MCQ-District Judge Cadre-2018 RHC

Previous Year Paper for DJ Cadre-2018



Question No.1

Which Article ol the Constitutlon of lndia prohibits providing ol religious instruclions in any educational instituUon wholty maintained out of the State Funds?
(1) Article 25
l2l Article 27
(3) Arlicle 24
(4) Article 28

Ouestion No.2

‘All the laws which are inconsistent with the ,fundamental rights, though become inoperative from lhe date of commencement ol the Constitution, are not dead altogether. They are overshadowed by the fundamental rights and remain dormant.’This is known as :

  1.  Doctrine of Pleasure.
  2. Doctrine of Pith and substance
  3. Dockine of Eclipse.
  4. Doclrine of Severability.

Question No.3

Under Section 47 of the Arbitralion and Conciliation Act, .1996, for enforcement ol Foreign Awards, “Court” means:

(1) The principal Civil Court (2) Supreme Coun of lndia. (3) High Court. (4) None ol the above.


Oueslion No. 4

A decree passed in a summary suit under Order XXXVII CPC can be sel aside by the
(1) For any suflicient cause.
(2) Under special circumstances
(3) Under any circumstance.
(4) None ol the above.

Question No. 5

Under Section 171 of ihe [,4otor Vehicles Act, 1988, a Claims Tribuna] may direct payment Ol simple interest in addition to the amount ol compensation from:

(1) The date of accident.
(2) Not earlier than the date ol making the claim
(3) Not earlier lhan the date ol award.
(4) None o[ the above.

Ouestlon No.6

Where two persons have died in circumsiances rendering it uncertain as to who survived the other, what presumption can be drawn under Section 21 ot The Hindu Succession Act, 1956

  1. Younger survived the elder.
  2. Elder survived the Younger.
  3. No specilic presumption.
  4. Both of them died simullaneously

Question No.7

Under lhe provlsions of Hindu Adoptions and tvlainlenance Act, 1956, a Hindu is not
bound to maintain:

(l) His mrnor illegitirrale child
(2) His major legitimate child.
(3) His aged or infirm parents, who are unable lo maintain themselves.
(4) None of the above.

Ouestion No. 8

Under Registration Act, 1908, a document other than a Will can be accepted for registration if the same is presented for that purpose:

(1) Anytime after its execulion. (2) Within four months kom the date of its execution (3) After six months trom the date of its execulion. (4) After one year from the date of its execution.

Oueslion No. 9

Where a person fraudulently representing that he is authorised lo transfer certain immovable propeny, prolesses to transler such property for consideration and subsequently acquires inlerest in the said property, such transfer:

(1) Shall be void.
(2) Shalloperate.
(3) Shall be of no consequence

(4) None ol the above.

Ouestion No. 10

Where an instrurrent has been admitted in evidence, such admission can be called in question, on the ground that the instrument has not been duly stamped

(1) At any stage of the suit.
(2) Shall not be called in question at any stage ot the suit.
(3) At the time ol final hearing of the suit.
(4) None of the above

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