Rate List of Recognized Private Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres under CGHS Hyderabad

Reference year 2020

Recognized Private Hospitals

and Diagnostic Centres





Recognized Private Hospitals

and Diagnostic Centres Under CGHS HYDERABAD

‘ CGHS OFFICE: 040-27902316, 040-27902583 FAX: 040-27900115

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F   Under each Departmental Package arranged in Alphabetical order.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Government of India

Nirman Bhawan

New Delhi-110 011

F.No.S.11011/38/2001-CGHS Desk.II/CGHS(P)


Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.

Dated:23rd December. 2002.


SUB:-  Recognition of private hospitals/diagnostic centers under CGHS, Hyderabad for specialized and general purpose treatment and diagnostic procedures and fixation of package/ceiling rates -regarding.

            The undersigned is directed to say that the issue of fresh recognition of private hospitals and diagnostic centers for treatment of CGHS beneficiaries under CGHS, Hyderabad and fixation of package/ceiling rates has been under consideration of the Government for quite some time. It has now been decided to recognize the hospitals/diagnostic centers for different specialities as per list attached at Annex.A&B.

2.         (a)     Package rate is defined as lump sum cost of in-patient treatment or diagnostic procedure for which a patient has been referred by competent authority or CGHS to Hospital or   Diagnostic Center. This includes all charges pertaining to a particular treatment/procedure including admission charges, accommodation charges, ICU/ICCU charges, monitoring        charges, operation charges, anesthesia charges, operation theatre charges, procedural charges/surgeon’s fee, cost of disposable, surgical charges and cost of medicine used during hospitalization, related routine investigations, physiotherapy charges etc.

       (b)     The package rate does not include diet, telephone charges, T.V.charges and cost of       cosmetics, toiletry, tonics and medicines advertised in mass media. Cost of these, if offered   on request of patient will be realized from the individual patient and are not to be          included in package charges.

       (c)     The recognized hospital/diagnostic center will not charge more than the package rate from   the beneficiary.

3.         – 12 days for specialized procedure

            – 7-8 day for other procedures.

            – 3 days for laproscopic surgery.

            – 1 day for day care/minor procedures (OPD)

4.         However if the beneficiary has to stay in the hospital for his/her recovery for more than the period covered in the package rate, the additional reimbursement shall be limited to room rent as per entitlement, cost of the prescribed medicines and investigations, doctors visits (not more than 2 times a day) for additional stay.

5.(a)The entitlement for indoor treatment would be as under : 
 (i)Basic Pay upto Rs.7,500/-– General Ward.
 (ii)Basic Pay Rs.7,501/- to 10,500/-– Semi Pvt. Ward.
 (iii)Basic Pay Rs. 10,501/- and above– Private Ward.

            (b)     Package rate offered to CGHS for treatment in Semi-Pvt. Ward is mentioned and indicated             in the rate list at Annex.-C.

            (c)     It has further been decided that the CGHS beneficiaries taking treatment in the above          mentioned hospitals with the prior permission of the CGHS will be entitled for reimburse�-        ment as per the package rates given in the Annex.-C. The rates for indoor treatment  mentioned in attached Annexures are for Semi Private Category. For Private Ward   there will be an increase of 15% and for General Ward there will be a decrease of     10%.

            (d)     The implant shall be reimbursed as per actuals except for the items where ceiling is           defined.

6.         A Private Hospital/Diagnostic Center whose rates for a procedure/test/facility are lower than the approved rates shall charge the beneficiaries as per actuals.

7.         (a)     For investigations and treatment procedures for which admission is not required rates will     be same for all categories.

            (b)     The maximum room rent for different categories would be :-

GeneralSemi PrivatePrivateDay Care (6-8 hours admission)Rs.500/- per dayRs.l,000/-per dayRs.1,500/- per dayRs.500/- per day (same for all categories)

8.         The beneficiary will have the option of availing specialized treatment/diagnostic tests at CGHS recognized Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers of his/her choice after the Specialist of CGHS/ Govt.Hospital/CMO I/c of CGHS Dispensary recommends the procedure/test.

9.         For non-emergency cases, beneficiaries of Central Govt. Health Scheme are entitled to medical reimbursement for treatment in hospitals/diagnostic centers recognized under the scheme subject to written permission from the competent authority.

10.        On production of valid permission, the recognized hospitals/diagnostic centers shall provide credit facilities to:

            Freedom Fighters, or

            Ex- Member of Parliament, or

            Ex-Governor/ Ex-Vice President of India/Former Prime Minister, or

            CGHS Employees

            Pensioners (& their dependants) of Central Govt.drawing pension from Civil Estimates.

      holding valid CGHS card.

            The recognized Private Hospital/Diagnostic Centers required to submit bills pertaining to above mentioned beneficiaries once in a month directly to the office of concerned Joint Director of CGHS, who will settle the claims within 60 days of submission of bills.

11.        In case of an emergency, the recognized private hospital shall not refuse admission or demand advance from the beneficiary and shall provide credit facilities to the concerned patient on the production of valid CGHS card. The recognized CGHS Hospital/Diagnostic Center shall submit the bill for reimbursement subject to the ceiling of approved rate to the respective Department/Joint Director, CGHS where the payment is made by CGHS Directorate.

12.        Reimbursement in respect of serving CGHS beneficiaries and Members of Parliament covered under CGHS will be made by the respective Ministries/Department/ Organizations.

13.        The recognized hospitals/ diagnostic centers will provide necessary medicines & all disposable sundries of standard quality and will not get them purchased through CGHS beneficiaries.

14.        If one or more treatment procedures form part of a major treatment procedure, package charges would be made against the major procedures and only one half of approved charges quoted for the other procedures would be added to the package charges of the first major procedure.

15.        Treatment taken in branches of the recognized hospitals will not be admissible for reimbursement.

16.        Any legal liability coming out of such services shall be dealt by the hospital/ diagnostic center and it shall be responsible alone.

17.        This issues with the concurrence of Finance Division Vide JS(FA) Dy. No. 5618/JS(FA)/2002 dated 6.9.2002.

18.        All the Hospitals/Diagnostic Centers mentioned in Annx. A & B have signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Director, CGHS about recognition and rates.

19.        An abstract of every indoor treatment/test shall be sent by the recognized private hospitals/diagnostic centers to every Joint/Additional Director of concerned CGHS city on monthly basis by the 10th of the following month, indicating Name of the patient, CGHS Card Number, Name of Office/Organization, Name of referring Specialist, Permission No. and Date, Description of procedure/tests performed and the amount charged, in the proforma at Annex.’D’

1.Usha Mohan Hospitals, General purpose treatment.
 Hyderguda, Rajendra Nagar  
 Ring Road, Hyderabad.  
2.Hyderabad Nursing Home Pvt.Ltd. General purpose treatment.
 5-9-29/40, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.  
3.Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Center, Specialized treatment in cardiology and
 Gajularamaram, Jeedimetla, Cardio thoracic surgery & diagnostic
 Qutubullahpur Municipality, Hyderabad. procedures.
4.Aarogya Hospital, General purpose treatment.
 5-4-183 to 199, Twin City Mkt.  
 Moazamjahi Market, Hyderabad.  
5Hyderabad Kidney & Laproscopic Specialized treatment in Urology &
 Center, D.No. 16-2-674/12, Nephrology & Diagnostic procedures.
 Judges Colony, Malakpet, Hyderabad.  
6.New City Hospital, General purpose treatment & diagnostic
 Secunderabad, Hyderabad. Procedures.
7.Vijaya Health Care, General purpose treatment.
 Kummariguda, Behind Prashant  
 Talkies, Secunderabad.  
8.Aditya Hospital Pvt. Ltd., General Purpose Treatment and Specialized
 Begumpet,Hyderabad. treatment in Gastroenterology.
9.Aravind Eye Hospital, Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology
 Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad. & diagnostic procedures.
10.Aware Hospitals, General purpose treatment & Radiotherapy.
 Shanthivanam, Nagarjuna Sagar Road,  
11.Swapna Hospital, General purpose treatment in Obst. &
 1-7-97, Chaitnaya Puri, Hyderabad. Gynae.
12.Owaisi Hospital & Research General purpose treatment.
 Center, Near DMRL ‘X’ Roads,  
 Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad.  
13.Nikhil Multispeciality Hospital, Gaddiannaram, X Roads, Dilsukhnagar,Hyderabad. General purpose treatment & Radiological diagnostic procedures except MRI. 
14.BIBI General Hospital & Cancer Center, Malakpet, Hyderabad.  Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures in Oncology. 
15.Jaya Bhushan Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., Mehidipatnam, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment. 
16.Geetha Maternity & Nursing Home,West Marredpally, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.  General purpose and Obst. & Gynae treatment. 
17.Smt. Bhagwan Devi Hospitals,21-7-191, Mama Jumla Phatak, Charakaman, Hyderabad. General purpose, Orthopaedics & Obst. & Gyane. 
18.Aditya Hospital,Tilak Road, Hyderabad. Paediatrics, Paediatrics surgery & . Neo- Natology. 
19.Hari Prasad Memorial Hospital, Rikabgunj, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment & diagnostic procedures. 
20.Madhava Nursing Home,43,S.D.Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment. 
21.Indo American Cancer Instt. & Research Center,Road No. 14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. General/Specialized cancer treatment & diagnostic procedures. 
22.Shravana Nursing Home,Mozamjahi Market, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment. 
23.Premier Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad.  Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology. 
24.A.P.Super Speciality Dental Hospital, Banjara Hill, Hyderabad.  Specialised Dental treatment & diagnostic procedures. 
25.Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital &Research Center, University Road, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment & Physiotherapy. 
26.Sgarlal Memorial Hospital &Matadin Goel Research Center,1-5-551, Musheerabad, Hyderabad.   General purpose treatment. 
27.Mythri Multi Speciality Hospital, Ameerpet. Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment. 
28.L.V. Prasad Eye Institute,Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology & Diagnostic Procedures. 
29.Ram Hospital,Shapur Nagar,LDA,Jeedimetla, Hyderabd. General purpose treatment. 
30.Medwin Hospitals,100, Raghava Ratna Towers,Chirag Ali Lane, Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures including Cardiology, Cardio thoracic Surgery, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology & Nephrology. 
31.Gagan Mahal Nursing Home,1-2-379, Gaganmahal, Hyderabad.  Obst. & Gynae. Treatment. 
32.Global Hospitals,6-1-1070/1 to 4,Besides R.R.Dist. Collector Office, Lakdi-ka-Pool, Hyderabad.   General/specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures including dialysis. 
33.Princess Durru ShehvarChildren’s & General Hospital,Purani Haveli, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment & diagnostic procedures. 
34.CDR Hospital,Malakpet, Hyderabad. General purpose, Obst. & Gynae, Dental & Ophthalmology treatment. 
35.Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital,Raj Bhawan Road, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures. 
36.Quality Care Hospitals,J. N. Road, Nampally,Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic Procedures. 
37.Poulomi Hospital,Secunderabad, Hyderabad. General purpose treatment & diagnostic Procedures. 
38.Vijaya Hospital,S. V. Nagar, Main Road, Nagaram, Keesara mandal, R.R. District, Hyderabad.   General Purpose treatment. 
39.Apollo Hospital,Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment&diagnostic Procedures. 
40.Apollo Emergency Hospital,Hyderguda, Hyderabad.  Cardiology & Traumatology. 
41.Apollo Amar Hospital,Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment 
42.Mediciti Hospitals, 5-9-22, Secretariat Road, Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment including Cardiology, Cardio thoracic Surgery & Nephrology and diagnostic procedures.
43.Maxivision Laser Center(P) Ltd. Begumpet,Hyderabad. Specialized treatment in Ophthalmology & diagnostic procedures.
44.CDR Hospital(CDR Health Care Ltd.)Hyderguda, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic Procedures.
45.Rainbow Children’s Hospital,22, Road 4 (Old Road No. 10)Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized Paediatric treatment.
46.Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, Malakpet, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment including Renal transplant & diagnostic procedures.
47.F.M.S. Dental Hospital,Koti, Hyderabad. Specialized Dental treatment & Diagnostic procedures including RVG & OPG.
48.BBR Multi Specialty Hospital,7-4-194, Ferozguda, Balanagar, Hyderabad.  General purpose treatment.
49.CDR Hospital,Secuderabad, Hyderabad. General purpose treatment & diagnostic Procedures.
50.CDR Hospital,Mozamjahi Market, Hyderabad. General purpose treatment & diagnostic Procedures.
51.Sri Narmada Hospital,Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad.  General-purpose treatment.
52.Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic Procedures.
53.Sree Sai Kidney Center,Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Specialized treatment in Haemodialysis and Lithotripsy.
54.Remedy Heart Instt. & Super Speciality Hospital, H-3-6-2/1, Liberty X-Road, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad. Specialized treatment in Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery.
55.Apollo Hospital,Plot No. 90, P&T employees Co-operative Housing Society,Vikrampuri Colony, Seeunderabad, Hyderabad.   General purpose treatment and diagnostic Procedures.
56.Saivani Hospital,Opp. Indira Park, R.K. Math Road, Hyderabad. General purpose treatment.
57.CARE Hospital, Quality Care India Ltd., Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. General/Specialized treatment and diagnostic Procedures.
58.Kamineni Hospital,L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment including Renal Transplantation and diagnostic procedures.
59.Sai Krishna Super Speciality Hosp.St. Road, Kachiguda, Hyderabad.  Specialized treatment in Neurology & Neuro Surgery and Related diagnostic procedures.
60.Vasavi Medical & Research Center6-1-91, Opp. Meera Talkies,Lakdi Ka Pool, Khairatabad, Hyderabad.  General purpose, ENT and specialized Treatment in Oncology.
61.Image Health Care Ltd.,Ameerpet, Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment including Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery and Diagnostic procedures.
62.Spectrum Dental Clinic2-4-82, Misha Gardens,Shamlal Estate, Sikh Village,Secunderabd.   Specialised Dental Care treatment.
63.Anukrushna Hospital,Vasanthapuri Colony,Malkajgiri, Hyderabad.  Specialized Treatment in Obst. & Gynae.
64.Secunderabad Dental Hospital Multispeciality Center,1-261/4-6, S.D. Road,Secunderabad.   Specialised Dental Treatment & diagnostic procedures.
65.Ashok Kumar Hospital,3-4-136, Barkatpura,Hyderabad.  Specialized ENT treatment.
66.Smiline Dental Hospitals,Next to Gold Spot on the main Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Specialised Dental treatment & X-ray.
67.Mahavir Hospital & ResearchCenter, A.C. Guards,Hyderabad.  General/Specialized treatment & Diagnostic procedures including Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery.



