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  • Education for the Peasantry in France by Léon Gambetta-1800 - Speech by Léon Gambetta The peasantry is intellectually several centuries behind the enlightened and educated classes in this country. The distance between them and us is immense. We have received a classical […]
  • Sri Ranga Patana, the city dedicated to Vishnu Sri Ranga-Francis Buchanan - Seringapatam is commonly called Patana, or Patan, that is to say, the city; but the name used in our maps is a corruption from Sri Ranga Patana, the city of Sri Ranga, from its containing a temple dedicated to Vishnu under that name. The temple is of great celebrity, and of much higher antiquity than the city, which did not rise to be of importance until the time of the princes of the Mysore dynasty

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