नीलमत पुराण (Sanskrit) Nil Mat Purana-The story of Hindu Kashmir-500 CE

Martyanda Temple of Kashmir destroyed by Islamic invaders

The Nilamata  (Teachings of Nila’), is the oldest written record which deals with the holy legends regarding the origin of
Kashmir and its sacred places and moreover, one of the main sources of information used by Kalhana when writing his Raja tarangini.

 नीलमत पुराण 

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Nil-Mat-Puran-The-Story-of-Hindu Kashmir

Ved Kumari: “If the Rajatarangini is important from the point of view of the political history of ‘Kasmira’, the Nilamata is no less important for the cultural history of that part of the country.”

Title: Nilamata Purana

Editor: Ram Lal Kanji Lal, M.A., Vedanta-tirtha, Vidyaratna and Pandit Jagad-dhara Zadoo

Published by: Moti Lal Banarsidass.

Printed at: The Punjab Sanskrit Book Depot, Lahore.

Year of Publishing: 1924

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