1.Spectrum Diagnostic Center,Secunderabad.Dental X-Ray(Intra Oral) andOrthopentography.
2.Secunderabad Diagnostic & Research Center,1-58/7/3, Srinath Complex,S.D. Road,Secunderabad.General Radiological & pathological procedures.
3.Parklane Medical Diagnostic,Secunderabad.General Pathological Investigations.
4.ELLESS Dental Imaging & Diagnostics,Opp. Clock Tower Sub-Station, Secunderabad.Dental X-Ray and OPG procedures.
5.Twin City Speech & Hearing Center,1-1-36 B, RTC X-Road. Hyderabad.Speech Therapy Audiometery.
6.Deccan Diagnostic & Research Center, 1st Floor, Jyoti Arcade, Kalikaman, Opp. Hari Bhavan, Near Gulzar Houz, Hyderabad.Radiological Pathological diagnostic procedures.
7.Premier Diagnostic, 10-3-232, Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad.General pathological Investigations & X-Ray.
 8.Kailash Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Center. Mozamjahi, Hyderabad.General diagnostic procedures Physiotherapy.
 9.3M Diagnostic Center,8-Sakina Complex, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad.General Pathological Investigations X-Ray.
10.Vijaya Diagnostic Center,Himat Nagar, Hyderabad.All diagnostic procedures.
11.Konark Diagnostic Center,Hyderabad.Pathological Investigations and Radio-logical Diagnostic procedures except MRI.
12.Asian Instt. Of Gasteroenterology Pvt. Ltd., 6-3-652, Dhruvatara Apptt., Somajiguda, Hyderabad.Gasteroenterology diagnostic & Therapeutic Purposes.
13.Medinova Diagnostic Services,6-3-652, Somajiguda. Hyderabad.General and Specialized Pathological & diagnostic procedures except MRI C I Scan.
14.Dr. V. Nandan Singh’s Diagnostic Center,4-1-897, Tilak Road. Hyderabad.General Pathological & Radiological diagnostic procedures.


