A practical jurisconsult (jurisperitus), or a professional lawyer, is one who is skilled in the knowledge of positive external laws, and who can apply them to cases that may occur in experience. Such practical knowledge of positive right, and law, may be regarded as belonging to jurisprudence (jurisprudentia) in the original sense of the term. But the theoretical knowledge of right and law in principle, as distinguished from positive laws and empirical cases, belongs to the pure science of right (jurisscientia).

If morality finds in the holiness of its law an object of the greatest respect, then at the level of religion it presents the ultimate cause, which consummates those laws, as an object of adoration and thus appears in its majesty. But anything, even the most sublime, dwindles under the hands of men when they turn the idea of it to their own use.

To promote and regulate online litigation activities, improve online procedural rules to protect the legitimate rights of the parties to the main proceedings and other participants in the proceedings according to law, to ensure the fair, efficient and hear the case, according to ” People’s Republic of China Criminal Procedure Law ,” ” People’s Republic of China Civil Procedure Law “The Administrative Litigation Law of the People’s Republic of China ” and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual work of the people’s courts, formulate these rules.

First, they will operate and manage the complex, including the in-orbit test of the Tianhe module, verification of a variety of subsystems and equipment. Second, they will perform two extravehicular activities (EVAs) for assembling and installing. Third, they will carry out space science experiments and technology experiments, as well as public outreach activities. Fourth, they will manage their own health through daily life care, physical exercise, and regular monitoring and assessment of their own health status.

The Association shall have three classes of members: Executive, Associate and Affiliate (members of the executive class hereinafter referred to as “Executive Members”; members of the associate class hereinafter referred to as “Associate Members”; members of the affiliate class herein referred to as “Affiliate Members”; and collectively the foregoing referred to as “Members”). The number of Executive Members shall be no fewer than three.

53 GEORGII III Cap. CLV. 21st July 1813 An Act for continuing in the East India Company, for a further Term, the Possession of the British Territories in India, together with certain exclusive Privileges; for establishing further Regulations for the Government of the said Territories, and the better Administration of Justice within the same; and for regulating the Trade to […]

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