii) to grant, on the recommendation of the aforesaid competent officer, exemption from attending an approved school to a child who is receiving instruction otherwise than in an approved school,

(i) to grant sanction to the changes in the dates of birth and the names of pupils attending primary schools;

(j) to construct new buildings for primary schools and to carry out special repairs.

(k) to sanction grants-in-aid to gram panchayats for their standing committee for Education;

(l) to inform, and, if necessary to advise, the district panchayat generally on all matters connected with primary education and other educational activities undertaken by the district panchayat in the taluka;

(m) to carry on propaganda in the Taluka for the expansion and improvement of education in general and primary education in particular; and

(n) to exercise such other powers and to perform such other duties as may be delegated to it by the district panchayat from time to time:

(o) to hire building for primary schools with sanction of the taluka panchayat on reasonable rent, which shall be certified by the competent authority;

(p) the supervision of individual primary schools;

(q) to secure the enforcement of the Bombay Primary Education Act, 1947, and the rules or orders made thereunder.

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