17ICU/CCU CHARGES Special Care Cases
Package Rates of Various Treatment/Procedure offered by CGHS to Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres for Recognition under CGHS HYDERABAD for General Purpose treatment
S.NoName of the Procedure                 Package cost in rupees (semi private)
1OUT PATIENT Abdominal Diagnostic460.00 Abdominal Therapeutic935.00 Bone Marrow425.00 Joints340.00 Pericardial510.00 Plural. Effusion Diagnostic210.00 Plural. Effusion Therapeutic680.00
1.6.3Biopsy Liver680.00
1.6.2.Biopsy Lymphnode680.00
1.6.1.Biopsy Skin except Hensens215.00
1.15Dilatation of Urethra560.00
1.5.2Dressings Large130.00
1.5.2Dressings Medium70.00
1.5.2Dressings Small35.00
1.19E. C. G.120.00
1.20E. E. G.510.00
1.1.1First Visit35.00
1.3.1First visit (By Medical officers/Resident doctors)35.00
1.4.1First visit (By Specialists)70.00
1.2.1First Visit (Private if any)70.00
1.16Incision & Drainage410.00
1.21Incubation (per day)425.00
1.13.1Injection for Haemorrhoids680.00
1.13.2Injection for Varicose veins935.00
1.5.1.Injections – IM17.00
1.5.1.Injections – IV17.00
1.5.1.Injections – SC17.00
1.5.1.Injections (Chemotherapy) – IV85.00
1.17Intercostal Drainage680.00
1.11Lumber puncture510.00
1.18Lung function test340.00
1.23Peritoneal dialysis1,530.00
1.10Phimosis Under LA1,020.00 of Benign Tumor765.00 of Cyst765.00 of Foreign body425.00
1.8Removal of stitches50.00
1.2.2Revisit or each subsequent visit (Private if any)50.00
1.3.2Revisit or each subsequent visit(By Medical officers/Resident doctors)25.00
1.4.2Revisit or each subsequent visit(By Specialists)50.00
1.1.2Revisited or each subsequent visit25.00
1.12Sternal puncture340.00
1.22Stress test850.00
1.5.3Suturing with local anaesthesia255.00
1.5.3Suturing without local anaesthesia170.00
2.2.8Excision Chemical cautery (per sittings)85.00
2.2.6Excision Corns425.00
2.2.7Excision I/D Injection keloid or Acne215.00
2.2.1Excision Moles425.00
2.2.4Excision Mollus cum contrabiosum425.00
2.2.3Excision Sela cysts425.00
2.2.5   Excision Veneral Warts425.00
2.2.2Excision Warts425.00
2.1Skin Biopsy215.00
3.10Cold Calorie Test for vestibular function170.00
3.6Hearing Aid analysis170.00
3.5Hearing Aid selection170.00
3.2Impedence & other tests170.00
3.4Multiple hearing assessment test for Adults170.00
3.15Peritonsillar abscess drainage under LA1,100.00
3.14Polyp removal under LA1,020.00
3.1Pure Tone Audiogram170.00
3.11.2Removal of foreign body From   Ear255.00
3.11.1Removal of foreign body From   Nose255.00
3.12Repair ear lobe765.00
3.3SISI, Tone Decay & Difference times170.00
3.8Speech Assessment135.00
3.7Speech Discrimination score120.00
3.9Speech therapy per session of 30 – 40 minutes120.00
4.1.2Cauterisation of ulcer/subconjunctival injection for Both eyes215.00
4.1.1Cauterisation of ulcer/subconjunctival injection for One eye135.00
4.11.3Chalazion operation Dressing85.00
4.11.2Chalazion operation for Both Eyes680.00
4.11.1Chalazion operation for One Eye425.00
4.5Foreign body removal215.00
4.7Ortho-optic check up85.00
4.8Ortho-optic exercises130.00
4.1Perimetry/ field test215.00
4.9Plepoptic Exercises85.00
4.2.2 .Retrobular injection for Both Eyes290.00
4.2.1Retrobular injection for One eye170.00
4.3.2Syringing of Lacrimal sac for both eyes205.00
4.3.1Syringing of Lacrimal sac for one eye130.00
5.5Above elbow full plaster850.00
5.6Above elbow post-slab545.00
5.1Above knee full plaster935.00
5.11Above knee full slab885.00
5.7Below knee full plaster850.00
5.8Below knee post-slab545.00
5.4Colles fracture Ant. or post, slab510.00
5.3.1Colles fracture Below elbow935.00
5.3.2Colles fracture Full plaster1,530.00
5.16Double hip spiky1,700.00
5.1Fingers (post, slab)205.00
5.2Fingers full plaster205.00
5.12Minerva Jacket1,450.00
5.13Plaster Jacket1,450.00
5.14Shoulder spika1,450.00
5.15Single hip spika1,450.00
5.17.6Strapping Ankle255.00
5.7.12Strapping Ball bandage385.00
5.17.7Strapping Chest300.00
5.7.11Strapping Colar and cuff sling170.00
5.17.4Strapping Elbow255.00
5.17.10Strapping Figure of 8 bandage410.00
5.17.1Strapping Finger135.00
5.17.5Strapping Knee255.00
5.17.9Strapping Nasal bone fracture410.00
5.17.8Strapping Shoulder375.00
5.17.2Strapping Toes135.00
5.17.3Strapping Wrist255.00
5.9Tube Plaster (or plaster cylinder)935.00
6.2.3Electric/Mechanical Traction Combined Lumbar & Cervical60.00
6.2.2Electric/Mechanical Traction Intermittent Cervical traction60.00
6.2.1Electric/Mechanical Traction Intra Lumbar Traction60.00
6.1.7Electro therapy Electric vibrator60.00
6.1.3Electro therapy Electrical stimulation (therapeutic)60.00
6.1.5Electro therapy Infra red60.00
6.1.4Electro therapy Muscle testing and diagnostic60.00
6.1.2Electro therapy S.W. Diathermy60.00
6.1.6Electro therapy U.V. Therapeutic dose60.00
6.1.1Electro therapy Ultrasonic therapy60.00
6.1.8Electro therapy Vibrator belt massage60.00
6.3.2Hydrotherapy Hot pack60.00
6.3.1Hydrotherapy Wax bath60.00
6.3.3Hydrotherapy Whirl pool bath60.00
6.4.2Miscellaneous Breathing Exercises & Postural Drainage 60.00
6.4.3Miscellaneous Cerebral palsy – Massage60.00
6.4.1Miscellaneous Obesity Exercises60.00
6.4.4Miscellaneous Post-Polio exercise60.00
7.6Apiscectomy including LA545.00
7.2Complicated Ext. per Tooth including LA255.00
7.5.2Cyst under LA (large)425.00
7.5.1Cyst under LA (small)255.00
7.1Extraction of tooth including LA85.00
7.3Flap Operation per Tooth340.00
7.8Fracture wiring including LA680.00
7.4Gingivectomy per tooth205.00
7.7Implacted Molar including LA545.00
7.9Intra oral X-ray70.00
8.3.1Esophageal scierotherapy for varices First sitting1,700.00
8.3.2Esophageal scierotherapy for varices Subsequent sitting1,360.00
8.7Fibroptic bronchoscopy1,190.00
8.4.1Sigmoidoscopy (flexible)1,020.00
8.4.Sigmoidoscopy (rigid)765.00
8.1Upper G.I. Endoscopy1,070.00
8.2Upper G.I. Endoscopy with Biopsy1,190.00
9.14Abdomen & pelvis for K.U.B.225.00
9.4Abdomen AP or Erect (one film)135.00
9.6Abdomen for Pregnacy135.00
9.5Abdomen Lateral view (one film)135.00
9.24Barium Enema975.00
9.30Barium meal Complete1,200.00
9.25Barium Meal Upper or Lower975.00
9.17Barium Swallow525.00
9.31Cerebral/Femoral Angiography1,425.00
9.8Chest Oblique or Lateral (one film)135.00
9.7Chest PA view (one film)135.00
9.10Extremities, bones & Joints (one film)135.00
9.1Fluroscopy chest120.00
9.20Hysto- S alpaingography750.00
9.27I.V. Urography1,050.00
9.23Oral or I.V. Cholecystography750.00
9.12Paranasal sinuses (one film)135.00
9.11Pelvis (one film)135.00
9.29Pneumo Encephalography900.00
9.22Retrograde Pyelography750.00
9.18S ino graphy/S ialography600.00
9.15Skull A.P. & Lateral225.00
9.16Spine A. P. & Lateral225.00
9.13T.M. Joints (one film)135.00
10.3.4Image Intensifiers680.00
10.1.1Obstetric First Scan255.00
10.1.2Obstetric Follow up (2nd visit)255.00
10.3.1Quick look check-up for IUCD & Infants340.00
10.3.3.Special procedures & Aspiration etc.765.00
10.3.5Stress test (tredmill)935.00
10.3.2Total Abdominal survey or Multiple study635.00
10.2.1Upper abdomen First scan385.00
10.2.2Upper abdomen Follow up (2nd visit)385.00
11.1Bence Jones protein50.00
11.15.1Body fluids – C.S.F/Plural/Ascitic – Chemistry, Sugar, Protein etc.170.00
11.15.2Body fluids – C.S.F/Plural/Ascitic – Malignant cells135.00
11.13Post coital smear examination60.00
11.2Quantitative Albumin/Sugar35.00
11.14Smear analysis60.00
11.12Stool occult blood35.00
11.11Stool routine35.00
11.3Urine Bile Pigment and Salt35.00
11.9Urine Chloride80.00
11.5Urine Ketones35.00
11.6Urine Occult Blood35.00
11.1Urine routine35.00
11.8Urine Sodium80.00
11.7Urine total proteins80.00
11.4Urine Urobilinogen35.00
12.8Absolute Eosinophil count35.00
12.13Bleeding & Clotting Time45.00
12.21Bone marrow Smear Examination205.00
12.14Clot Retraction Time35.00
12.3Differential Leucocytic Count (DLC)25.00
12.4E. S. R.25.00
12.17Foetal Haemoglobin (Hb-F)130.00
12.23Glucose Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G, 6 PD)215.00
12.1Haemoglobin (Hb)25.00
12.10Haemoglobin, total & Differential Leucocyte Count (Hb, TLC, DLC)70.00
12.19Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR85.00
12.16L. E. Cell95.00
12.9Packed Cell Volume (PCV)35.00
12.22Partial Thromboplastin135.00
12.11Peripheral Smear Examination45.00
12.6Platelet count35.00
12.18Prothrombin Time (P.T.)130.00
12.15R.B.C. Fragility Test70.00
12.7Reticulocyte count45.00
12.12Smear for Malaria parasite35.00
12.2Total Leucocytic Count (TLC)25.00
12.5Total Red Cell count35.00
13.5Australia Antigen135.00
13.7Blood Bank bag and solution100.00
13.1Blood Group & RHO Type50.00
13.4.1Coomb’s Test Direct100.00
13.4.2Coomb’s Test Indirect100.00
13.2Cross match45.00
13.3Packed cell preparation255.00
13.6Rho-Antibody titer130.00
14.24Acid Phosphatase75.00
14.23Alkaline Phosphatase65.00
14.2Blood Urea Nitrogen45.00
14.25CK   MB185.00
14.9Glucose (Fasting & PP)65.00
14.18Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)155.00
14.27HDL Cholestrol85.00
14.20L. D. H100.00
14.21L. D.-1100.00
14.28L. H.300.00
14.22LDH & LD-1124.00
14.13S. G. P. T.75.00
14.15Serum Amylase105.00
14.5Serum Bilirubin total & direct65.00
14.10Serum Calcium50.00
14.7Serum Cholesterol50.00
14.3Serum Creatinine45.00
14.16Serum Electrolyte124.00
14.6Serum Iron130.00
14.11Serum Phosphorus50.00
14.4Serum Uric Acid50.00
14.26T3 T4 TSH540.00
14.8Total Iron Binding Capacity125.00
14.12Total Protein Alb/Glo Ratio65.00
15.5Blood gas analysis240.00
15.6Blood gas analysis with electrotypes340.00
15.4Frozen section & Paraffin section255.00
15.1Pap Smear130.00
15.2Smear for Malignant cells130.00
15.7Vaginal Cytology for Hormonal evaluation170.00
16.10ASO Titer135.00
16.12Blood culture & sensitivity170.00
16.9C. R. P.130.00
16.7Culture & Sensitivity (other specimens)130.00
16.11Quantitative H.C.G.170.00
16.6R.A. test110.00
16.1Smear gram-strain examination50.00
16.2Sputum smear A.F.B. stain50.00
16.8Urine pregnancy test135.00
16.4V. D. R. L85.00
16.3Vaginal Smear Examination70.00
16.13Vibro cholera culture130.00
16.5Widal test85.00
17ICU/CCU CHARGES Special Care Cases 
17.6Child care in children425.00
17.1Coronary Care with Cardiac Monitoring including ECG & Diet1,275.00
17.14Exchange Transfusion850.00
17.8General Nursery Care155.00
17.9Incubator charges (Per day)375.00
17.10Intensive care in Nursery (Per day)1,100.00
17.4Internal Pace-maker
17.15O.T. Charges for Exchange transfusion425.00
17.7Paediatric care for New born (7 to 12 days)470.00
17.16Pneupack ventillator in Nursery (Per day)510.00
17.5Post operative care (ICU) with Diet1,150.00
17.2Respirator & Compressed air1,100.00
17.3Respirator with Piped Oxygen1,100.00
17.13Resuscitation with Incubator attended by Specialist600.00
18.1Operation theatre (Including supply of   Nitrous Oxide)380.00
18.2Casuality ICU85.00
18.3General Ward100.00
18.4Semi-private wards100.00
19.115% to 30%  1st Dressing340.00
19.330% to 50% 1st Dressing425.00
19.5Extensive Burn above 50%850.00
19.2Subsequent Dressing170.00
19.4Subsequent Dressing255.00
19.6Subsequent dressing340.00
20.213rd stage complication MRP for outside delivery etc.4,250.00
20.16Broad Ligment Haemotoma drainage7,650.00
20.23Burst-abdomen repair9,350.00
20.6Caesarean hysterectomy15,300.00
20.5Caesarean section13,325.00
20.30Colpotomy-drainage P/V needling EUA3,400.00
20.26Complete perineal tear-repair2,550.00
20.28Destructive Operation7,650.00
20.22Examination under anaesthesia2,040.00
20.32Excision of urethral caruncle2,550.00
20.18Exploration of abdominal haematoma (after laparotomy + LUCS)9,350.00
20.17Exploration of perineal haematoma & Resuturing of episiotomy7,225.00
20.27Exploration of PPH-tear repair3,400.00
20.25Gaping abdominal wound-secondary suturing2,550.00
20.24Gaping pareneal wound secondary suturing2,040.00
20.19Internal podalic version and extraction7,650.00
20.9Laparotomy for Ectopic rupture12,750.00
