Cuba developed Soberana 02 against COVID-19

DATE: 23/01/2021

The director general of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, Vicente Vérez Bencomo, announced, in a press conference with foreign agencies accredited in Havana, that Cuba is creating the capacities to produce one hundred million doses of the injectable Soberana 02 against COVID-19.

He confirmed that the objective is to satisfy the needs of the country and also of other nations interested in acquiring the product, such as Vietnam, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan and India so far. In the case of our country, he clarified, the application will be free and the purpose is to immunize the entire population this year.

“Cuba’s strategy to commercialize the vaccine has a combination of humanity and global health impact. We are not a multinational, where the financial objective is the number one reason. Our goal is to create more health, “said Vérez Bencomo, according to a Prensa Latina dispatch.

The Soberana 02 vaccine began its expanded phase II clinical trial this week, which will be extended to 900 people between 19 and 80 years of age, while in February a new test with pediatric population is planned, so that it can also be applied to the kids.

After the results in this stage, explained the director general of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, the third phase would be passed. During this period, the health authorities plan to include 150,000 vulnerable people and residents of high-risk areas.

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