It is now well-settled by a catena of decisions (See, for example, Mohammad Ghouse v. State of Andhra, AIR 1957 SC 246:(1957) SCR 414 and Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh v. L. V. A. Dikshitulu, (1979) 3 SCC 34 that the expression “control”, in Article 235 of the Constitution, includes “Disciplinary Control”.

Transfers, promotions and confirmations including transfer of District Judges or the recall of District Judges posted on ex-cadre post or on deputation or on administrative post etc. etc. is also within the administrative control of the High Court. So also premature and compulsory retirement is also within the “Control” of the High Court.

Refer: Madan Mohan Choudhary-AIR 1999 SC 1018 : (1999) 1 SCR 596 : (1999) 3 SCC 396 : JT 1999 (1) SC 459 : (1999) 1 SCALE 444

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