20.11Laparotomy-failed laparoscopy to explore5,100.00
20.10Laparotomy-peritonitis lavage and drainage10,200.00
20.2Low forceps7,650.00
20.4Low midcavity forceps7,650.00
20.20Manual removal of placenta2,550.00
20.1 Normal delivery or with Episiotomy & P. repair6,800.00
20.14Ovarean Cystectomy11,050.00
20.8Perforation of Uterus after D/E Laparotomy & Closure12,750.00
20.31Repair of post-coital tear, perineal injury2,900.00
20.7Rupture Uterus, closure & repair with tubal ligation15,300.00
20.34Shirodhkar. Me. Donalds stich2,720.00
20.29Suction evacuation vesicular mole, missed abortion D/E4,250.00
21.3Aspiration of cold Abscess of Lymphnode2,040.00
21.4Aspiration of Empyema1,700.00
21.5Aspiration of Liver Abscess2,040.00
21.24Biopsies – Auxiliary Lymph Node1,700.00
21.23Biopsies – Cervical Lymph Node1,360.00
21.28Biopsies – Excision Biopsy of Superficial Lumps2,550.00
21.27Biopsies – Excision Biopsy of Ulcers2,550.00
21.26Biopsies – Excision/Biopsy of Large Lymph Nodes1,700.00
21.29Biopsies – Incision Biopsy of Growths/Ulcers1,360.00
21.25Biopsies – Inguinal Lymph Node1,700.00
21.34Biopsies – Marrow Aspiration (Needle)1,530.00
21.35Biopsies – Marrow Biopsy (Open)1,530.00
21.36Biopsies – Muscle Biopsy1,360.00
21.32Biopsies – Percutaneous Kidney1,530.00
21.31Biopsies – Percutaneous Liver1,530.00
21.37Biopsies – Scalene Node Biopsy1,200.00
21.33Biopsies – Spleen Aspiration1,530.00
21.30Biopsies – Trucut Needle1,360.00
21.1Drainage of Abscess1,200.00
21.8Drainage of Ischiorectal Abscess4,250.00
21.7Drainage of Pelvic Abscess7,650.00
21.11Drainage of Perigastric Abscess7,600.00
21.13Drainage of Peritonsillar Abscess3,825.00
21.12Drainage of Perotid Abscess3,825.00
21.14Drainage of Retropharyngeal Abscess4,250.00
21.9Drainage of subdiaphragmatic Abscess8,500.00
21.2Dressing under G.A.1,700.00
21.41Excision of Dermoid Cysts2,040.00
21.42Excision of Ganglion2,040.00
21.43Excision of Haemorrhoids5,950.00
21.44Excision of Keloids3,740.00
21.38Excision of Sebaceous Cysts1,200.00
21.39Excision of Superficial Lipoma2,125.00
21.40Excision of Superficial Neurofibroma2,210.00
21.45Excision of Superficial Variscosity3,400.00
21.20Injury of Superficial Soft Tissues – Debridement of wounds850.00
21.19Injury of Superficial Soft Tissues – Delayed primary suture1,200.00
21.18Injury of Superficial Soft Tissues – Secondary suture of wounds850.00
21.17Injury of Superficial Soft Tissues – Suturing of small wounds200.00
21.6Open Drainage of Liver Abscess7,650.00
21.10Open drainage of Perinepheric Abscess8,500.00
21.16Open Drainage of Perivertebral Abscess6,970.00
21.15Open Drainage of psoas Abscess5,100.00
21.22Removal of Foreign Bodies Deep2,040.00
21.21Removal of Foreign Bodies Superficial850.00
22.10Block Dissection of Cervical Lymph Nodes17,000.00
22.1Ear Lobe Repair one side425.00
22.4Excision of Branchial Cyst8,500.00
22.5Excision of Branchial Sinus7,650.00
22.7Excision of Carotid Body-Tumours17,500.00
22.3.3Excision of Cystic Hygroma – Extensive9,350.00
22.3.2Excision of Cystic Hygroma – Major5,950.00
22.3.1Excision of Cystic Hygroma – Minor3,740.00
22.22Excision of Lingual Thyroid17,850.00
22.24Excision of Parathyroid Adenoma/Carcinoma18,700.00
22.6Excision of Pharyngeal Diverticulum8,500.00
22.2.3Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries – Partial Amputation4,080.00
22.2.2Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries – Skin and Cartilage3,740.00
22.2.1Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries – Skin Only2,550.00
22.2.5 Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries – Total Amputation & Excision of External Auditory Meatus8,500.00
22.2.4Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries Total Amputation5,100.00
22.14.2Excision of the Mandible – Hemimandibulectomy19,040.00
22.14.1Excision of the Mandible – Segmental12,750.00
22.13Excision of the Maxilla16,065.00
22.23Excision of Thyroglossal Cyst/Fistula8,500.00
22.20Excision/Enucleation of Dental Cysts5,600.00
22.15.2Glossectomy – Hemiglossectomy10,200.00
22.15.1Glossectomy – Partial5,950.00
22.15.4Glossectomy – The Commondo Operation19,040.00
22.15.3Glossectomy – Total Glossectomy19,040.00
22.26Laryngo Pharyngectomy31,450.00
22.12.5Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Abbe Operation7,650.00
22.12.6Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Check Advancement8,500.00
22.12.4Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Hstlanders Operation7,650.00
22.12.7Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Subcutaneous Pedicle Flap7,650.00
22.12.2Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Vermilionectomy6,800.00
22.12.3Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Wedge Excision and Vermilonectomy7,650.00
22.12.1Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Wedge-Excision7,140.00
22.8Operation for Cervical Rib12,920.00
22.11Pharyngectomy & Reconstruction25,500.00
22.17.3Radical Total19,040.00
22.19Removal of Submandibular Salivary gland7,650.00
22.18Repair of   Parotid Duct13,000.00
22.9Scalene Node Biopsy1,700.00
22.21.1Thyroidectomy – Hemithyroidectomy10,200.00
22.21.6Thyroidectomy – Isthmectomy9,350.00
22.21.2Thyroidectomy – Partial Thyroidectomy10,200.00
23.21.5Thyroidectomy – Resection Enucleation of Adenoma9,350.00
22.21.3Thyroidectomy – Subtotal Thyroidectomy (Toxic Goitre)14,620.00
22.21.4Thyroidectomy – Total Thyroidectomy (Cancer)16,150.00
22.21.7Thyroidectomy – Total Thyroidectomy and Block Dissection22,950.00
23.1Drainage of Abscess4,250.00
23.2Excision of Lumps5,100.00
23.5Excision of Mammary Fistula7,815.00
23.3Local Mastectomy (Simple)10,500.00
23.4Radical Mastectomy (Formal or Modified)18,000.00
23.6Segment Resection of Breast11,050.00
24.6Aspiration of Pericardial Cavity1,360.00
24.5Aspiration of Pleural Cavity1,360.00
24.13Decortication (Pleurectomy)20,910.00
24.1Direct Laryngoscopy4,250.00
24.18Hydatid Cyst23,800.00
24.11Intercostal Drainage of Empyema5,100.00
24.7Pleural Biopsy2,550.00
24.12Rib Resection for Empyema9,350.00
24.3Scalene Node Biopsy1,700.00
24.17Segmental Resection23,800.00
24.10Thoracotomy (Penetrating Wounds)13,600.00
25.80Abdomino-Perineal Excision of Rectum17,000.00
25.81Anterior Resection of Rectum14,450.00
25.40.1Appendicectomy – Acute13,000.00
25.40.3Appendicectomy – Appendicular Abscess – Drainage13,000.00
25.40.2Appendicectomy – Chronic/Internal13,000.00
25.55Benign Tumours of Small Intestine14,960.00
25.31By Pass Procedures for Inoperable Carcinoma of Pancreas20,400.00
25.34Cholecystectomy & Exploration of CBD13,770.00
25.65Closure of Colostomy11,050.00
25.84Coccygeal Teratoma Excision15,300.00
25.64.1Colostomy – Loop Colostomy Transverse Sigmoid11,900.00
25.64.2Colostomy – Terminal Colostomy18,000.00
25.46Congenital Atresia & Stenosis of Small Intestine15,500.00
25.15Congenital Diaphragmatic hernia15,300.00
25.32Cystojejunostomy/or Cystogastrostomy17,000.00
25.27Direct Operation on Oesophagus for Portal Hypertension19,890.00
25.52Duodenal Diverticulum16,320.00
25.18Epigastric Hernia9,520.00
25.50Excision of Meckle’s Deverticulum14,450.00
25.79Excision of Pilonidal Sinus8,500.00
25.56Excision of Small Intestine Fistula14,960.00
25.17Exploratory Laparotomy10,200.00
25.22Femoral hernia11,050.00
25.72.1Fissure in Ano – Dilatation4,250.00
25.72.2Fissure in Ano – Fissurectomy6,800.00
25.75.1Fistula in Ano – High Fistulectomy10,700.00
25.75.2Fistula in Ano – Low Fistulectomy7,650.00
25.2Gastric & Duodenal Biopsy (Endoscopic)1,445.00
25.10.1Gastrojejunostomy & Vagotomy15,500.00
25.38Hepatic Resections (Lobectomy Hepatectomy)17,850.00
25.16.1Hiatus Hernia Repair – Abdominal15,300.00
25.16.2Hiatus Hernia Repair – Transthoracic17,850.00
25.13Highly Selective Vagotomy15,500.00
25.76.1Imperforat Anus – Colostomy11,050.00
25.76.2Imperforat Anus – Cut Back10,700.00
25.76.3Imperforat Anus – Pull Through Operation14,620.00
25.21.1Inguinal Hernia – Herniography10,880.00
25.21.2Inguinal Hernia – Hernioplasty11,050.00
25.71Injection of Haemorrhoids1,200.00
25.67Left Hemi-Colectomy18,000.00
25.61Lieotransverse Colostomy15,300.00
25.48Mal-rotation & Volvulus of the Midgut13,940.00
25.42Mesenteric Cyst-Excision10,200.00
25.28Mesentericocaval Anastomosis25,500.00
25.47Muconium lieus13,940.00
25.10Operation for Bleeding Peptic Ulcer15,500.00
25.11Operation for Gastrojejunal Ulcer15,500.00
25.36Operation for Hydatid Cyst of Liver17,000.00
25.53Operation for Intestinal Obstruction14,960.00
25.54Operation for Intestinal Perforation14,960.00
25.74.2Operation of Haemorrhoids – Ligature and Excision6,120.00
25.74.1Operation of Haemorrhoids – Lords Procedure5,100.00
25.74.3Operation of Haemorrhoids – Parkso Operation6,120.00
25.39.1Operation on Adrenal Glands – Bilateral25,500.00
25.39.2Operation on Adrenal Glands – Unilateral for Tumour22,100.00
25.57Operations for Haemorrhage of the Small Intestines17,000.00
25.78Operations for Hirschsprungs Disease15,300.00
25.83Operations for neuroblastoma15,980.00
25.59Operations for Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction (Noble Plication & Other Operations for the Adhesions)19,720.00
25.7Operations for Sigmoid Diverticulitis15,300.00
25.69Operations for Volvulus of Large Bowel17,000.00
25.58Operations of the Duplication of the Intestines17,000.00
25.30Pancerato Duodenectomy25,500.00
25.8Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy for Carcinoma18,700.00
25.9Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy for Ulcer18,360.00
25.26Portocaval Anastomosis30,600.00
25.77.3Prolapse Rectum – Grahams Operation13,600.00
25.77.2Prolapse Rectum – Reotopexy13,600.00
25.77.1Prolapse Rectum – Theirch Wiring6,800.00
25.82Pull Through Abdominal Resection15,300.00
25.23Rare Hernias (Spigalion, Obturator, Lumbar, Sciatic)12,750.00
25.73Rectal Polyp-Excision3,825.00
25.35Repair of CBD13,770.00
25.49Resection & Anastomosis of Small Intestine14,620.00
25.66Right Hemi-Colectomy18,000.00
25.14Selective Vagotomy & Drainage15,500.00
25.5Simple Closure of Perforated Peptic Ulcer9,350.00
25.24.2Splenectomy – For Hypersplenism15,300.00
25.24.1Splenectomy – For Trauma15,300.00
25.25Splenorenal Anastomosis30,600.00
25.41Subphrenic Abscess Drainage13,000.00
25.68Total Colectomy18,000.00
25.12Total Gastrectomy for Cancer26,000.00
25.19Umbilical Hernia9,520.00
25.6Vagotomy Pyleroplasty/Gastro Jejunostomy15,300.00
25.20Ventral and Scar Hernia11,050.00
25.29Warren Shunt25,500.00
26.55Adreneclectomy Unilateral/Bilated for Tumour/For Carcinoma20,400.00
26.19Biopsy of Bladder (Cystoscopic)3,400.00
26.61.2Block Dissection of Inguinal Nodes – Both Sides17,000.00
26.61.1Block Dissection of Inguinal Nodes – One Side11,900.00
26.21Diathermy Destruction of Bladder Neoplasm10,200.00
26.18Dormia Extraction of Calculus7,650.00
26.62Excision of Filarial Scrotum10,880.00
26.15Formation of an Heal Conduit13,600.00
26.40Internal Urethrotomy6,970.00
26.7Open Drainage of Perinephric Abscess8,500.00
26.28Open Resection of the Bladder Neck11,900.00
26.42Operation for Congenital Valves of Urethra7,650.00
26.58Operation for Torsion of Testis7,650.00
26.9Operations for Cyst of the Kidney10,880.00
26.49Operations for Epispidias14,450.00
26.32Operations for Extrophy of the Bladder18,360.00
26.56.2Operations for Hydrocele – Bilateral6,460.00
26.56.1Operations for Hydrocele – Unilateral4,420.00
26.6Operations for Hydronephrosis15,300.00
26.48.1Operations for Hypospidias – Chordee Correction8,500.00
26.48.2Operations for Hypospidias – Second Stage or One Stage Repair15,300.00
26.43.2Operations for Incontinence of Urine – Female10,200.00
26.43.1Operations for Incontinence of Urine – Male10,200.00
26.23Operations for Injuries of the Bladder12,750.00
26.38Operations for Injury to Urethra13,600.00
26.12.1Operations for Ureter for Double Ureters14,450.00
