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  • sanskrit अर्थशास्त्रम्-Artha Sastram- Tantra Yukti(15) - तद्.द्वात्रिंशद् युक्ति.युक्तं - अधिकरणम्, विधानम्, योगः, पद.अर्थः, हेत्व्.अर्थः, उद्देशः, निर्देशः, उपदेशः, अपदेशः, अतिदेशः, प्रदेशः, उपमानम्, अर्थ.आपत्तिः, संशयः, प्रसङ्गः, विपर्ययः, वाक्य.शेषः, अनुमतम्, व्याख्यानम्, निर्वचनम्, निदर्शनम्, अपवर्गः, स्व.संज्ञा, पूर्व.पक्षः, उत्तर.पक्षः, एक.अन्तः, अनागत.अवेक्षणम्, अतिक्रान्त.अवेक्षणम्, नियोगः, विकल्पः, समुच्चयः ऊह्यम् इति
  • Powerful Legal Research enterprise Bharat Interface for Money App [BHIM] - Law Library Bharat Interface for Money app allows payments of mobile postpaid bills, electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, and more. It is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and […]
  • Powerful Legal Research enterprise Indian digital payment platform - Narendra Modi 31st May 2018  launched three Indian mobile payment apps in Singapore at a business event aimed at internationalisation of the country’s digital payment platform. At the ‘Business, Innovation and Community […]
  • Industrial Revolution in England – Arnold Toynbee -1884 - The subject of these lectures is the industrial and Agrarian Revolution at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries. The course is divided into three parts. The first deals with Adam Smith and the England of his time.
  • Macro-Economic Update February 13, 2020  - Macro-Economic Updates Feb 13, 2020 Industrial output slumps to -0.30% in Dec’19 Industrial Production: After turning positive in Dec’19 to 1.82%, industrial output decelerated once again to -0.30% Y-o-Y in Dec’19 led […]
  • Safe Haven Assets Safe haven investment and safe haven Currency - Hard concept of Safe haven investment and safe haven Currency explained lucidly.
  • WORLD POLITICAL DOCUMENTS The Capital A Critique of Political Economy [1867] - Preface to the First German Edition The work, the first volume of which I now submit to the public, forms the continuation of my Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie (A Contribution to the Criticism […]
  • The Economic Lie-Max Simon Nordau-1883 - Conventional Lies of our Civilization-Max Simon Nordau-1883   The Economic Lie I. Those circumstances of our civilization which affect the largest number of human beings, with the most painful and lasting results, […]
  • Trade War: Is it a prelude to deglobalisation? - 1. I am delighted to be here today and am grateful to the FAI and the organisers of this conference for inviting me to speak to this gathering. I am also happy […]

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