In our view, mere acceptance of rent did not by itself constituted an act of the nature envisaged by Section 113, Transfer of Property Act showing an Intention to treat the lease as subsisting. The fact remains that even after accepting the rent tendered, the landlord did file a suit for eviction, and even while prosecuting the suit accepted rent which was being paid to him by the tenant It cannot, therefore, be said that by accepting rent, he intended to waive the notice to quit and to treat the lease as subsisting.

We are, therefore, of the opinion that mere acceptance of rent by the landlord, the first respondent herein, from the tenant in possession after the lease has been determined either by efflux of time or by notice to quit would not create a tenancy so as to confer on the erstwhile tenant the status of a tenant or a right to be in possession. We answer this issue accordingly.

No mere conventional words are needed on my part to express my deep thanks for the great privilege you have conferred on me by selecting me as President of the Ninth Annual Session of the All-India Muslim League. The honour is the highest in the gift of the Muslim community, to which those alone may aspire who have given freely of their thought and time to the service of the communal cause. I am fully sensible of how little I have done to deserve such distinction, nor could I have the presumption to desire it with such a clear sense of my own unworthiness.

The stand taken by Hindu Mahasabha has been defined by Mr. V. D. Savarkar, the President of the Sabha, in his presidential addresses at the annual sessions of the Sabha. As defined by him, the Hindu Maha Sabha is against Pakistan and proposes to resist it by all means. What these means are we do not know. If they are force, coercion and resistance, they are only negative alternatives and Mr. Savarkar and the Hindu Maha Sabha alone can say how far these means will succeed.

Today, the Department of Justice will file a brief in the Supreme Court in the case United States v. Vaello-Madero, which addresses whether a provision in the Social Security Act that declines to provide Puerto Rico residents with Supplemental Security Income (SSI) violates the Constitution’s equal protection principle.

सर्वार्थं धर्मं प्रथमम् । उपवादाननुवदेत् ३ ब्राह्मणक्षत्रियवैश्यरथकाराणाँ यज्ञाः ४ निषादस्थपतेरिष्ट्यग्न्याधेयम् ५ अध्वर्युर्यजुर्वेदेन करोत्यृग्वेदेन होता सामवेदेनोद्गाता सर्वैर्ब्रह्मा ६ उच्चैरृग्वेदसामवेदाभ्यामुपाँ शु यजुषोच्चैः संप्रैषैः ७ सँ स्वारैकस्वर्यमिति शब्दन्यायः ८ प्राङ्मुखः कर्म कुर्यादा चतुर्थात्कर्मणः प्रसंपश्यन् ९ उत्तरतउपचारो विहारः १० न यज्ञाङ्गेनात्मानमभिविपरिहरेत् ११ न विहारादपपर्यावर्तेत १२ अन्तराणि यज्ञाङ्गानि बाह्याः कर्तारः १३ कर्तॄणां च प्रधानकारिणोऽभ्यन्तरा बाह्या इतरे १४ यज्ञोपवीती कर्माणि कुर्यात्प्राचीनावीती पित्र्याण्याचान्तोदकोऽहसन् १५

आमाशयस्थो हत्वाऽग्नि सामो मार्गान् पिधाय यत्
विदधाति ज्वरं दोषस्तस्मात्कुर्वीत लङ्घनम् १
प्राग्रूपेषु ज्वरादौ वा बलं यत्नेन पालयन्
बलाधिष्ठानमारोग्यमारोग्यार्थः क्रियाक्रमः

ज्वरोऽतिसारो ग्रहणी चार्शोऽजीर्णं विसूचिका
अलसश्च विलम्बी च क्रिमिरुक्पाण्डुकामलाः १
हलीमकं रक्तपित्तं राजयक्ष्मा उरःक्षतम्
कासो हिक्का सह श्वासैः स्वरभेदस्त्वरोचकः २
छर्दिस्तृष्णा च मूर्च्छाद्या रोगाः पानात्ययादयः
दाहोन्मादावपस्मारः कथितोऽथानिलामयः ३
वातरक्तमूरुस्तम्भ आमवातोऽथ शूलरुक्
पक्तिजं शूलमानाह उदावर्तोऽथ गुल्मरुक् ४

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