Control of District Magistrate over Police in Maharashtra

Under the Maharashtra Police Act 1951

Sec 17- Control of District Magistrate over Police Force in district.

(1) The Superintendent and the Police Force of a district shall be under the control of the District Magistrate.

(2) In exercising such control the District Magistrate shall be governed by such rules and orders as the State Government may make in this behalf and shall be subject to the lawful orders of the Revenue Commissioner.

Sec 18- Power of District Magistrate to require reports from Superintendent

The District Magistrate may require from the Superintendent reports, either particular or general, on any matter connected with the crimes, habitual offenders, the prevention of disorder, the regulation of assemblies and amusements, the distribution of the Police Force, the conduct and character of any Police Officer subordinate to the Superintendent, the utilization of auxiliary means and all other matters in furtherance of his control of the Police Force and the maintenance of order.

Sec 19- Power of supervision by District Magistrates

If the District Magistrate observes any marked incompetence or unfitness for the locality or for his particular duties, in any Police officer subordinate to the Superintendent he may require the Superintendent to substitute another officer for any officer whom he has power to transfer and the Superintendent shall be bound to comply with the requisition:

Provided that if the Police Officer concerned is an officer of a grade higher than that of an Inspector the District Magistrate may report his conduct to the Director-General and Inspector-General. The Director-General and Inspector-General may, thereafter, determine the action to be taken and pass such orders as he thinks fit, and shall communicate such action or orders to the District Magistrate.

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