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 হ-য-ব-র-ল (noun) disorder; confusion; mess; topsy-turvydom; muddle.
(2) dumfounded; flabbergasted; confounded: তার কথা শুনে আমি তো হ-য-ব-র-ল.
হংস  (noun) (1) goose; gander; swan; flamingo; drake.
(2) a  mythical bird.
(3) kind of ascetic.
(4) one of the vital airs.
(5) soul; spirit.

হংসী (feminine) female goose; duck.
হংস-গদ্‌গদা (adjective) (feminine) prattling like a swan.  sweetly speaking woman.
হংসগমন (noun) gait of a swan/ goose.
হংসগমনা, হংসগামিনী adjective(s) (feminine) walking like a swan. (noun) graceful woman.
হংস ডিম্ব (noun) duck’s egg.
হংসধ্বনি (noun) (1) cackling/ cry of a goose or swan.  (2) an Indian musical mode.
হংসনাদ (noun) = হংসধ্বনি (1).
হংসনাদী (adjective) making a noise like a goose/ swan; cackling.
হংসনাদিনী (adjective) (feminine) = হংসনাদী.  (noun) graceful woman.
হংসপাঁতি (noun) line/ flight of goose or swan; flock of wild geese, etc.
হংস বলাকা (noun) kind of crane.
হংসবাহন (adjective) riding on a swan/ geese.  (noun) Brahma.
হংস বাহিনী (noun) (feminine) goddess Saraswati.
হংসমালা = হংসপাঁতি.
হংসমিথুন (noun) couple of geese/ swans.
হংসরথ (noun) (adjective) = হংস বাহন.
হংসরাজ (noun) (1) large gander. (2) maiden-hair fern.

হংস শাবক (noun) duckling.
হংসাণ্ড (noun) = হংস ডিম্ব.
হংসাবলী (noun) = হংসপাঁতি.
হংসারূঢ় mounted on a swan.  (noun) Brahma.
হংসারূঢ়া (feminine) = হংসারূঢ়.
হংসোদক English definition (noun) clear water; kind of cordial liquor.

হই হই  (noun) (onomatopoeia) hullabaloo; bedlam; hue and cry; noisiness; clamorousness; hubbub; hurly-burly; tumult.  হই হই করা (verb intransitive) clamour; raise the roof; vociferate; raise a hue and cry.
হইচই  (noun) (onomatopoeia) very loud uproar; hullabaloo; clamour; fuss; ado; commotion; fracas; rumpus. হইচই করা (verb intransitive) raise a very loud uproar; make noise; be noisy; fuss noisily. হইচই করে বেড়ানো (verb intransitive) gad about; gallivant about/ off.

হওয়া  (noun) being; happening, occurrence; birth; growth; production; collection, formation; accomplishment; performance; procurement; rendering; be coming; setting in; sufficing; the state of being in particular relation with; act of becoming one’s own or one’s property; fitting.  (verb transitive) to be; to come into existence, to be created; to happen, to occur, to take place (যুদ্ধ হওয়া);
to be born; to grow (ধান হওয়া);
to be produced or manufactured; to gather or collect; to form; to be earned or gained; to be acquired (তার টাকা হয়েছে – he has made money);
to increase, to grow, to add to; to be finished or accomplished or performed; to be procured or obtained;
to be rendered or turned into, to be reduced to; to become (রাজা হওয়া);
to arrive (সময় হওয়া);
to set in (সন্ধ্যা হওয়া); to extend over,
to cover (দুদিন হল সে গেছে – it is two days since he went); to be seized or attacked with (ভয় বা জ্বর হওয়া);
to fall বৃষ্টি হওয়া ;
to be sufficient or ad equate for, to suffice (এ টাকাতেই হবে);
to bear a particular relation to (সে আমার কুটুম হয় – he is my relation);
to become one’s own or one’s property (জমিটা তার হল); to fit (জামাটা গায়ে হবে না);
to be likely to happen (তা হবে – it may be so, it may happen so).  (adjective) আসা.
(verb transitive) to drop in temporarily (আসার পথে বাজারটা হয়ে এসো);
to be about to terminate or end, to come near the close; to be in the last gasp, to be dying (তার হয়ে এসেছে).

 হক  [Arabic] (noun) (1) truth.
(2) justice; equity; right; rectitude.
(3) just claim; lot; portion; duty.
(4) the deity; God.

হক আদায় করা (verb transitive) perform one’s duty; render one his due.
হক কথা (noun) just/ right words.
হক দাবি (noun) rightful claim.
হকদার (adjective) rightful; having right/ claim (to).
হক নাহক rightly or wrongly.
হক পরস্ত (noun) worshipper of God; pious man.
হক মারা (noun) usurp a right; deprive somebody of his right..
হক সাচেত করা (verb intransitive) prove one’s claim.
হক সফা (noun) right of preemption.

হকচকানো English definition (verb intransitive) be nonplussed; not knowing which way to turn; be flabbergasted; wobble; fatter; flounder; be taken aback.
হকার English definition [English] (noun) hawker; pedlar; huckster.
খবরের কাগজের হকার (noun) newsboy.
হকারি  (noun) huckstery; pedlary.
হকি  [English] (noun) hockey.

হকিকত  [Arabic] (noun) (1) truth; fact; reality. (2) state; condition.
হকিকত নামা (noun) account; narration.
হকিম  (noun) a physician practising the Islamic system of medicine; a hakim.
হকিয়ত  [Arabic] (noun) proprietary right; ownership right.
হকুক [Arabic] (noun) rights; dues; privileges.

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