26.12.2Operations for Ureter for Ectopia of Single Ureter13,600.00
26.60Operations for Varicocele7,650.00
26.13Operations for Versicouretaric Reflux13,600.00
26.50Partial Amputation of the Penis6,800.00
26.25Partial Cystectomy14,450.00
26.2Partial Nephrectomy13,600.00
26.44Reduction of   Paraphimosis1,700.00
26.33Repair of   Ureterocele11,050.00
26.30Repair Urinary Vaginal Fistula17,850.00
26.35Retropubic Prostatectomy15,300.00
26.24Suprapubic Drainage (Cystotstomy)6,800.00
26.34Suprapubic Prostatectomy15,300.00
26.51Total Amputation of the Penis12,750.00
26.26Total Cystectomy20,400.00
26.36Transurethral Resection of Prostate15,300.00
26.17Ureteric Catheterisation2,550.00
26.14.1Ureterostomy – Cutaneous13,600.00
26.14.2Ureterostomy – Uretero Colic Anastomosis14,450.00
26.39Urethral Dilatation1,190.00
26.41Urethral Reconstruction15,300.00
26.57Vasectomy Should be free for family welfare
26.29Y-V Plasty of the Bladder Neck14,450.00
27.5Abdominal Repair of Hiatus Hernia15,300.00
27.8.2Achalasia Cardia – Abdominal10,700.00
27.8.1Achalasia Cardia – Transthoracic11,900.00
27.2Atresia of Oesophagus and Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula10,200.00
27.7Oesophageal Intubation (Mausseau Barbin Tube)10,200.00
27.6Oesophagectomy for Carcinoma Easophagus26,000.00
27.3Operations for Replacement of Oesophagus by Colon25,500.00
27.4Transthoracic Repair or Haitus Hernia17,000.00
28.9Cartillate Grafting6,800.00
28.14Cleft Lip11,050.00
28.15Cleft Palate Repair Severe Degree12,750.00
28.24Dermabrasion Face7,650.00
28.4Excision of Multiple Moles5,100.00
28.5Excision of Multiple Warts5,100.00
28.2Excision of Small-Scars, Moles, Small Cysts2,550.00
28.6.1Free Grafts – Wolfe Grafts6,800.00
28.6.1Free Grafts Theirech Large Area 10%7,650.00
28.6.1Free Grafts Theirech Very Large Area 20%10,200.00
28.6.2Free Grafts Theirech-Small Area 5%6,800.00
28.3.1Injection of Keloids – Ganglion1,870.00
28.3.2Injection of Keloids – Haemangioma5,100.00
28.13Internal Wire Fixation of Mandible & Maxilla11,900.00
28.23.1Pendulous Breast – After Mastectomy (Reconstruction)13,600.00
28.23.1Pendulous Breast – Underdeveloped Breast12,240.00
28.22Plastic Surgery for Facial Paralysis (Support with Reanimation)13,600.00
28.20.2Plastic Surgery of Different Regions of the Ear – Major10,200.00
28.20.1Plastic Surgery of Different Regions of the Ear – Minor6,120.00
28.21.2Plastic Surgery of the Nose – Major10,200.00
28.21.1Plastic Surgery of the Nose – Minor6,800.00
28.16Primary Bone Grafting of Cleft Lip Palate10,200.00
28.1Primary Suture of Wounds1,275.00
28.19.2Reconstruction of Eyelid Defects – Major10,200.00
28.19.1Reconstruction of Eyelid Defects – Minor6,800.00
28.11Reduction of Facial Fractures of Maxilla10,200.00
28.10Reduction of Facial Fractures of Nose4,250.00
28.12.2Reduction of Fractures of Mandible & Maxilla – Cast Netal Splints6,800.00
28.12.1Reduction of Fractures of Mandible & Maxilla – Eye Let Splinting6,800.00
28.12.3Reduction of Fractures of Mandible & Maxilla – Gumming Splints6,800.00
28.17Secondary Surgery for Cleft Lip Deformity10,200.00
28.18Secondary Surgery for Cleft Palate10,200.00
28.7.2Skin Flaps – Advancement Flaps8,160.00
28.7.3Skin Flaps – Direct-cross Leg Flaps – Abdominal4,250.00
28.7.3Skin Flaps – Direct-cross Leg Flaps – Arm Etc.4,250.00
28.7.3Skin Flaps – Direct-cross Leg Flaps – Cross Finger4,250.00
28.7.3Skin Flaps – Direct-cross Leg Flaps – Thoracic4,250.00
28.7.3Skin Flaps – Direct-cross Leg Flaps-Cross Arm Flap10,880.00
28.7.1Skin Flaps – Rotation Flaps6,800.00
28.8.2Subcutaneous Pedicle Flaps – Delay6,800.00
28.8.1Subcutaneous Pedicle Flaps – Raising6,800.00
28.8.3Subcutaneous Pedicle Flaps – Transfer6,800.00
28.23Syndactyly Repair10,200.00
29.2Mitral Valvotomy (Open)42,500 + Cost of valve
29.1Patent Ductus Arteriousus59,500.00
30.21A.O. Compression Procedures for Fracture Neck Femur13,600.00
30.43.4Amputations – Above Elbow11,900.00
30.43.3Amputations – Above Knee                           11,900.00
30.43.2Amputations – Below Elbow8,500.00
30.43.1Amputations – Below Knee8,500.00
30.43.5Amputations – Forequarter18,700.00
30.43.6Amputations – Hind Quarter and Hemipelvectomy25,500.00
30.34Antereolateral Decompression and Spinal Fusion25,500.00
30.33Anterolateral Clearance for Tuberculosis20,400.00
30.2Application of Functional Cast Brace1,190.00
30.1Application of P.O.P Casts for Upper & Lower Limbs850.00
30.7Application of P.O.P. Spices & Jackets2,550.00
30.4Application of Skeletal Tractions3,400.00
30.3Application of Skin Traction850.00
30.37.2Arthrodisis of – Major Joints17,000.00
30.37.1Arthrodisis of – Minor Joints6,800.00
30.45Arthrography & Osteomedullography5,100.00
30.46.1Arthroscopy – Diagnostic6,800.00
30.46.2Arthroscopy – Operative13,600.00
30.6Aspiration & Intra Articular Injections680.00
30.5Bandage & Strappings for Fractures1,020.00
30.13Bone Grafting10,200.00
30.23Close Reduction of Dislocations2,550.00
30.8Close Reduction of Fractures of Limb & P. O. P2,550.00
31.36.2Corrective Ostectomy & Internal Fixation – Major17,000.00
30.36.1Corrective Ostectomy & Internal Fixation – Minor11,050.00
30.35Costo Transversectomy15,300.00
30.44.1Disarticulations – Major14,450.00
30.44.2Disarticulations – Minor10,540.00
30.15Excision Ganglions3,400.00
30.14.2Excision of Bone Tumours – Deep13,600.00
30.14.1Excision of Bone Tumours – Superficial11,900.00
30.16Excision or other Operations for Scaphoid Fractures8,840.00
30.31Laminectomy, Excision Disc and Tumours17,000.00
30.19Multiple Pinning Fracture Neck Femur14,450.00
30.50Myocutaneous and Fasciocutaneous Flat Procedures for Limbs17,850.00
30.20Nail Plate Fixations for Fracture Neck Femur15,300.00
30.27Nerve Repair with Grafting14,450.00
30.26Neurolysis/Nerve Suture10,200.00
30.10Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of Fingers & Toes5,100.00
30.24.2Open Reduction of Dislocations – Deep13,600.00
30.24.1Open Reduction of Dislocations – Superficial6,800.00
30.25Open Reduction of Fracture Dislocation & Internal Fixation17,000.00
30.22Open Reduction of Fracture Neck Femur, Muscle Pedicle Graft and Internal Fixations20,400.00
30.11.2Open Reduction of Long Bones of Upper & Lower Limb – A.O. Procedures12,750.00
30.11.1Open Reduction of Long Bones of Upper & Lower Limb – Nailing & External Fixation11,050.00
30.42Operations for Brachial Plexus & Cervical Rib21,250.00
30.40Partial Hip Relacement17,000.00
30.9Reduction of Compound Fractures3,060.00
30.52Removal of Nails, Wires & Screw4,760.00
30.53Removal of Plates6,120.00
30.18S.P. Nailing for Fracture Neck Femur15,300.00
30.17.3Sequestrectomy & Sancerizations – Arthrotomy8,500.00
30.17.2Sequestrectomy & Sancerizations – Deep10,200.00
30.17.1Sequestrectomy & Sancerizations – Superficial8,500.00
30.47Soft Tissue Operation on Knee13,600.00
30.38Soft Tissue Operations for C.T.E.V.12,750.00
30.39Soft Tissue Operations for Poloi12,750.00
31.32Spinal Ostectomy and Internal Fixations25,500.00
30.29Tendon Lengthening/Tendon Sutures10,200.00
30.30Tendon Transfer11,900.00
30.28Tendon with Transplant or Graft14,450.00
30.12Tension Band Wirings7,650.00
30.41Total Joint Replacement                  .
31.1.2Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma – Extradural50,000.00
31.1.1Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma – Subdural50,000.00
31.3Evacuation of Brain Abscess50,000.00
31.5.2Excision of Brain Tumours – Subtentorial50,000.00
31.5.1Excision of Brain Tumours – Supratentorial50,000.00
31.9Excision of Cervical Inter-Vertebral Discs30,000.00
31.4Excision of Lobe (Frontal. Temporal, Cerebelium etc.)50,000.00
31.6Surgery of Cord Tumours50,000.00
31.8Ventriculoatrial Shunt/Ventriculoperitoneal25,000.00
32.1Arterial Embolectomy17,000.00
32.9Congential Arteriovenus Fistula22,100.00
32.7Dissecting Aneurysms28,900.00
32.15Excision and Skin Graft of Venous Ulcer11,050.00
32.3Femoropopliteal by pass procedure25,500.00
32.11Injection of Varicose Veins1,020.00
32.6.1Intrathoracic Aneurysm – Not Requiring Bypass Techniques25,500.00
32.6.2Intrathoracic Aneurysm – Requiring Bypass Techniques34,000.00
32.14Ligation of Ankle Perforators9,350.00
32.18Lymphatics Excision of Subcutaneous Tissues in Lymphoedema11,900.00
32.8Operations for Acquired Arteriovenous Fistula22,100.00
32.10Operations for Stenosis of Renal Arteries25,500.00
32.2Patch Graft Angioplasty21,250.00
32.13Stripping of Short or Long Sephenous Vein11,390.00
32.5.5Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Carotid28,900.00
32.5.1.Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Distal Abdominal Aorta30,600.00
32.5.7Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Main Arteries of the Limbs23,460.00
32.5.4Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Renal Artery28,900.00
32.5.3Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Splenic Artery28,900.00
32.5.2Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Upper Abdominal Aorta30,600.00
32.5.6Surgery for Arterial Aneursysm – Vertebral28,900.00
32.17.2Sympatectomy – Cervical14,450.00
32.17.1Sympatectomy – Lumbar14,450.00
32.12Trendelenburg Operation11,390.00
32.16Venous Thromoectomy11,050.00
30.29Abdominal Perineal Pull Through (Hirschaprugis Disease)12,700.00
33.33.1Atresia of Extra hepatic Billiary Duct Choledochoduodenstomy15,300.00
33.7Colon Replacement of Oesophagus20,400.00
33.28Colostomy Left ILLAC9,350.00
33.27Colostomy Transverse9,350.00
33.15Congenital Hydrocele6,800.00
33.21Congenital Pyloric Stenosis-operation10,200.00
33.5Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair (Thoracic or Abdominal Approach)15,300.00
33.22Duodenal – Atresia Operation13,600.00
33.2Excision of Branchial Cyst8,500.00
33.3Excision of Branchial Sinus8,500.00
33.4Excision of Thyroglossal Duct/Cyst8,500.00
33.13Gastrochisis Repair11,900.00
33.16Hydrocele of Cord6,800.00
33.30.1Imperforate Anus Low Anomaly – Cut Back Operation8,100.00
33.30.2Imperforate Anus Low Anomaly – Perineal Anoplasty10,200.00
33.14Inguinal Herniotomy9,350.00
33.31.3Inperforate Anus High Anomaly – Closure of Colostomy7,650.00
33.31.2Inperforate Anus High Anomaly – Sacroabdomino Perineal Pull Through12,750.00
33.31.1Inperforate Anus High Anomaly – Transverse Colostomy10,700.00
33.32Intrusussusception Operation11,900.00
33.25Malrotation of Intestines Operation14,450.00
33.10Meckels Diverticulectomy11,050.00
33.24Meconium Ileus Operation13,600.00
33.35.2Nephrectomy for Hydronephrosis15,300.00
33.35.1Nephrectomy for Pyonephrosis15,300.00
33.35.3Nephrectomy for Wilms Tumour15,300.00
33.37.1Neuroblastoma Debulking14,450.00
33.37.2Neuroblastoma Total Excision17,000.00
33.8Omphalo Mesenteric Cyst Excision12,240.00
33.9Omphalo Mesenteric Duct-Excision12,240.00
33.11Omphalocele 1st Stage (Hernia Repair)11,050.00
33.12Omphalocele 2nd Stage (Hernia Repair)11,900.00
33.34Operation of Choledochal Cyst15,300.00
33.23Pancreatic Ring Operation15,800.00
33.35.4 Paraortic Lymphadenoctomy with Nephrectomy for Wilms Tumour18,700.00
33.26Rectal Biopsy (Megacolon)2,100.00
33.40Rhabdomyosarcoma wide Excision19,500.00
33.36Sacro-Coccygeal Teratoma Excision14,600.00
33.19Torsion Testis Operation10,200.00
33.6Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula (Correction Surgery)17,000.00
33.17Umbilical Hernia Repair7,650.00
34.1Abdominal Hysterectomy13,600.00
34.17D & C and Cervical Biopsy2,720.00
34.15Diagnostic Curettage2,550.00
34.20Excision Vaginal Cyst/Burtholin Cyst4,250.00
34.21Excision Vaginal Septum4,250.00
64.16Fractional Curettage2,550.00
34.5Laparotomy (Ectopic Pregnancy)11,900.00
34.9Manchester Operations11,400.00
34.13Modified Gilliam11,900.00
34.8Other Major Operations13,600.00
34.19Other-Minor Operation3,400.00
34.14Shirodkar’s Operation4,250.00
34.2Vaginal Hysterectomy13,600.00
34.6Vulvectomy (Simple/Radical)13,600.00

