Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Part II-Nirad C Chaudhuri

Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Part II: India 1921 – 1952 Thy Hand, Great Anarch

by Nirad C Chaudhuri

ISBN9788179928301 – Year: 2009 – Pages: 979
Nirad C Chaudhuri

INTRODUCTION Apologia pro Biographia sua

BOOK I: Livelihood and Politics 1921-1922

  1. Employment
  2. The Course of the Non-Co-operation Movement
  3. Character of the Indian Nationalist Movement Under Gandhi’s Leadership
  4. British Resistance to the Nationalist Movement

BOOK II: Towards a Vocation 1922-1925

  1. Ennui, Renovation, Ennui
  2. Stumbling on a Friend: Bibhuti Banerji
  3. Some Incidents and Bereavement
  4. Written in Despair
  5. Literary Apprenticeship
  6. The Literary Situation in Bengal

BOOK III: The Scholar Gipsy 1926-1928

  1. I Become the Scholar Gipsy
  2. Punishment for the Scholar Gipsy
  3. Lost Rivers and Lost Happiness
  4. A Literary Campaign
  5. Rescued at Last

BOOK IV: The Gandhian Rebellion 1927-1932

  1. The Rising Typhoon
  2. India under the Lathi
  3. The Bengali Revolutionary Movement
  4. Emergence as a Publicist

BOOK V: Into Married Life 1932-1937

  1. Sacrament of Hindu Marriage
  2. Blessed are the Poor with Spirit
  3. Calcutta Corporation
  4. More Ordeals
  5. Remaining Homo sapiens
  6. The Siege is raised

BOOK VI: Experience of Politics 1937-1939

  1. Joys and Trials of a Secretary’s Life
  2. The Gandhian Congress
  3. Politics in Bengal: Governmental and Civic
  4. Gandhi-Bose Feud

BOOK VII: India Enjoys the War 1939-1941

  1. Coming of the War
  2. Watchful Expectation
  3. India Sings her Te Deum
  4. From Exultation to Panic
  5. Tagore: The Lost Great Man of India
  6. Farewell to Bengal

BOOK VIII: Migration to Delhi 1942-1945

  1. First Months in Delhi
  2. The Three Delhis
  3. End of the War

BOOK IX: Victor-Victim 1945-1947

  1. How Fear Came
  2. Testament on England
  3. My Faith in Empires
  4. Surrender to the Axis in India
  5. The Red Carpet for Indian Independence
  6. Mount Batten Piled on Mount Attlee
  7. Eruption of Independence (1947)

BOOK X: Crossing the Bar 1947-1952

  1. Genesis of the Autobiography
  2. Gandhi Pursued by Fate
  3. Commentator: Official and Private
  4. Fortunes of the Autobiography
  5. Death of My Master
  6. Reception to the Autobiography
  7. Stranded Again

EPILOGUE Credo ut Intelligam

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