1998-Law Library Docs

  • 50 health facts identified by WHO Health Report 1998 - In 1997, of a global total of 52.2 million deaths, 17.3 million were due to infectious and parasitic diseases; 15.3 million were due to circulatory diseases; 6.2 million were due to cancer; 2.9 million were due to respiratory diseases, mainly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; and 3.6 million were due to perinatal conditions.
  • Constitution of All India Trinamool Congress-1998 - The name of the Party shall be the ALL INDIA TRINAMOOL CONGRESS. The Party shall have its own flag, logo, symbol and its National Headquarters at such place as the Party shall deem fit and proper. The Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee shall ordinarily be constituted in the Pradeshes named below with the headquarters mentioned against each.
  • World Health Report 1998 - Women's health is inextricably linked to their status in society. It benefits from equality, and suffers from discrimination. Today, the status and well-being of countless millions of women worldwide remain tragically low. As a result, human well-being in general suffers, and the prospects for future generations are dimmer. Global population ageing is resulting in the evolution towards societies which are, for the most part, female. Yet while women generally live longer than men, for many of them greater life expectancy carries no real advantage in terms of additional years lived free of disability.