                                    SPECIALISED PROCEDURE /INVESTIGATIONS

Package Rates of Hospitals/Diagnostic Centres for recognition under CGHS, HYDERABAD
Item CodeName of the investigation/ Treatment ProcedureWithout contrastWith contrast
1.1.6C.T. Guided Biopsy2,290.00
1.1.7C.T. Guided percutaneous cath drainage2,290.00
1.1.8C.T. Myelogram (Cervial Spine)2,700.003,200.00
1.1.9C.T. Myelogram (Lumber Spine or D/S)2,200.003,400.00
1.1.10C.T. Scan Brain1,700.002,040.00
1.1.11C.T. Scan Chest2,550.003,200.00
1.1.19C.T. Scan Limbs2,550.00 
1.1.13C.T. Scan LowerAbdomen2,550.003,200.00
1.1.16C.T. Scan Neck (Throid Soft Tissue)2,100.003,150.00
1.1.21C.T. Scan of Para Nasal Sinus2,100.002,550.00
1.1.17C.T. Scan Orbits Eye2,100.00
1.1.18C.T. Scan Orbits with contrast2,550.00
1.1.15C.T. Scan spine per Region2,100.00
1.1.21C.T. Scan Thorax2,550.003,400.00
1.1.12C.T. Scan Upper Abdomen2,550.003,200.00
1.1.14C.T. Scan Whole Abdomen4,250.005,950.00
1.1.20C.T. Scan Whole Body3,400.005,100.00
1.1.1Cat Scan a) Head1,700.002,040.00
1.1.1Cat Scan b) Head Scan Involv. Spl. Investigations2,290.002,900.00
1.1.5Cerviant C.T. 3D Reconstruction only1,870.00
1.1.2Chest (HRCT)2,550.003,200.00
1.1.3Lower abdomen2,550.003,200.00
2.2.17MRI  Extremities5,000.00
2.2.20MRI Abdomen5,000.006,700.00
2.2.14MRI Ankle Both8,400.00
2.2.13MRI Ankle Single5,000.00 
2.2.21MRI Breast5,000.008,400.00
2.2.24MRI Cervical Spine5,000.00
2.2.23MRI Chest5,000.00
2.2.3MRI Head *5,000.006,700.00
2.2.15MRI Hip5,000.00
2.2.12MRI Knee both joint8,400.00
2.2.11MRI Knee Single joint5,000.00
2.2.25MRI Lumber Spine5,000.00
2.2.5MRI Nasopharynx and PNS5,000.006,700.00
2.2.5MRI Nasopharynx and PNS5,000.006,700.00
2.2.6MRI Neck5,000.00
2.2.6MRI Neck5,000.00
2.2.4MRI Orbits5,000.006,700.00
2.2.4MRI Orbits5,000.006,700.00
2.2.16MRI Pelvis5,000.00
2.2.27MRI Screening5,000.00
2.2.8MRI Shoulder both joint8,400.00
2.2.8MRI Shoulder both -joint8,400.00
2.2.7MRI Shoulder Single joint5,000.00
2.2.7MRI Shoulder single joint5,000.00
2.2.22MRI Spine Screening3,400.00
2.2.19MRI Temporomandibular Double joints8,400.00
2.2.18MRI Temporomandibular Single joint5,000.00
2.2.26MRI Thorax5,000.00
2.2.10MRI Wrist both joint8,400.00
2.2.9MRI Wrist Single joint5,000.00
2.2.9MRI Wrist Single joint5,000.00
1.1.4Spine (Dorsal,Lumber,Sacral)2,550.003,200.00
Item CodeName of the investigation/ Treatment ProcedurePackage cost in Rs. (Semi Private)
2.3.32D Echo with colour doppler700.00
3.34Aneurysm Resection & Grafting 42,500.00
2.3.15Aortogram 7,650.00
3.8Ballon Angioplastus with valvotomy 85,000.00
2.3.14Cardiac Cath Angiography (Wlo Coronary Angio) 11,000.00
2.3.7Catherisation (Coronary Angiogaphy) 15,000.00
2.3.13Coronary Angiography 15,000.00
3.7Coronary Ballon Angioplasaty 93,000.00
3.33Embolectomy 15,300.00
2.3.8Fluoroscopic Screening 170.00
2.3.6Holter Analysis 1,120.00
2.3.9Holter Report (with Prd. Specification) 1,350.00
2.3.11Oxygen Saturation 170.00
3.3Permanent  Pacemaker  Implantation  12,750.00
  (Plus cost of pacemaker)
2.3.12PKG Chrgs for Cardiovascular Investigation 3,050.00
3.31Temporary Pacemaker Implantation  6,800.00
  (Plus cost of pacemaker)
2.3.10Test of Pacemaker 500.00
3.32Tests of Pacemaker 1,100.00
2.3.4Trans oesophaedral Echo (Tee)1,400.00
2.3.5Treadmil Test (TMT)770.00
2.3.17Fibroptic Bronchoscopy 2,040.00
2.3.18Fibroptic Bronchoscopy with Washing/Biopsy 2,040.00 Saturation 340.00 charges for Cardiovascular investigation 340.00
2.3.16Pulmonary function test 380.00 for Pacemaker 340.00
Item CodeName of the investigation/ Treatment ProcedurePackage cost in Rs. (Semi Private)
2.4.2Urodynamic Study (Cystometry) 935.00
2.4.1Uroflow Study (Micturomatry) 340.00
2.7.12Bone marrow scan 2,040.00
2.7.15Muga (Resting) 1,275.00
2.7.16Muga (Stress) 1,700.00
2.7.13Scan(Spect) 2,700.00
2.7.11Spect bone scan 2,550.00
2.7.14Stress Thallium 7,000.00
2.7.10Whole body scan 2,040.00
4.9Aneurysm not requiring bypass techq. 23,800.00
3.38Aorta-Femoral Bypass 42,500.00
3.22Aortic Valve replacement 140,000.00
4.3Arterial Embolectomy 15,300.00
3.26B.T. Shunt 42,500.00
3.18Blalock Taussing operation 59,500.00
4.7.5Carotid 21,250.00
4.20.2Cervical 13,600.00
3.24Closed Valvotomy 68,000.00
3.25Coarctation -Arota Rep. of Blk. Taussing Shunt 93,500.00
3.56Coloninter position or repl. of Oesophagus 19,550.00
4.13Congenital Arterio Venous Fistula 25,500.00
3.5Coronary Bypass Surgery 140,000.00
3.6Coronary Bypass Surgerypost Angioplasty 140,000.00
3.17Corractation of Aorta 102,000.00
4.11Dissecting Aneurysm 41,650.00
4.7.1Distal Abdominal Aorta 34,000.00
3.23Double Valve replacement 140,000.00
4.18Excision & Skin Graft of Venous Ulcer 13,100.00
3.37Exploratory Thorocotomy 30,600.00
4.5Femoro – Popliteal bypass procedure 25,500.00
3.55Heller’s Operation 19,550.00
3.54Hiatus Henia repair 19,550.00
4.15Injection of Varicose Veins 1,530.00
4.8Intra-Thoracic Aneurysm 23,800.00
3.47Lobectomy 34,000.00
4.20.1Lumbar 11,900.00
4.7.7Main Arteries of the Limb 21,250.00
3.49Mediastinal Tumour 34,000.00
3.21Mitral Valve replacement 136,000.00
3.19Mitral Valvotomy 42,500.00
3.39Node Biopsy 1,530.00
3.57Oesophago Gastrectomy – LWR Corringers procd. 19,550.00
3.53Oesophago Gatectomy for mid 1/3 lesion 22,100.00
3.16Open Aortic Valvotmy 127,000.00
3.14Open ASD VSD 127,000.00
3.9Open Heart   procedures 140,000.00
3.41Open Lung Biopsy 11,000.00
3.2Open Mitral Valvotomy 127,000.00
3.15Open Pulmonary Valvotomy 127,000.00
4.12Operations for Agr. Arteriovenous Fistula 25,500.00
4.14Operations for Stenosis of Renal Arteries 28,900.00
3.51Partial Pericardectomy 15,300.00
4.4Patch Graft Angioplasty 22,950.00
3.1Patent Ductus Arteriosus 85,000.00
3.28Pericardiectomy 59,500.00
3.29Pericardio Centosis 2,700.00
3.27Pericardiostomy 59,500.00
3.4Pleural Biopsy 2,300.00
3.46Pneumo Nectomy 17,000.00
3.45Pulmonary function test BMR 380.00
3.42Removal of F. B. – Trachea or Oesophagus 3,400.00
4.3Removal of Foreign body from Trachea of Oesophagus 
3.52Removal Tumuors of Chest Wall 15,300.00
4.7.4Renal Artery 21,250.00
4.1Requiring bypass techniques 30,600.00
3.43RIB Resection & Drainage 8,500.00
3.12RSUV Correction 127,000.00
3.48S’egmental Resection 34,000.00
4.7.3Spleen Artery 21,250.00
4.17Stripping of short/long Sephaneous Veins 11,900.00
4.7Surgery for Arterial Aneurysm 
3.13TAPVC Correction 127,000.00
3.36Thorachostomy 10,400.00
3.35Thoraco Centesis 1,650.00
3.44Thoraco Plasty 19,550.00
4.6Thrombo-Endarterectomy 22,100.00
3.5Thymectomy 34,000.00
3.11Total Correction of Tetralogy of Fallot 140,000.00
4.16Trendelenburg Operations 10,800.00
4.7.2Upper Abdominal Aorta 34,000.00
4.1Vascular Procedure – Major 28,900.00
4.2Vascular Procedure – Minor 20,400.00
4.19Venous Thrombectomy 14,450.00
4.7.6Vertebral 21,250.00
5.2.10Continuous Arterio Venus Dialysis (CAVD) 13,600.00
5.2.7Dialysis Femoral Gather Bilateral 2,720.00
5.2.9Double Lumen Sub Clavian Catheter 3,400.00
5.2.1Emergency Dialysis 2,295.00
5.2.12Femoral Access 1,275.00
5.2.2Femoral Puncture 1,275.00
5.2.8Haemo Dialysis 1,000.00 Aneurysm 
5.2.4Peritoneal Dialysis 2,040.00
5.2.13Plasma Exchange 1,020.00
5.2.11Subclavian Access 1,275.00
5.2.3Subclavian Puncture 1,445.00
3.4A.V. Fistula 3,060.00
7.11Anderson Hynes Pyeloplasty 17,000.00
8.4Appenddicectomy 13,000.00
2.5.2Bilateral 4,250.00
7.1.2Bilateral 25,500.00
5.3.7Bilateral Nephrounrerctomy (Native) 17,000.00
7.18Caeco Cystoplasty 20,400.00
8.3Cholecystectomy Laparoscopic Surgery 18,000.00
7.27Closer of Urethal Fistula 9,520.00
2.7.4Cortisol 370.00
7.29Cystolithotomy Suprapubic 8,670.00
7.33Cystoscopic basketing of Urethra 12,900.00
2.5.3Cystoscopy Diagnostic 2,700.00
2.5.4Cystoscopy with Bladder Biopsy 2,100.00
2.5Cystoscopy with Retrograde Catheter  
2.6Diagnostic Laproscopy 5,950.00
8.6Diagnostic Laproscopy 6,100.00
