Everyday that the Indian Army of occupation stays there, it will be a grim reminder for Muslim Bengal that they are under Hindu occupation, and you will see the result of it. You will see how it will turn out. Let them stay—why not? Let them stay. Let them swagger around. If they want to take East Pakistan, let them stay as an army of occupation. They are an army of occupation; how can they be called liberators? They will stay, and they will see how the clock is going to move in a different direction.

The Hasba Bill  was passed by the Muthahida Majlis Amal (MMA) government in the NWFP conferred judicial powers on ombudsman not only to inquire into cases of maladministration of government agencies but also to keep an eye on the religious and personal affairs of individuals thus blocking the powers of judicial review by civil and criminal courts. A nine-member Supreme Court bench had on August 4 struck down as unconstitutional several of the bill’s clauses and asked the NWFP Governor not to give his assent to the law in its present form.

The British Government thus agrees to His Highness the Amir retaining Asmar and the valley above it, as far as Chanak. His Highness agrees, on the other hand, that he will at no time exercise interference in Swat, Bajaur, or Chitral, including the Arnawai or Bashgal valley. The British Government also agrees to leave to His Highness the Birmal tract as shown in the detailed map already given to his Highness, who relinquishes his claim to the rest of the Waziri country and Dawar. His Highness also relinquishes his claim to Chageh.

. And it is hereby enacted, that the Office of Pleader in the Court of the East India Company shall be open to all persons of whatever nation or religion, provided that no person shall be admitted a Pleader in any those Courts unless he have obtained a Certificate in such manner as shall be directed by the Sudder Courts that he is of good character and duly qualified for the Office, any Law or Regulation to the contrary notwithstanding.

Under Hallmarking scheme of Bureau of Indian Standards, Jewellers are registered for selling hallmarked jewellery and recognise testing and Hallmarking centres. BIS (Hallmarking) Regulations, were implemented w.e.f. 14.06.2018. Hallmarking will enable Consumers/Jewellery buyers to make a right choice and save them from any unnecessary confusion while buying gold. At present, only 30% of Indian Gold Jewellery is hallmarked.

The judiciary is nominally independent from the executive and legislative branches but remained under the influence of executive and religious government authorities. The head of the judiciary is appointed by the Supreme Leader, who in turn appoints the head of the Supreme Court and the chief public prosecutor. According to the constitution, under the supervision of the head of the judiciary, the Court of Administrative Justice investigates the grievances of citizens with regard to government officials, organs, and statutes. I

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