Syllabus of Law and Justice in a Globalizing World- Hidayatullah National Law University

LLM-Syllabus of Law and Justice in a Globalizing World


Module I- Introduction

• Concept of Law & Justice
• Lawmaking power of different organs of the State
• Components of Judicial Process (Judges, Lawyers, Law Schools) commissions &
• Types of Justice i.e. compensatory justice, distributive justice, socio-economic justice,
social justice etc.
• Perspective on Social Justice:
▪ Mahatma Gandhi: Ideas on Social Justice, Caste, Untouchability, Village
communities, Self- governance, Trusteeship theory, Sarvodaya, Antyodaya
▪ Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Caste System, Untouchability, Social Transformation,
Destruction of Hinduism, Political Safeguards
▪ Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia: Socialism, Marxism, Capitalism, Small Unit Machine

Module II- The Process of Globalization

• Globalization: The Historical and Social Context, Distinctive Characteristics and
Dimensions: Economic, Technological, Social and Cultural.
• Modernization and Globalization, Neo-Liberalism and Global Capitalism and
Globalization and Nation State
• Globalization and Culture: The Ethos of Globalization (Individualism, Freedom,
Consumerism) Cultural Homogenization, Hegemony and Dominance Impact of
Globalization on Poor and Women

Module III – The Doctrine of Precedent and Growth of Law: An Indian Perspective

• The Rule of Law in a Globalizing World
• Role of Precedent in the development of Law and Society
• Judicial Creativity, Judicial Activism and Judicial over – Activism
• Issues affecting Justice delivery system (Transfer, Court Packing, Judicial
Accountability- Reasoned Decision, Legislative Reaction, Executive Reaction,
Reaction of Public and Media, Judicial Ethics and Conduct)
• Role of dissent in the development of law and society

Module IV- Rights of Indigenous People

• Indigenous People: Traditional Knowledge, Traditional knowledge of India, Right of
Self- Determination, Right to Use Natural Resource, Right to use Land as a Cultural
Right, Biodiversity, Exploitation of Rights of Indigenous People,
• Problems of Tribal, Overview of the Panchayats (Extension to the
Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996 (PESA) and Forest Right Act, 2006.

Module V: International Organizations vis-à-vis Globalization

• Role of United Nations in the Globalization Process
• Role of Bretton Woods Institutions in the Globalization Process: with special reference
to the WTO
• MNCs & CSR

Module VI: Litmus Testing of Globalization

• Impact of Globalization on Judicial Process and administration of Justice
• Impact of globalization on Human Rights with special reference to Gender Right:
▪ Feminism, Types, Sexual Violence, UNO and Women Rights, India and Women
Rights, Women and law in India
• Impact of globalization on free market and related notions
• Globalization vis-à-vis Environment and development

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