THIS word, which includes all things both in the heavens and on the earth, the whole system of created things (lit. turned into one or combined into one whole), is from the L. Universum (composed of units,  one, and verto,  verti, versum, verier e, to turn). The word nature is frequently used in the same sense both in Latin authors and by ourselves. The word natura (from nascor natus, nasci, to  From unus (gen. unlus) we have one, alone (all = quite, and one), unit, unite, unity, unison, one single sound, unanimous (animus, mind), of one mind, unicorn, an imaginary animal with only one horn (L. cornu, a horn), unique (through the F.), unmatched, or the only one of its kind ; Unitarian, a believer in one God, but not in the doctrine of the Trinity ; onion, also through F. oignon, from L. unio, as having but one bulb.

Verio and its participle supply many words such as version, turning from one language into another ; to be versed in or highly skilled in it ; versant with it ; vertebrae, the joints in the backbone, whereby we are able to turn.; vertigo, a dizzi-
ness or turning in the head ; and to animadvert is to turn the mind to,and generally in an unfavourable sense, as to criticise ; but to advert is to turn to ; to avert is to turn away. We have also convert, divert, invert, pervert, revert, subvert.

From this verb nascor, through the F., we derive naive (for native), meaning artless and natural.

For the F. word naivete there is great need ; and it is therefore to be wished that it were disencumbered of its diaeresis, its accent, and its italics. Nascent passions are be born) is used by Cicero for what we call the universe. ” Nature is but a name for an effect whose cause is God.” Of this universe it is but a very small part we know, or with which we have even
a slight acquaintance.

Our native land is the land of our birth. Nation also is from the same source. Our natal day is the day of our birth, or its anniversary; and the country of Natal was so called from having been discovered by the Portuguese on the Feast of the

Nativity (1497)- The Nativity generally signifies the birthday of Jesus. We have also innate, inborn, and cognate, proceeding from the same stock; while a naturalist is one who studies animals, plants, or other departments of natural history.

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