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  • A Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution-Susan Blake - A Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution 5th ed Susan Blake, Julie Browne, Stuart Sime ISBN13: 9780198823094 New Edition ISBN: 9780198858379 Previous Edition ISBN: 9780198747666 Published: June 2018 Publisher: Oxford University Press […]
  • A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure-Stuart Sime - Service outside the jurisdiction- Responding to a claim- Default judgment- Statements of case- Track allocation and case -management- Costs management- Costs capping and protection- Requests for further information- Parties and joinder- Additional claims 
  • A Practical Approach to Commercial Conveyancing and Property-Robert Abbey - Commercial Property Related Websites- Authorized Guarantee Agreement Precedent- Law Society Standard Form Leases- Standard Commercial Property Conditions (2nd edn)- Law Society Practice Note on Mortgage Fraud
  • A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure-John Sprack - The Crown Court The Indictment Pre-Trial Proceedings Pleas The Jury Judge-Only Trials The Course of the Trial The Verdict
  • Crime COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEMS-Harry R. Dammer and Jay S. Albanese - Organized crime transnational organized crime terrorism measurement law enforcement prosecution sentencing criminal justice system human trafficking trafficking in persons trafficking in human beings cybercrime cyber crime identity theft transnational policing
  • Constitutional Courts and Deliberative Democracy by Conrado Hbner Mendes - Edition: 2015 INTRODUCTION ; Political deliberation and collective decision-making ; Political deliberation and legal decision-making ; Political deliberation and constitutional scrutiny ; Deliberative performance of constitutional courts ; The ethics of political […]
  • Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights A Critical Introduction by Ian Loveland - Edition: 2008 Part I: Theoretical Principles 1: Defining the constitution? 2: Parliamentary sovereignty 3: The rule of law and the separation of powers 4: The Royal prerogative Part II: The Institutions and […]
  • Courts, Legislatures, Media Freedom-K N Harikumar(Ed) - Courts, Legislatures, Media Freedom   K N Harikumar- Editor Language-English Publisher-National Book Trust ISBN8123746814 – Year: 2006 – Pages: 190 Binding-Hardcover K N Harikumar Contents Introduction FALI S. NARIMAN Legislative Privileges and […]
  • CYBERCRIME, ORGANIZED CRIME, AND SOCIETAL RESPONSES: INTERNATIONAL APPROACHES-Emilio C. Viano (editor) - The second part explores illegal trafficking of people, drugs, and other illicit goods as a global phenomenon, aided by the ease of international travel, funds transfer, and communication. Finally, international approaches to crime detection prevention are presented. The work provides case studies and fieldwork that will be relevant across a variety of disciplines and a rich resource for future research.
  • De legibus-Treatise on Law : Marcus Tullius Cicero - It is my intention to do so; and since you urge me to these discussions, I will endeavour to bring our argument to a conclusion, and if possible, in the course of the day. For I find my predecessor Plato did the same, and got through each legal disquisition in a summer day’s conference. I will, therefore, try to imitate him, and will next speak of magisterial laws; for after those of religion, the state hath nothing more important-Pergam equidem, et quoniam libitum est vobis me ad haec inpellere, hodierno sermone conficiam, spero, hoc praesertim die; video enim Platonem idem fecisse, omnemque orationem eius de legibus peroratam esse uno aestivo die. Sic igitur faciam, et dicam de magistratibus. Id enim est profecto quod constituta religione rem publieam contineat maxime.
  • EU Competition Law and Economics by Damien Geradin - Edition: 2012 EC competition law in context; The economics of EC competition law; Article 81 EC: Anticompetitive coordination; Article 82 EC: Abuse of dominance; Regulation 139/2004: Anticompetitive Mergers; The institutional and procedural […]
  • Histories of Global Inequality-Christian Olaf Christiansen, Steven L B Jensen - An interdisciplinary study has been forwarded with observation drawing upon regional and national perspectives from around the world while seeking to capture the multidimensionality and multi-causality of global inequalities.
