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ঘচঘচ  (interjection) (onomatopoeia) repeated sound of cutting something soft: ঘচঘচ করে কাটা; ঘচাঘচ  (interjection)  cutting quickly and noisily.

ঘট  (noun) (1) a vessel of earthenware; a jar; a pitcher. (2) (sarcastic) the head: ঘটে বুদ্ধি থাকলে তো. ঘটে বুদ্ধি না থাকা be brainless; have no intelligence.
ঘটক  (noun), (adjective) (1) one who causes (an event) to take place. (2) one who makes matches or brings about marriages. ঘটকালি, ঘটকালী (noun) (1) the role of a match-maker; the art or skill of making matches.

ঘটন  (noun) the act of occurring or taking place. ঘটিত (adjective) that has happened/ occurred.  ঘটনা  (noun) an event; an occurrence; an incident. ঘটনাক্রমে, ঘটনাচক্রে, ঘটনাসূত্রে (adverb) incidentally; by the way; by chance. ঘটনাচক্র (noun) the course of events.

ঘটনাবহুল (adjective) full of important events; eventful.
ঘটনাবলী (noun) (plural) (a chain of) events.
ঘটনাবহ (adjective) that causes an event to occur.
ঘটনাস্রোত (noun) the course of events.
ঘটনাস্থল (noun) the place of an occurrence; venue of an event.

ঘটমান  (adjective) in the process of occurrence; that which is continuing or going on.
ঘটা ১  (noun) spectacular array of things; pomp; grandeur: মেঘের ঘটা, সাজের ঘটা, রূপের ঘটা.
ঘটা করে (adverb) with a spectacular display; with pomp and grandeur; ostentatiously.
ঘটা ২  (verb intransitive) take place; occur; happen; come about.
ঘটানো (verb transitive) is cause to happen; bring about.

ঘটি  (noun) a small water-pot used for washing. ঘটি চোর (noun) one who steals small things; a pilferer.
ঘটিকা  (noun) (1) an hour.
(2) an ancient device for measuring time; a water-clock: ঘটিকা-যন্ত্র.
(3) a bell; a gong.
(4) a small water-pot.
ঘটিকায় (adverb) o’clock: দুই ঘটিকায়, at 2 o’clock.

ঘটিত English definition (adjective) (1) brought about; that which has occurred or taken place.
(2) concerning; involving: নারী ঘটিত.
(3) mixed or blended with; containing: পারদ-ঘটিত.

ঘটিরাম  (noun) a stupid or worthless person.
ঘণ্ট  (noun) a bengali spicy dish of mixed vegetables.
ঘণ্টা  (noun) (1) a metallic vessel used as a belt; a gong.
(2) an hour comprising sixty minutes.
(3) (sarcastic) nothing; a mare’s nest: সে আমার ঘণ্টা করবে, he can do me little harm.
ঘণ্টা পড়া (verb transitive) (of a bell) strike an hour: ঘণ্টা পড়ে, the bell goes.
ঘণ্টা বাজানো (verb intransitive) ring a bell.
ঘণ্টায় ঘণ্টায় (adverb) at every hour; frequently.

ঘণ্টাকর্ণ (noun) (1) (botany) the bell-shaped flowers of a plant belonging to campanula genus; the bell-flower.
(2) a Hindu deity.
ঘণ্টাগার  (noun) place where a bell is hung; a bell-tower; a belfry.
ঘণ্টাধ্বনি  (noun) the sound or ringing of a bell.

ঘন  (adjective) (1) thick; condensed: ঘন দুধ.
(2) compact; dense: ঘন বন.
(3) deep; intense: ঘন অন্ধকার.
(4) close: ঘন বুনন.
(noun) (1) cloud: ঘন ঘটা, ঘন গর্জন.
(2) (mathematics) product of a number multiplied by itself twice; cube: ঘন ফল.
(3) (geometry) solid body having length, width and height.
ঘন করা (verb transitive) thicken; condense.
ঘন হওয়া (verb intransitive) become thick; thicken.
ঘনকাল (noun) the rainy season; the rains.
ঘনকালো, ঘনকৃষ্ণ (adjective) dark black; dark as a cloud.
ঘনঘটা (noun) thick and extensive cumulation of clouds; the cumulus.
ঘনঘটাচ্ছন্ন (adjective) overcast with thick clouds.
ঘন ঘন (adverb) (1) every now and then; frequently.
(2) closely; close to one another: ঘন গাছ.
ঘনঘোর (adjective) overcast/ darkened with thick clouds.
ঘনত্ব (noun) (1) density; thickness. (2) solidity; volume.
ঘনফল (noun) (1) (mathematics) the product of a number twice multiplied by itself; a cube: ২-এর ঘনফল ৮. (2) cubic measure.

ঘনবর্ত্ম (noun) the path of the cloud across the sky; the sky.
ঘনবসতি (noun) congested habitation; dense population.
ঘনবস্তু (noun) (physics) a solid body.
ঘনবিন্যস্ত (adjective) thickly set; densely packed.
ঘনবিন্যাস, ঘনসন্নিবেশ (noun) thick setting; close formation.
ঘনবীথি (noun) the region of clouds.
ঘনমূল (noun) (mathematics) the root of a cube; a cube-root: ৮-এর ঘনমূল ২.
ঘনশ্যাম (adjective) dark like a cloud; of bottle-green complexion. (noun) a name of Lord Krishna.

ঘনসন্নিবিষ্ট (adjective) densely set.
ঘনসিক্ত (noun) anything wet with rain water.
ঘনসার (noun) camphor; mercury.

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