Directorate of Judicial Audit-Afghanistan

The Taliban declared the war in Afghanistan over after taking control of the presidential palace in Kabul on 16/08/2021

The Judicial Inspection Department of Supreme Court basically functions in terms of control and audit of judicial and administrative issues, as per ordinary and/or required audits. This is one judicial synergetic organizations formed in the Afghan Supreme Court structure and works under supervision of General Administration Directorate of the Judiciary. According to routine tasks, duties of the Department include evaluating and auditing performance of judges in Primary Courts, Appellate Courts, and their respective divisions in the capital and provinces.

The Judicial Inspections Department performs these duties according to a ranking plan and if necessary, undertakes an audit of record logd and tracks them. As representatives of the Supreme Court, Judicial Auditors participate in random delegations assigned by the President and performs evaluation and audit when required. As one of its main activities, the Department also performs economic audits and, when appropriate, evaluates violations and complaints in courts and legal documents’ archive based on complaints of parties to the case and commands of High Council of the Supreme Court, Chief Justice, and General Administration Directorate of the Judiciary.

The results are then reported to the Chief Justice and further proceedings are undertaken according to his orders. Additionally, based on directions of the Chief Justice, the Judicial Inspection Department inspects job related violations of judicial and administrative personnel of the Supreme Court, and submits the inspection report to the Chief Justice for further proceedings. Judicial Inspection Department, which is composed of experienced and skilled inspectors in judicial and administrative cases performs its activities considering principles and regulations related to the subject matter and do their best to ensure that their work objectives are achieved.

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