7.38Dilatation of stricture Urethra under G.A. 2,850.00
7.39Dilatation of stricture Urethra W/O Anesth 1,700.00
5.3.1Donor Nephrectomy 17,000.00
7.5Emdoscopic Teflon Inject 4,250.00
7.3Endoscopic Removal of Stone in Bladder 8,670.00
7.17Epispadias/Extroply repair 20,400.00
5.3.7Excision and Skin Graft of 
7.36Exploratory Scrototomy 11,730.00
5.2.6Fistula/Shunt 5,100.00
2.7.6FSH 370.00
7.7Gil-Verner’s Extended Pyelolithotomy 17,000.00
8.5Hernia Repair 15,300.00
5.3.4Injection of Varicose Veins 
10.5IOL Implementation 7,500.00
   Plus Cost of Lens
5.2.5Kidney Biopsy 2,550.00
2.7.7LH 370.00
9.6.2Liver Transplantation Donor 
9.6.1Liver Transplantation Receipient 
5.3.5Lymphocoel 11,050.00
7.3Meatoplasty 5,270.00
7.2Meatotomy 3,036.00
7.9Nephrectomy Compl. Tumour or .Adhesions 20,400.00
7.2Nephrectomy Simple 17,000.00
7.21Nephrostomy 7,650.00
7.26Open Prostectomy 14,620.00
7.35Optical Urethrotomy 11,900.00
7.28.2Orchidopexy Bilateral 10,540.00
7.28.1Orchidopexy Unilateral 8,840.00
7.4.2Palomo’s Bilateral 10,200.00
7.4.1Palomo’s Unilateral 5,270.00
7.23Partial Cystectomy 18,200.00
7.8Partial Nephrectomy or Nephrolithotomy 15,300.00
5.3.3Perfusion 11,050.00
7.37Perineal Urethrostomy 13,430.00
2.7.5Prolactin 370.00
7.19Pyelolithotomy 13,600.00
2.7.9Renal Transplant Evaluation 1,350.00
5.3.2Renal Transplantation 114,750.00
7.31Resection Bladder Neck Endoscopic 8,800.00
7.1Simple Nephrectomy 18,000.00
2.7.1T-3 255.00
2.7.2T-4 255.00
7.6Testicular Biopsy 3,050.00
7.13Total Cystectomy 25,500.00
5.3.6Transplant Nephrectomy 17,000.00
7.24Transurethral resection of Prostate (TURP) 15,300.00
7.25.1TRUP & TUR Bladder Tumour 17,000.00
2.7.3TSH 255.00
7.25.2TURP Cystolitho Tripsy 17,000.00
2.5.1Unilateral 3,400.00
7.1.1Unilateral 17,000.00
7.12Unilateral Implantation Bilateral 17,000.00
5.3.4Ureteric Reimplant 20,400.00
7.32Ureteroscopic removal 16,350.00
7.22Urethral Transplantation 17,000.00
7.15Urethroplastic one stage procedure 20,400.00
7.34Urethroplasty 1st Stage 11,050.00
5.3.8Vascular Prosthetic Graft 13,600.00
7.14Vasico Vaginal Fistula 16,150.00
2.7.8Voiding-cysto-urethrogram 935.00
12.6.2Total Ankle Joint Replacement 130,000.00
12.6.5Total Elbow Joint Replacement 127,500.00
12.6.1Total Hip Replacement 68,000.00 + Imp
12.6.3Total Knee Joint Replacement 91,000.00 + Imp
12.6.4Total Shoulder Joint Replacement 170,000.00
12.6.6Total Wrist Joint Replacement 127,500.00
13.15Abscess Tapping 13,600.00
13.39Amterior Cervical Spine Surgery with fusion 27,200.00
13.4Amterior Lateral Decompression 27,200.00
13.28Anterior Cervical Dissectomy 23,800.00
13.22Atrial Shunt 23,800.00
13.29Brachial Plexus Exploration Microsuturing 23,800.00
13.41Brain Mapping 3,400.00
13.25C.S.F. Rhinorrhaea 27,200.00
13.44C.V. Junction Fusion 30,600.00
13.3Carniotomy and Evacuation of Haemotoma 
13.34Ceravial Nerve Anastomosis 24,140.00
13.42Cervical or Dorsal Laminectomy 27,200.00
13.43Combd Trans-oral Surgery & CV Junct, Fusion 51,000.00
14.7Consul, fee per Fraction Phys. Chrg. & Oth. Chrgs. 255.00
13.32Cranieotomy 32,300.00
13.4Cranioplasty 50,000.00
13.26Cranioplasty 28,560.00
13.45Depressed Fracture 23,800.00
13.46Disssectomy 22,700.00
13.47Endarterectomy 25,100.00
13.48Endoscopic Surgery 29,900.00
13.5Evacuation of Brain Abscess 50,000.00
13.6Excision – Lobe (Frontal, Temp. Cerebellum etc.) 50,000.00
13.7Excision of Brain Tumuors 
13.11Excision of Cervical Intervertebral Discs 30,000.00
13.3.2Extradural 50,000.00
13.19Lumber Pressure Monitoring 3,400.00
13.3Median Nerve Decompression 16,600.00
13.23Meningo Encephalocoel 17,600.00
13.35Meningocoele Excision 19,200.00
13.9Meningomyelocele 50,000.00
13.24Meningomyelocoel 20,400.00
13.36Minor 8,500.00
13.38Nerve Biopsy or Brain Biopsy4250.00/11900.00
13.8Orchidopexy Unilateral 
13.36Peripheral Nerve Surgery-Major 18,700.00
13.31Peripuale Neurectomy (Tirgeminal) 16,600.00
13.21Peritonreal Shunt 23,800.00
13.16Placement of ICP Monitor 
13.27Posterior Cervical Dissectomy 30,600.00
13.49R. F. Lesion for Trigeminal Neuralgia 8,150.00
14.6Radiation Source Charges per Fraction 230.00
13.5Shunt Procedures (VA/VP/TP/Shunt) 27,200.00
13.51Skull Base Surgery 58,200.00
13.18Skull Traction Application 6,800.00
13.52Spasticity Surgery 34,000.00
13.56Spina Bifida Surgery Major 30,800.00
13.57Spina Bifida Surgery Minor 23,800.00
13.53Spinal Fusion Procedure 32,300.00
13.54Spinal Intra Medullary Tumuors 43,350.00
13.55Spinal Tumours Others 31,100.00
13.58Stereotaxic Procedures 42,500.00
13.3.1Subdural 50,000.00
13.13Subdural Tapping 14,950.00
13.7.2Subtentorial 50,000.00
13.7.1Supratentorial 50,000.00
13.8Surgery of Cord Tumuors 50,000.00
13.61Trans Cranial Doppler 3,400.00
13.6Trans Oral Surgery 42,500.00
13.59Trans Sphenoidal Surgery 42,500.00
13.33Trigeminal Rhiotomy 27,200.00
13.12Twist Drill Craniostomy 11,400.00
13.17Urokinase Therepy for ICH 5,950.00
13.2Vascular Malformations 35,100.00
13.14Ventricular Tapping 10,200.00
13.37Ventriculo-Atrial Shunt(Exclud. cost of value) 20,400.00
13.1Ventriculoatrial Shunt/Ventriculo Peritoneal 25,000.00
16.3Adjustment Therapy 13,600.00
16.2Palliative Treatment 8,500.00
16.1Radical Treatment 17,000.00
16.4Radiotheraphy per Fraction 
17.3Liner Acceleration per Fraction 
17.2Palliative Radiotherapy Liner 21,200.00
17.1Radical Radiotherapy Liner 43,350.00
18.1Interestical (Implant) – Breast 8,500.00
18.1Interestical (Implant) – Head & Neck 9,350.00
18.1Interestical (Implant) – Soft Tissue Sarcome 10,200.00
18.1Intracayitary 8,500.00
19.3Infusional Chemotheerapy 765.00
19.2Multiple Drug Therapy per day 680.00
19.1Single Drug Therapy per day 510.00
 Note : For Chemotherapy the charges mentioned are only   
 procedural charges. The cost of medicines, rent charges   
 (admission cases) will be extra.   
Note: For Chemotherapy the charges mentioned are only procedural charges. The cost of  Medicines, Rent charges (Admission Cases) will be extra
Sl.NoName of Procedure Rate (Rs.)
25.18.1Thoracoscopic hydatid Cyst Excision 29,300.00
25.17.1Thoracoscopic Segmental Resection 34,250.00
25.20.0Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy 22,700.00
25.13.1Thorascopic Decortication 33,845.00
25.16.1Thorascopic Lobectorny 38,100.00
25.15.1Thorascopic Pneumonectomy 40,650.00
26.39.3Lap. Adrenalectomy 29,750.00
26.40.4Lap. Appendictomy 13,750.00
26.80.1Lap. Assisted Abdominoperineal Resection of Rectum 37,000.00
26.81.1Lap. Assisted Anterior Resection 40,190.00
26.67.1Lap. Assisted Left Hemicolectomy 28,890.00
26.66.1Lap. Assisted Right Hemicolectomy 30,000.00
26.49.1Lap. Assisted Small Bowel Resection 23,800.00
26.68.1Lap. Assisted Total Colectomy 36,300.00
26.34.1Lap. Cholecystectomy & CBD exploration 23,700.00
26.5.1Lap. Closure of perforated peptic  ulcer 19,375.00
26.50.0Lap. For Intestinal Obstruction 20,000.00
26.54.0Lap. For Intestinal Perforation 21,095.00
26.38.1Lap. Hepatic Resection 39,400.00
26.36.1Lap. Hydatid of Liver Surgery 23,275.00
26.6.1Lap. Vagotomy pyieroplasty/ gasrtojejunostomy 22,625.00
26.33.1Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 17,640.00
26.32.1Laparoscopic Cystogastrostomy 24,000.00
26.4.1Laparoscopic Gastrostomy 15,500.00
26.21.3Laparoscopic Hernia Repair 19,000.00
26.16.3Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair 25,025.00
26.3.1Laparoscopic Pyioromyotomy 19,500.00
26.77.4Laparoscopic Rectopexy 27,455.00
26.24.3Laparoscopic Splenectomy 26,050.00
26.19.1Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia Repair 18,175.00
26.20.1Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair 22,400.00
27.54.1Lap. Assisted orchidopexy 18,600.00
27.60.1Lap. Operation for Varicocele 13,000.00
27.10.1Retroperitoneoscoipc Ureterolithotomy 22,500.00
27.11.1Retroperitoneoscopic   Nephroureterectomy 31,680.00