  • International and Transnational Crime and Justice - Trafficking in persons / smuggling of migrants Defining the concept of trafficking in persons Migrant smuggling as a specific crime type Corruption Corruption and organized crime Cybercrime General types of cybercrime Terrorism International terrorism
  • Judicial Review in New Democracies by Tom Ginsburg - Judicial Review in New Democracies Constitutional Courts in Asian Cases Edition: 2003  Introduction: the decline and fall of parliamentary sovereignty; Why judicial review?; Constituting judicial power; Building judicial power; Courts in new […]
  • Judicial Tug of War-Adam Bonica - Why have Republicans blasted “activist judges,” and why do they support attempts at “reforming” the judiciary – even as it risks public criticisms of interjecting partisanship and politicization? On the other side of the spectrum, why have Democrats decried Republicans’ tactics, choosing to focus instead on ostensibly nonpartisan characteristics such as pedigree and experience? Our answer to these questions is a new framework for thinking about our nation’s courts – the judicial tug of war. The judicial tug of war not only explains current political clashes over America’s courts– such as the fight over Scalia’s seat – but also explains the balance of power between party leaders and the nation’s lawyers.
  • Kerr & Hunter on Receivers and Administrators 21st ed - Edited by: Thomas Robinson, Peter Walton First published in 1869 Contents: PART I: THE APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVERS BY THE COURT IN ENGLAND AND WALES; PRINCIPLES ON WHICH A RECEIVER IS APPOINTED BY […]
  • Legisprudence-A New Theoretical Approach to Legislation Luc J.Wintgens(ed) - Legislation, it is said, is a matter of politics, and politics is not rational. Politics is a power game, which results in compromises framed into a legislative or statutory structure. This power game seems to have its own logic and, most of the time, the results outweigh any other form of logic.
  • Limits of Judicial Independence by Tom S Clark - Edition: 2010 Cambridge University Press ISBN: 9780521194884 Tom S. Clark is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Emory University. INDEX Introduction; A political history of Court-curbing; Conditional self-restraint; Court-curbing and the electoral […]
  • Modi’s Medical Jurisprudence & Toxicology, 22nd Edition - Index Section I – Medical Jurisprudence 1- Legal Procedure in Criminal Courts 2. History of Forensic Medicine 3. Personal Identity 4. Postmortem Examination (Autopsy) 5. Exhumation 6. Postmortem Artefacts 7. Examination of […]
  • Paget’s Law of Banking - First published in 1904 Index of The 14th edition Part 1 The Regulatory Framework; 1 Bank Regulation; 2 Money Laundering; 3 Protecting and Disclosing Information; Part 2 Banks and Customers; 4 The […]
  • Précis of property law- Lafond Pierre Claude - This work, the author intends to contribute to making people love property law, this branch of legal science with aspects too often presented as off-putting, which nevertheless hides conceptual masterpieces and prodigious examples of coherence as the only one. private law knows how to offer it.
  • Principles of Equity and Trusts-Samantha Hepburn - Updated Law of Australia-2020 Preface Table of Cases Table of Statutes Part I – The Nature of Equity The Nature of Equity The Origin of the Equity Jurisdiction The Relationship between Common […]
  • Repugnant Laws: Judicial Review of Acts of Congress from the Founding to the Present-Keith Whittington - A hun­dred years ago there were se­ri­ous and live­ly de­bates over wheth­er courts should even have the pow­er to strike down acts of elected leg­is­la­tures. Those de­bates are large­ly in the past. Courts now rou­tine­ly, al­most cas­u­al­ly, in­val­i­date leg­is­la­tion. But the re­ac­tion ju­di­cial re­view now pro­vokes is ra­ther dif­fer­ent. Few ar­gue that judges should aban­don the pow­er to re­view and in­val­i­date the de­lib­er­ate acts of oth­er gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials.
  • Rule by Law: Tom Ginsburg - Edition: 2008 Rule by Law: The Politics of Courts in Authoritarian Regimes   Introduction Of judges and generals: security courts under authoritarian regimes in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile Administrative law and judicial […]
  • Sovereignty of Law Freedom, Constitution, and Common Law by T R S Allan - Edition: 2015 Introduction ; Constitution and Constitutionalism ; Constitutional Convention: Practice and Principle ; The Rule of Law: Freedom, Law and Justice ; Parliamentary Sovereignty: Authority and Autonomy ; Legislative Supremacy and […]
  • Supreme But Not Infallible by B N Kirpal - Supreme But Not Infallible by B N Kirpal Contents PREFACE The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Custody of the Constitution The Supreme Court: An Overview The Supreme Court and the Constitution […]

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