A Tribunal is hereby established and shall be known as The Iraqi Special Tribunal (the “Tribunal”). The jurisdiction and functioning of the Tribunal and its associated bodies as defined in Article 3 below shall be governed by the provisions of this Statute. The Tribunal shall be an independent entity and not associated with any Iraqi government departments.

Contemporary Legal issues around the world , touching the question of Rule of Law, Independence of Judiciary, Effective prosecution, Defence mechanism , role of Judiciary etc

No doubt the writing document was considered the most powerful among the evidences of proof before the digital revolution because all laws handle the writing documents as the most powerful proof that submit to the judge . This matter is no longer existed under the modern technology and revolution of information and communication which result in new proof that is electronic contract and signature.

Supreme Judicial Council: Which is the supreme administration of the ordinary judiciary and it based in the capital Baghdad. And It’s specialized in the administration of the ordinary judiciary and consists of (20) judges

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