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  • A Jew defined in terms of a race because he is protected by race law – A discourse - You can be a Jew who doesn’t believe in God, because your mother, or in liberal and some reform communities your father is Jewish, and you’re raised as Jewish. You can be a Jew who has converted to be Jewish. Some people have talked about Judaism as a race, and certainly by British legal terms, we’re defined in terms of a race because we are protected by race law.
  • Protection of German Blood and German Honor-Germany 1935 - Nuremberg Law-Moved by the understanding that purity of the German Blood is the essential condition for the continued existence of the German people, and inspired by the inflexible determination to ensure the existence of the German Nation for all time, the Reichstag has unanimously adopted the following Law, which is promulgated herewith
  • Tanakh – The Jews Holy Scripture - Tanakh-תנ”ך Torah תורה Genesis בראשית Exodus שמות Leviticus ויקרא Numbers במדבר Deuteronomy דברים Prophets נביאים Joshuaיהושע Judgesשופטים I Samuelשמואל א II Samuelשמואל ב I Kingsמלכים א II Kingsמלכים ב Isaiahישעיהו Jeremiahירמיהו Ezekielיחזקאל Hoseaהושע Joelיואל Amosעמוס Obadiahעובדיה Jonahיונה Micahמיכה Nahumנחום Habakkukחבקוק Zephaniahצפניה Haggaiחגי Zechariahזכריה Malachiמלאכי Writings כתובים Psalmsתהילים Proverbsמשלי Jobאיוב Song of Songsשיר השירים Ruthרות Lamentationsאיכה Ecclesiastesקהלת Estherאסתר Danielדניאל Ezraעזרא Nehemiahנחמיה […]
  • The 613 Jewish Commandments (mitzvot) of Moses - Six hundred and thirteen precepts were communicated to Moses at Sinai, three hundred and sixty-five negative precepts, corresponding to the number of solar days [in the year], and two hundred and forty-eight positive precepts, corresponding to the number of the members of man’s body. Rav Hamnuna said: What is the [biblical] text for this? It is: Moses commanded us torah, an inheritance of the congregation of Jacob [deut. 33:4] [the word “torah” equaling six hundred and eleven in letter value. The two commandments] I am [Exod. 20:2] and Thou shalt have no [other Gods] [Exod. 20:3] [are not included in the count, because] we heard [them directly] from the mouth of the mighty [divine]
  • The Origins of Kabbalah-Robert Ambelain - The Origins of Kabbalah – Robert Ambelain (1907–1997) It would be vain to suppose even for a moment that the Jewish religion before our times was characterized by an absolute monotheism on the one hand, and by a rigorous orthodoxy among the whole of its faithful on the other. If the early years of nascent Christianity presented an aspect of incessant […]
  • Washington Conference On Holocaust-Era Assets-1999 - The Department of State and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum hosted the Washington Conference on Holocaust-Era Assets at the Department of State November 30 through December 3, 1998. More than 40 governments as well as numerous international non-governmental organizations with a stake in these issues were invited to send delegations to the conference, which built on the work of the December 1997 London Nazi Gold conference.
  • AL-QURAN What Quran says about Jews or Bani Israel - And when We made a covenant with the children of Israel: You shall not serve any but Allah and (you shall do) good to (your) parents, and to the near of kin and to the orphans and the needy, and you shall speak to men good words and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate. Then you turned back except a few of you and (now too) you turn aside.

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Wed Oct 28 , 2020
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