Resolution adopted in Panun Kashmir Annual Convention 2009

Jammu and Kashmir

Text of the Resolution-I adopted in Panun Kashmir Annual Convention 2009


Kashmiri Pandits today are in the 20th year of their exile. The diaspora has posed its own challenges, besides an apathetic attitude of the Indian state has pushed us to total abandonment. Instead of unleashing a process of reversal of Pandit genocide in Jammu and Kashmir, the State has exhibited weak kneed policy of compromising with separatists and communal elements in Kashmir. In the hope of a false peace, it has shown flagrant indulgence with Jihadi elements and perpetrators of genocide.

Panun Kashmir views with concern this policy of compromise with Muslim communalism in Jammu and Kashmir and expresses its strong disapproval of the weak kneed stand the Indian Government has taken on Jammu & Kashmir, and in its relation with Pakistan. Panun Kashmir reiterates its stand that Jammu & Kashmir, which is the central spur of the Indian frontier in the North, is crucial to the security and defense of India.

Panun Kashmir warns the Government of India of the inherent dangers that any compromise with Pakistan or the Muslim separatists and extremist forces in Jammu and Kashmir poses to the security of India, the unity of the Indian nation and its territorial integrity. Panun Kashmir has repeatedly brought to the notice of the Indian Government and the people of India, the severe risks of disintegration, which the acceptance of any compromise based upon the recognition of Jammu & Kashmir as a separate “Muslim Sphere of Influence” is replete with.

Panun Kashmir has consistently opposed the secret, behind the curtain and back channel negotiations with Pakistan, the Muslim separatist forces and the Jehadi war groups that are waging a war of subversion in Jammu & Kashmir and in the rest of India. Panun Kashmir is convinced that the separatist forces in Jammu & Kashmir along with the Jehadi war groups operating in India as well as the State of Pakistan have used the secret diplomacy and the back channel negotiations as an instrument of intimidation and blackmail to push India and the nationalist and patriotic forces in Jammu and Kashmir to the wall.

Panun Kashmir calls upon all patriotic people in India to prevail upon the Government of India :

(i) To put an end to all secret and back channel negotiations with Pakistan, the Muslim separatist forces and the Jihadi war groups; and instead it should inform the public and be transparent about whatever negotiations, the Government has held with Pakistan, the separatist forces and the Jihadi war groups.

(ii) To desist from any compromise with Pakistan or the separatist forces inside Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of recognizing Jammu & Kashmir as a separate “Muslim Sphere of Influence”

(iii) To desist from diluting the commitment of the Indian People to a secular political organization of India based upon the right to equality and right to freedom of all people, by accepting any compromise with Muslim communalism and separatism in Jammu & Kashmir.

(iv) Panun Kashmir reiterates its demand to reverse the Genocide of the Hindus of Kashmir and the religious cleansing of the Hindus from their Homeland and calls upon the Government to ensure a speedy implementation of the Margdarshan Resolution of Panun Kashmir adopted in 1991, in order to bring to an end the exile of the Hindu community of Kashmir.

Text of the Resolution-II adopted in Panun Kashmir Annual Convention 2009

It s a matter of extreme apathy that the exiled Kashmiri Pandits are forced to live in sub-human conditions and subsistence in so-called migrant camps in Jammu and else where for the last twenty years. There is no policy for reversing the genocide and rehabilitating the community in its homeland and the Governments of India as well as the J&K state have treated the holocaust with bizarre inaptitude and abandonment. In last twenty years the Government has made empty announcements and peace-meal return formuli, only to further compound the plight of the community.

Panun Kashmir has already conveyed to the Government its reservations with regard to the peace-meal return proposals and has demanded a holistic approach converging on the Margadarshan resolution for establishing a political dispensation for our rehabilitation. It has time and again suggested comprehensive steps to ameliorate the deprivation of the community in exile.

We reiterate the following

(i) In order to alleviate the plight of the Hindu community living in exile, the State Government should immediately lift the moratorium on the employment of the Hindu Youth in the state services and implement the Prime Minister’s package in totality and to create employment to the tune of twenty-five thousand jobs for the displaced youth.

(ii) Delinking of the employment package and other relief measures from return of Hindus to Kashmir. Panun Kasmir is convinced that the Hindus of Kashmir will not return to Kashmir on conditions laid down by the Separatist and Jihadi forces.

(iii) The Government of India should immediately create a separate Ministry of Rehabilitation and take direct charge of the relief and rehabilitation measures for the exiled community.

(iv) That the sale of properties by the exiled Kashmiri Pandits be declared null and void and the properties be restored to the original owners.

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