Middle Age

The literary background of European Middle Age

European Middle Ages

  • Hildegard of Bingen: Hymn to the Virgin
  • Tommaso di Celano: Dies irae, dies illa*
  • Stabat mater dolorosa
  • The Wife’s Lament
  • The Will of Wulfgyth
  • Anna Comnena: The Alexiad – 1148 CE
  • Omittamus Studia from Carmina Burana
  • La Comtessa de Dia: Estat ai en greu cossirier
  • Provençal Dawn Song
  • Dante Alighieri: The Inferno: Canto 3
  • St. Thomas Aquinas: On Moral Principles & On Faith and Reason
  • The Black Death: From The Chronicle ofJean de Venette

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