Question Paper-Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence-D Pharma-Set-1

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

Pharmacy Act

[10 Marks] / [5 Marks]

1. Write down the Objectives of the Pharmacy Act.
2. Write down the Constitution of The Pharmacy Council of India.
3. Write down the Constitution of The State Pharmacy Council.
4. Write down the Constitution of The Joint State Pharmacy Council.
5. What are the functions do P.C.I. Perform.
6. What are the functions do S.P.C. Perform.
7. What are the functions do J. S.P.C. Perform.
8. Write short notes.
a. Joint state Pharmacy Council.

Drugs And Cosmetics Law

[10 Marks]

1. Write the Classes of Drugs for Import. Explain in brief.
2. Which drugs are prohibited for the Import ?
3. What are the places by which the drugs can be imported ?
4. Write the Type of License for Manufacturing of drugs as per the Drugs and cosmetics Act 1940. Explain in Brief.
5. What are the Requirements For the manufacturing license of drugs ?
6. Write the Labeling requirements for drugs as per the Drugs and cosmetics Act 1940.
7. Write the Labeling requirements for Ayurvedic drugs as per the Drugs and cosmetics Act 1940
8. Draw the label for the “Sudarshan Ghanvati “. ( 70 Tabs Pack)
9. Draw the label for the “Paracimol “. ( Paracitamol 500mg, 10 Tabs Pack)
10. What are the Agencies / Authority for the Administration of the Drugs And Cosmetics Act ?
11. Write the Constitution of D.T.A.B. ( Drug Technical Advisory Board ).
12. Write the Procedure of Sampling of drugs to be followed by the Drug inspector.

[5 Marks] / [2 Marks]

1. Write short notes.

a. Drugs
b. Allopathic Drugs
c. Misbranded Drugs
d. Loan License.
e. Repacking License
f. Requirements For the manufacturing license of drugs.
g. Drugs
h. Allopathic Drugs
i. Misbranded Drugs.
j. Adulterated Drugs.
k. Spurious Drugs

[2 Marks]

1. What the following Schedules mean—
a. schedule A
b. schedule B
c. C,D,E,F,…….
d. Etc

Shops And Establishment Act

[10 Marks] / [5 Marks]

1. What are the Requirements for the Registration of an establishment under the Shops and Establishment Act ?
2. Write short notes.
a. The working hours for various Persons as per the Shops and Establishment Act.
b. The ideal working condition requirements in the Factory as per the Shops and Establishment Act.
c. What are the things an Appointment letter should posses.

Poisonous Drugs Act

[10 Marks] questions

1. Write the conditions for Sales and storage of poison.
2. Explain in detail the rules regarding sale of poison.

Pollution Act

[10 Marks]

1. Write in brief the constitution of State Pollution Board as per the Pollution Act.
2. What are the functions of the Central Pollution Board ?
3. What are the functions of the State Pollution Board ?
[5 Marks] / [2 Marks]

1. Write Definitions.
a. Pollutant
b. Pollution
c. Approved Appliance
d. Approved Fuel
e. Pollution control Area.

Patent Act / IPR

[10 Marks]

2. What is I.P.R. ? , Write types of I.P.R
3. What are the things, which can be Patented ?
4. What are the things, which can not be Patented ?
5. What are the Documents required for the Patent Application filling ?


[10 Marks]

6. What is G.M.P. ?
7. What is the Part II of the G.M.P.
8. What are the requirements for Ideal Factory premises. ?
9. What are the provisions for the waste disposal and water supply as per the Schedule T of Drugs And Cosmetics Act ?

[5 Marks]

1. Write Short Note on following—
a. Schedule T
b. Objectives of Schedule T.
c. B.M.R.

Drug House Management

[10 Marks] / [5 Marks]

1. Define Economic Activity. Discuss various types of Economic Activity.
2. State in detail the various types of Auxiliary services.
3. What is Inventory control ? State the techniques of inventory control. (ABC analysis )
4. What is site selection ? Discuss the various factors affecting selection of site.
5. What is recruitment ? Discuss the process of recruitment.
6. State the various techniques of compensating salespersons.
7. What is purchasing ? State the purchasing procedure.
8. What is training ? State the various types of training to salespersons.
9. What is stock register ? Prepare a stock register by FIFO method with the help of following information :-
a. Purchased 300 units @ Rs. 3/unit on 1-3-2008.
b. Purchased 200 units @ Rs. 2/unit on 5-3-2008.
c. Issue 350 units on 10-3-08.
d. Issue 100 units on 15-3-08
e. Purchased 200 units @4/unit on 17-3-08.
f. Issued 150 units on 20-3-08.
g. Purchased 100 units @ Rs. 2.5/unit on 24-3-2008.
h. Issued 10 units on 28-3-08.
10. What is purchasing ? State the various objectives of purchasing.
11. Explain various P’s of Marketing.
12. Explain various approaches to the Marketing management ?
13. Discuss the various techniques of maintaining the stock register.
14. Mention different forms of Business Organization. Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship.
15. Discuss briefly about the sources to raise short-term finance for the business.

16. Short notes

a. Advantages of Market Research.
b. Functions of Management
c. Qualities of salesperson.
17. Discuss the points to be considered regarding storage of Ayurvedic Raw Drugs.

[5 Marks]

1. Enumerate and briefly explain various P’s of marketing.
2. Enumerate and define sources of finance for business.
3. Advantage of Market Research.
4. Functions of Management.
5. Qualities of Sales person.
6. Training of Sales person.
7. Site Selection.
8. Compensation of Sales person.
9. Process of Recruitment.
10. ABC analysis.
11. Advantages of Market Research.
12. Functions of Management.
13. Qualities of Sales Person.
14. Advertisement.
15. Sales Quota.
16. Function of management.
17. Sales quota.
18. Objectives of purchasing.
19. Define various sources of finance.
20. Cost of capital.

[2 Marks]

1. ABC analysis.
2. Objectives of stock register maintenance.
3. Define site selection.
4. Advantages of site selection.
5. Enumerate factors of site selection.
6. Enumerate sources of finance.
7. Define partnership firm.
8. Differentiate between partnership fim1 and joint stock company.
9. ABC Analysis.
10. Define Inventory Control.
11. Define stock.
12. Sales person.
13. Inventory Control.
14. Training.
15. Recruitment.
16. Stock Maintenance Techniques.
17. Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship.
18. Advantages of Sole Proprietorship.

Refer : Pharmacy Council of India

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