Books and Articles by Nirad C. Chaudhuri in Bengali

“Salvation is never the object of religious observances and worship of the Hindus. The main object is worldly prosperity, and this absorption in the world has made the doctrine of rebirth in it the most appealing and strongly held belief among all notions put forward by them about existence of life after death. They so loved the world that they made the possibility of leaving it for good even after many cycles of rebirth as remote and difficult as possible.”-নীরদচন্দ্র চৌধুরী

Bangali Jibane Ramani (Women in Bengali Life)- 1968.
Atmaghati Bangali (The Suicidal Bengali)- 1988.
Atmaghati Rabindranath (The Suicidal Rabindranath)-1994

Books in English

The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian (1951)
A Passage to England (1959)
The Continent of Circe (1965)
The Intellectual in India (1967)
To Live or Not to Live (1971)
Scholar Extraordinary, The Life of Professor the Right Honourable Friedrich Max Muller, P.C. (1974)
Culture in the Vanity Bag (1976)
Clive of India (1975)
Hinduism: A Religion to Live by (1979)
Thy Hand, Great Anarch! (1987)
Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse (1997)
The East is East and West is West (collection of pre-published essays)
From the Archives of a Centenarian (collection of pre-published essays)
Why I Mourn for England (collection of pre-published essays)

নীরদ চৌধুরী: ২৩শে নভেম্বর, ১৮৯৭  –   মৃত্যু – ১লা আগস্ট, ১৯৯৯

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