A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure-John Sprack

A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure-16th ed

John Sprack, Michael Engelhardt-Sprack

ISBN13: 9780198843566
Previous Edition ISBN: 9780198757337
Published: November 2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK


Part I Introduction

1: Setting the Scene
2: The Role of the Criminal Procedure Roles
3: Preliminaries to Court Appearance
4: Prosecutors
5: The Decision to Prosecute

Part II The Magistrates Court

6: Magistrates and their Courts
7: Bail and Remands
8: Mode of Trial
9: Disclosure
10: Course of a Summary Trial
11: Trial of Juveniles
12: Committal for Sentence
13: Sending Cases to the Crown Court

Part III Trial on Indictment

14: The Crown Court
15: The Indictment
16: Pre-Trial Proceedings
17: Pleas
18: The Jury
19: Judge-Only Trials
20: The Course of the Trial
21: The Verdict

Part IV Sentencing

22: Procedure Before Sentencing
23: Determining the Sentence
24: Custodial Sentences
25: Sentences other than Custody

Part V Appeals and Ancillary Matters

26: Appeals from the Crown Court
27: Appeals from the Magistrates’ Courts
28: Ancillary Financial Matters
29: Your Practice


1: Deciding the Mode of Trial
2: Trial Procedure in Outline

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