Hymn to Shiva by Umesh Chunder Dutt

Hymn to Shiva

Shiva! whom all the gods in heaven obey,
⁠Thou mightiest, deign to hear my humble prayer!
⁠I’ve sinned. Oh, save me from the fiend Despair,
Which turns to gloom the sunshine of the day!
The angry storms of Fate around me play,
⁠Strange sounds are hurtling through the troubled air,
Be thou my steadfast rock, my guide, and stay.

Thou who art king of all the things I see,
⁠Thou who art clothed in glory and in light,
⁠Thou from whose tresses sprang, in radiance bright,
The sacred Ganges rolling wide and free,
Thou art my hope—lo! here I bring to thee,
⁠To find forgiveness in thy awful sight,
These varied offerings on my bended knee.

Dread lord of Uma, to whose golden shrine
⁠In far Benares countless pilgrim bands,
⁠From Indian cities and from distant lands,
Yearly repair in never-ending line,
I too will visit that abode divine,
⁠If I but now receive thy high commands;—
Oh, leave me not in bitter grief to pine!

O thou! who dwellest on the lofty crown
⁠’Mid the pure snows of cloud-capped Kalasay,
⁠From thy bright region of ne’er-ending day,
In pity on this sinful one look down.
Chase from thy lofty brow that angry frown,
⁠And let me go in peace of mind away,
Rejoicing, to my distant native town.

Umesh Chunder Dutt (1836–1912)

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