Political Party Promotion Act 2012-Austria

Short title : Political Party Promotion Act 2012

Announcement body
Federal Law Gazette I No. 57/2012


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§ 1

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10/12 Political parties, advocacy

Promotion of political parties at the federal level

§ 1. (1) The federal government promotes political parties in their activities in participating in the formation of political will at the federal level through the annual allocation of funds.
(2) The federal funding is calculated by multiplying the number of those eligible to vote in the National Council by the amount of 4.6 euros (note 1) . These are to be awarded to the individual political parties in the following way:

1.  Every political party represented in the National Council that has at least five members (club strength within the meaning of Section 7 of the Rules of Procedure 1975, Federal Law Gazette No. 410/1975) receives an annual basic amount of EUR 218,000 (note 1) ;

2. The funds remaining after deduction of the subsidies according to item 1 are distributed among the political parties represented in the National Council in proportion to the votes cast for them in the last National Council election.

(3) Political parties that are not represented in the National Council, but which received more than 1% of the valid votes in an election to the National Council, are entitled to funding for their activities for the election year. These political parties receive an amount of 2.5 euros for each vote cast for them in the National Council election (note 1) ; these funds are to be paid out within 6 months after the National Council election.

(4) The funding according to Paragraph 2 is paid out in two installments, with the first installment to be paid by the end of the first quarter and the second by the end of the third quarter.


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