Assam Advocates’ Welfare Fund

The Assam Advocates’ Welfare Fund Act 1998


“Advocate” means a person whose name has been entered in the State roll of advocates prepared and maintained by the Bar Council of Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh under Section 17 of the Advocates’ Act, 1961 (25 of 1961) and who is practising as an Advocate in the State of Assam;

sec 3. Assam Advocates’ Welfare Fund.

(1) With effect from the commencement of this Act the State Government shall, by notification, constitute a Fund to be called the Assam Advocates’ Welfare Fund.

(2) There shall be credited to the Fund-

(a) all amounts collected under Section 19;

(b) any contribution made by the Bar Council;

(c) any voluntary donation or contribution made to the Fund by the Bar Council of India, any Bar Association, any other association or institution, any Advocate or any other person;

(d) grant, if any, made by the Central Government or the State Government or other authority to the Fund;

(e) any sum borrowed under Section 10;

(f) any profit or dividend received from the Life Insurance Corporation of India in respect of policies of group insurance of the members of the Fund;

(g) any interest of dividend or other return on any investment made of any part of the Fund;

(h) all sums collected under Section 15 by way of application fees, membership fee or other subscriptions and interest thereon;

(3) The sums specified in sub-section (2) shall be paid to, or collected by such agencies, a such intervals and in such manner, and the accounts of the Fund shall be maintained in such manner, as may be prescribed.

Duties of Bar Association


(1) Every Bar Association shall, on or before the 15th April, of every year, furnish to the Bar the Council a list of its members as on the 31st March of that year.

(2) Every Bar Association shall intimate to the Bar Council-

(a) any change of the office bearers of the Bar Association within fifteen days from such change;

(b) any change in the membership including admission and re-admission within thirty days of such change;

(c) the death, retirement or voluntary suspension of practitioner of any of its members within thirty days from the date of occurrence thereof; and

(d) such other matter as may be required by the Bar Council from time to time.

(3) Every Bar Association shall carry out the directions given by the Bar Council or the Committee, as the case may be.

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