Copper Coinage Act-1835

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East India Company Laws

Status – Repealed


[Rep., Act. 13 of 1862]

[7th December, 1835.]

Passed by the Hon’ble the Governor General of India in Council on the 7th December, 1835.

I. BE it enacted, that from the 20th day of December 1835, the following Copper Coins only, shall be issued from any Mint, within Presidency of Bengal:

1. A pice weighing………………100 Grains Troy.
2. A double pice…………….200 ”
3. A pie of one-twelfth of an anna piece 33 ”

with such devices as shall be fixed for the same by the Governor General in Council, according to the provisions of Section 10 of Act XVII. of 1835.

II. And be enacted, that from the said 20th day of December 1835, the said pice shall be legal tender for of the Company’ Rupees, and the said double pice for of the Company’s Rupee.

III. Provided always, that after the said 20th day of December 1835, no Copper Coin shall in any part of the Territories of the East India Company be legal tender, except for fractions of a Rupees.

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