Final Report under Rule 291(3)-Bombay Police Manual

Rule 291(3)-Bombay Police Manual

3) The final report should be written up carefully by the officers incharge of the Police Station personally and should be accompanied by all the case papers numbered and indexed methodically. If the accused has been released on bail, the Magistrate should be requested to cancel the bail bond. He should also be requested to pass orders regarding the disposal of property attached, unless any of the articles, e.g., blood stained clothes, are required for further use in true but undetected cases.

A request should also be made to the Magistrate to classify the case and to issue an appropriate summary of his order, viz:” “A” True. undetected (where there is no clue whatsoever about the culprits or property or where the accused in known but there is no evidence to justify his being sent up to the Magistrate (for trial). “B” Maliciously false. “C” Neither true nor false, e.g., due to mistake to fact or being of a civil nature. “Non”cognizable” Police investigation reveals commission of only non”cognizable offence.”

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