Members of Clerical Staff – Govt Departments in West Bengal

Members of Clerical Staff

1. Office Superintendent (Non-gazetted).
2. Head Assistant, Assistant-in-charge, Section-in-charge.

3. Posts of Clerks of any designation such as Chief Clerk, Head Clerk, Principal Clerk,
Upper Division Clerk. Lower Division Clerk, Senior Clerk, 2nd Grade Clerks, 3rd Grade
Clerks, 4th Grade Clerks, Junior Clerk, Corresponding Clerk, Work-shop Clerks.
Burmese-Knowing Clerks, Chinese Clerks, Survey-knowing Clerks, Statistical Clerk,Calculators.

4. Posts of Assistants of any designation such as Upper Division Assistants, Senior
Assistant, Lower Division Assistants, Ward Assistants, Security Assistants, Statistical
Assistants, Assistant (Establishment), etc. (but not the Laboratory Assistant in the
different Department of Government), the Information Assistants (in the Department of
Publicity) or the Health Assistants, Depot Assistants, X-Ray Assistants, Dark-room
Assistants and Medical Assistants (in the Directorate of Health).

5. Stenographers, Personal Assistants (hitherto designated as Stenographers), Stenotypists.
6. Typists, Clerk-Typists.
7. Despatches
8. Time Keeper, Assistant Time Keeper.
9. Chief Store Keeper, Store Keeper, Assistant Store Keepers, Storeman, Miscellaneous Store Keeper, Assistant Miscellaneous Store Keeper, .Stock-taker.
10. Librarian, Assistant Librarian, Library Assistants.
11. Omitted.
12. Clerk Interpreter, Chinese Interpreter, Assisant Chinese Interpreter.
13. Confidential Record Keeper of Governor’s Secretariat.
14. Nagri Munsi.

15. Sheristadar, Record Keeper, Assistant Record Keeper, Peshkar, Nazir, Translator,Copyist, Touzi Navis

16. Assistant Tahsildar, Tahsildar, Naib, Mohurrir.
17. Checker, Notice Writer.
18. Accountants of any designation such as Senior Accountant, Junior Accountant, Store Accountant, Assistant Accountant, etc.
19. Clerk Supervisor.
20. Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer.

21. Cashier, Nazir, Assistant Cashier, Toll Daroga, Toll Collector, Assistant Toll
Collector, Treasurer, Nazir-cum-Cashier, Cash Sarkar, Rent Collecting Sarkar, Rent
Collector, Bed Rent Collector, Diet Sarkar.

22. P. A. to the Principal, Bengal Engineering College (None-Gazetted).
23. Stewards and Care-takers of Government Colleges.-
24. Head Reader and Assistant Readers in the office of the Registrar of Publications.
25. Milk Recorder and Egg Recorder in the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services.
26. Vehicle Superintendent, Supervisor, Store-Verification Officer, Officer-in-charge,
District Revenue Store and Inspector of Accounts in the Directorate of Health Services.
27. Instrument Care-taker, Linen Keeper, Linen Store-Keeper, Inspector (Stores) and
Laundry charge.* women in Offices under the Director of Health Services.

Refer: West Bengal service Rule Part -1

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