27.4.1Retroperitoneoscopic Nephrolithotomy 28,600.00
27.6.1Retroperitoneoscopic Operation for Hydronephrosis 28,970.00
27.5.1Retroperitoneoscopic pyelolithotomy 31,265.00
27.9.1Retroperitoneoscopic Surgery for Renal cyst 24,500.00
27.2.1Retroperitoneoscopy   Partial   Nephrectomy 30,850.00
27.1.1Retroperitoneoscopy Nephrectomy 31,680.00
28.11Infrared Coagulation in Haemorrhoids 6,750.00
28.9.Lap. Coliatomus 19,650.00
28.5Laparoscopic   Adhsionofysis 18,090.00
28.2Laparoscopic   Appendicectomy 13,500.00
28.1Laparoscopic   Cholecystertomy 16,600.00
28.1Laparoscopic   Donor Nephrectomy 33,965.00
28.8Laparoscopic   Splenectomy 25,600.00
28.6     .Laparoscopic  Adrenalectomy 29,875.00
28.7Laparoscopic  Thyroidectomy 25,000.00
28.3Laparoscopic Hernia Repair 17,450.00
28.4Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair 25,000.00
28.13Laparoscopic Ureterolithotomy 22,250.00
28.12Laparoscopic. Pyelolithotomy 25,750.00
29.22.A Scan 275.00
29.40.Auto refractometry 150.00
29.33.Automated Perimetry 500.00
29.41.Biometry 300.00
29.3..Chalazion 700.00
29.1..Clinical Photography 350.00
29.36.Corneal Endothelial Cell Count 735.00
29.38.Corneal Pachymetry 400.00
29.37.Corneal Topography 400.00
29.44.Dacryocystography 450.00
29.8..DCR 5,125.00
29.11.DCY 3,000.00
29.9.ECCE/ICCE 5,400.00
29.19.Electro   oculogram 800.00
29.6..Entropion 4,760.00
29.31.Entropion 3,850.00
29.29.Enucleation 3,400.00
29.10.Epicanthus 3,600.00
29.20..ERG 640.00
29.30.Eviseration 2,615.00
29.32.Fluorescein 900.00
29.32.2Fluorescein – Angiography of Retina 630.00
29.32.1Fluorescein – Indo cynagreen 2,125.00
29.32.3Fluorescein – IRIS 1,245.00
29.21.Fluorescein Angiography 700.00
29.25.Goldmen Perimelry 560.00
29.17.Goniotomy 4,250.00
29.16.Iridectomy 2,250.00
29.13.Keratiplasty 9,700.00
29.34.2Orbital – C.T Scan 1,750.00
29.34.1Orbital – MRI 5,315.00
29.45.Orbital Angio studies 6,200.00
29.4..Orbitotomy 7,900.00
29.35.Orthoptic Checkup 370.00
29.2..Pterygium 1,225.00
29.5..Ptosis 4,975.00
29.39.Retinal nerve film analyser studies 615.00
29.43.Retinal/Meter Function Studies 200.00
29.43.4Retinal/Meter Function Studies – EKG, EOG 420.00
29.43.3Retinal/Meter Function Studies – Laser Inter Ferometry 
29.43.2Retinal/Meter Function Studies – PAN ACUITY METER 900.00
29.43.1Retinal/Meter Function Studies – VER 550.00
29.18.Sclaral Bulking (Rential Detachment Surgery) 8,400.00
29.26.Specular Microscopy 455.00
29.12.Squint Correction 5,250.00
29.27.Syringing & Probing 550.00
29.23.Tonography 250.00
29.14.Trabeculectony 4,675.00
29.15.Trabeculotomy 4,760.00
29.42.Ultrasound Studies 450.00
29.42.2Ultrasound Studies – B Scan 500.00
29.42.1Ultrasound Studies- A Scan 290.00
29.24.VER 600.00
29.28.Vitrectomy 7,400.00
29.7Xenon Arc Laser 4,845.00
30.16.Anterior Mediastinotomy 22,425.00
30.22.Aortogram 8,780.00
30.14.Colon interposition/replacement of  oesophagus 30,500.00
30.5.Decortication 27,000.00
30.13.Heller’s Operation 21,760.00
30.12.Hiatus hernia Repair 22,000.00
30.4.Lobectomy 29,750.00
30.21.Lung volume reduction surgery 29,750.00
30.7.Mediastinal Tumour 27,500.00
30.18.Medistinoscopy (cervical) 12,000.00
30.11.Oesophagectomy of Mid l/3rd.Lesions 31,625.00
30.17.Oesophageogasrectomy  for Lower third/CorTingerProced. 29,000.00
30.15.Open Lung Biopsy 18,275.00
30.9.Partial Pericardiectomy 27,300.00
30.3.Pneumo nectomy 27,400.00
30.2.Pulmonary Function Test BMR 600.00
30.2.4Pulmonary Function Test BMR – Pulmonary Exercise Testing 1,000.00
30.2.1.Pulmonary Function Test BMR – Spirometry 555.00
30.2.3.Pulmonary Function Test BMR – Spirometry with a helium dil.with diffusion capacity Studies 980.00
30.2.2.Pulmonary Function Test BMR – Spirometry with Helium Dilution 875.00
30.10.Removal of tumours Chest Wall 30,500.00
30.6.Segmental Resection 27,300.00
30.1.Thoraco plasty 27,300.00
30.8.Thymectomy 28,250.00
30.20.VAT Lung Surgery 29,750.00
30.19.Video-assisted thorascopy (VATS) 27,150.00
31.18.Arterial Blood Gases 350.00
31.6.Aspiration of Pericardial Cavity 1,500.00
31.5.Aspiration of Pleural Cavity 1,250.00
31.2.Bronchoscopy 1,980.00
31.1.Direct Laryngoscopy 3,600.00
31.16.Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy 2,025.00
31.17.Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy with Washing/ biopsy 2,550.00
31.13.Hydatid Cyst 26,000.00
31.11.Intercostal Drainage of Empyema 4,900.00
31.4.Mediastinscopy of Pericardial Cavity 6,500.00
31.7.Pleural  Biopsy 2,125.00
31.12.Rib Resection of Empyema 9,675.00
31.3.Scalene Node Biopsy 2,125.00
31.10.Thoracotomy (penetrating wound) 20,300.00
31.8.Thorascopy 6,125.00
31.14.Thymectomy 27,200.00
31.9.Tracheostomy 3,200.00
31.15.VATS 26,350.00
32.1.Ear Lobule Stiching 1,200.00
32.2.Ear piercing 450.00
32.17.Facial Nerve Decompression 16,000.00
32.4.FB Removal 1,440.00
32.8.Grommet Insertion 5,050.00
32.15.L abyr inthectomy 14,825.00
32.12.Mastoidectomy 12,050.00
32.5.Myringoplasty 7,840.00
32.7.Myringotomy 5,000.00
32.14.Otoplasty 15,150.00
32.10.Paracentesis 5,000.00
32.13.Pinna Excision 8,600.00
32.16.Skull base Surgery 31,100.00
32.6.Stapedectomy 8,590.00
32.3.Syringing 225.00
32.9.Tympanotomy 5,705.00
32.11.Tyrnpanoplasty 9,800.00
33.17.Angiofibroma Resection 16,500.00
33.11.Antrum Puncture 2,210.00
33.16.Caldwell-Luc Surgry 9,880.00
33.13.Cranio facial Resection 25,000.00
33.20.Decompression 20,570.00
33.8.Endoscopic DCR 8,000.00
33.18.Endoscopic Hypophysectomy 21,950.00
33.19.Endoscopic Optic Nerve 22,050.00
33.9.Endoscopic Surgery 12,750.00
33.15.Ethmoidectomy 12,800.00
33.5.Fracture Reduction 7,400.00
33.6.Intra-nasal Diathermy 4,750.00
33.12.Lateral Rhinotomy 11,950.00
33.14.Maxillectomy 22,525.00
33.4.Rhinoplasty 15,000.00
33.3.S epto-rhinoplasty 15,000.00
33.10.Septal Perf. Repair 7,500.00
33.1.Septoplasty 9,200.00
33.2.Submucous  Resection 8,000.00
33.7.Turbinectomy 5,370.00
34.5.Adenoidectomy 5,265.00
34.7.Cleft Palate Repair 13,800.00
34.2Cyst Excision 4,675.00
34.6.Palatopharyngoplasty 12,000.00
34.8.Pharyngoplasty 15,000.00
34.1.Ranula Excision 4,950.00
34.9.Styloidectomy 8,000.00
34.4.Submandibular Duct Lithotomy 4,875.00
34.3.Tongue Tie Excision 3,125.00
35.1.Cyst Excision 5,000.00
35.6.Genioplasty 15,000.00
35.5.Hyoid Suspension 11,900.00
35.3.Lumph Node Excision 3,550.00
35.2.Sinus & Fistula Repair 7,875.00
35.4.Submandibular Gland Excision 8,000.00
35.7.Thyroidectomy 14,000.00
36.1.Direct Lnryrigoscopy 3,200.00
36.3.Fibreoptic Laryrigoscopy 2,640.00
36.5.Laryngofissure 12,250.00
36.4.Microlaryngeal Surgery 11,800.00
36.2Phonosurgery 11,020.00
36.6.Stenosis Excision 13,750.00
37.2.Benign Tumour Excision 8,000.00
37.8.Carotid Body Excision 19,500.00
37.6.Commando Surgery 31,200.00
37.1.Excisional Biopsy 4,125.00
37.11.Flap Reconstruction Surgery 24,165.00
37.5.Glossectorny 19,000.00
37.10.Laryngopharyngectomy 30,000.00
37.4.Mandibulectomy 21,000.00
37.12.Parapharyngeal Tumour Excision 22,500.00
37.13.Parotidectomy 17,960.00
37.7.Radical Neck Dissection 25,000.00
37.3.Temporal Bone Excision 17,000.00
37.9.Total Laryngectomy 25,235.00
38.1.1Laparoscopy – Diagnostic 6,565.00
38.1.2Laparoscopy – Sterilisation 5,750.00 – Adhenolysis 13,000.00 – Drilling of Ovary 12,350.00 – Ectopic Pregnancy 15,000.00 – LAVH 20,160.00 – Myomectomy 16,350.00 – Ovarian Cystectomy 14,000.00
38.5.1Abortion – D&C 2,775.00
38.5.2Abortion – Evacuation 3,425.00
38.5.3Abortion – MTP 1st. Trimester 3,475.00
38.5.4Abortion – MTP- 2nd. Trimester 6,105.00
38.2.4Hysteroscopy – Diagnostic 5,600.00
38.2.1Hysteroscopy – ICRE 13,925.00
38.2.2Hysteroscopy – Removal of IUCD 1,665.00
38.2.3Hysteroscopy – Removal of Septum 8,000.00
38.4.Sterilisation  Post Pertum 4,650.00
38.4.1Sterilisation  Post Pertum – Intravaginal 5,000.00
38.3Wertheim’s Hysterectomy for Cancer cervix 24,750.00

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