Functions of the Revenue Department in Howrah-Hoogly-Burdwan-Dinajpur-24 Parganas

Duties of the Department & Services

The main functions of this section are as follows:

Revenue General Section
• Compilation of Audit Para and monitoring thereof,
• Grants to different N.G.O’s,
• Allotment of Rental flats in Housing Estates to Govt. employees,
• Petition of Public Grievance,
• L.P.G. matters,
• Land loser cases,
• Issue of Identity Cards to Officers and members of staff,
• All miscellaneous matters not dealt with any other Department/Section,
• Citizenship Certificate matters,
• PVR matters,
• RTI matters,
• RTC matters,
• SSS Pension matter related to Freedom Fighters,
• Examination matters,
• Industry & Pollution matters,
• Food matters including coal,
• Central Despatch for servicing of official letters
Audit Queries
The General Department looks after the matter and receipts of queries from the Audit Party, the same is sent to the different Department/Section for reply of the queries within the stipulated period.

On receipt of the reply, the same is complied and arranged for submission of the same to the Audit party for their information and taking necessary action.

As regards old para, this office asks the concerned department/section to submit para-wise replies. Having receipt of that para-wise replies this office arrange for sending the said complied report to the Audit office i.e. office of the Accountant General, West Bengal, Treasury Building/Commissioner, Presidency Division, Kolkata, as the case may be.

NGOs Grant
Received allotment from Director of Social Welfare, Salt Lake through DSWO, Howrah for different NGOs of this district then payment order is issued from this department to Nazareth section for preparation of bills and disbursement to the respective NGOs.
Housing matter
Rental Housing Estates are allotted to Govt. employees on the basis of the pay and licence also be issued by this department. RHE under the control of District Magistrate, Howrah are situated at four locations, -193 & 197, Andul Road, Ghoshpara and Balitikuri, Howrah.
Public Grievance
Application received through Online or through D.M. & A.D.M. confidential section. Read out the application for proper action and sent the applications to the respective offices for disposal.
LPG Cases
This section deals with the work of Renewal of L.P.G. selling license through online ( website – )and issues temporary non domestic LPG permit to various organisations and institutions.
Land Looser matter
This Section received application from Land Looser and sent to Spl. L.A.O.(G) for enquiry and after receiving the enquiry report these are sent to the Director of Employment for enrolment of name as Exempted Category ( E.C.).
Identity Cards
Identity Cards for officers and staff members are issued from this Section. On receipt of application for Identity Cards for officers, this office forward the same to the Higher authority for issuing Identity Card.
All miscellaneous matters
All miscellaneous letter received through D.M. Confidential section. This section take necessary steps for disposal.
Citizenship Certificate matters
The Citizenship Certificates are only recommended from this end on the basis of various documents submitted through Online by the applicants.
PVR matters
Received application for Police Verification Report from the concerned Central Govt. office and after enquiry for verification in original sent to the concerned office.
RTI matters
All RTI related application received through D.M. Confidential section and place to SPIO for necessary action, if possible copy of relevant documents handed over to the applicant by the fees as admissible and if not possible others sent to the concerned department for necessary action within the time limit.
RTC matters
Officer and staff are trained to the Regional Training Centre for various type of study and training controlled by Administrative Training Institute, Salt Lake, Kolkata.
SSS Pension matters
Information received from Ministry of Home Affairs Department, Govt. of India who are entitled to get the SSS Pension either Freedom Fighter himself or spouse or dependent members for verification either living or not and correspondences to the respective bank.
Examination matters:
This department involved with the WBSSC, P.S.C. , S.S.C. Examination, Police Service Commission , Madhyamik, H.S., Degree Course, Technical Education .This office are to select School/College premises where such examination are to be held. Request to Police authority to depute Police personnel in and around the School/College premises of examination to maintain law and order.
Industry & Pollution matters:
DICO, Howrah look after the Industry related matter, when meeting or seminar held then DICO take necessary steps with the help of O/C, Industry and other valuable correspondences put to the different offices. Pollution related application received from ADM(Dev), this section may sent to the concerned offices for necessary steps and other sent to the Regional Office, WBPCB, Howrah for disposal.
Food matters including coal
Food related official letter come through DCF&S and SDCF&S after taking action from their end and also the allotment of coal for the Brick Field owner sent to the respective B.D.Os for enquiry in the prescribed proforma and after approval this may sent to the Managing Director,West Bengal Mineral Development & Trading Corporation Limited, Kolkata.
Central Despatch for servicing of official letters
Central Despatch Section is controlled by the General Department. Through this section all letters of the Collectorate are dispatched. The service postage stamp A/c and related registers are verified every month. A Postal franking machine is being maintained at the section to facilitate issuance of letters.


  1. Isuue and renewal of Money Lending cases.
  2. Appointment and transfer cases of Stamp Vendor.
  3.  All Departmental proceedings cases
  4.  R.T.I. Act, 2005.
  5.  Refund of Non-Judicial stamp duty and SABR.
  6. Establishment related matter
  7. Engagement of Govt. Pleader in Court cases in Supreme Court/ High Court/ SAT related matter.
  8. Engagement of Ld. Govt. pleader/ Ld. A. G.Ps., in District courts and opinion of Ld. G.P., Howrah.
  9. Adjudication of deficit stamp duty.
  10. Departmental Audit.
  11. Legal Heir Certificate in connection with Govt. / Govt. undertaking .
  12. Payment of Professional Fees of Ld. G.P. and Ld. A.G.Ps.
  13. Possession of property U/S. SARFAESI Act, 2002 .
  14. Resource Mobilization .
  15. Electricity Duty.
  16. Enquiry and report of Probate cases.
  17. Clearance report of the staff members, maintenance of asset register.

Administrative Function

  • Engagement of Issue and renewal of Money Lending cases.
  • Appointment and transfer cases of Stamp Vendor in this District.
  • All Departmental Proceeding Cases.
  • R.T.I Act, 2005
  • Refund of Non-Judicial stamp duty and SABR.
  • Establishment related matter.
  • Engagement of Ld. Government Pleader/ Ld. A.G.Ps in District Courts and opinion of Ld. G.P. Howrah District.
  • Adjudication of deficit stamp duty.
  • Departmental Audit.
  • Legal Heir Certificate in connection with Govt. / Govt. undertaking.
  • Payment of Professional Fees of Ld. G.P. and Ld. A.G.Ps.
  • Possession of property U/S. SARFAESI Act, 2002.
  • Resource Mobilization.
  • Electricity Duty.
  • Enquiry and report of Probate cases.
  • Clearance report of the staff members, maintenance of asset register.
Public Service
  • Matters relating to the Probate Cases.
  • Matters relating to the Stamp Vendor.
  • Matters relating to the SARFAESI Act, 2002.
  • Matters related to RTI Act, 2005
  • Matter relating to refund of Non- Judicial Stamp and SABR.
  • Matter relating to Money Leading Cases.

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