The decline in democracy and respect for human rights should be of concern to us all. We are seeing grave human rights violations in many parts of the world. In Venezuela. The atrocities and conflict in Tigray. The deteriorating humanitarian and human rights situation in Myanmar, including for the Rohingyas. To mention a few. We count on the Security Council and regional organisations to play a proactive role

We, the Finance Ministers of India and the UK, met today by videoconference for the 11th Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD). Despite the continued challenge of Covid-19, this year has witnessed further strengthening of UK-India relations, underpinned by the ambitious India-UK Roadmap to 2030 agreed by our Prime Ministers in May 2021.

The sinister personage called Rasputin came to acquire over public affairs in the vast empire reigned over by Nicholas II. for twenty-two years. A good many of these tales repose on nothing but imagination, but nevertheless it is unfortunately too true that it is to the conduct of the Empress, and to the part she attempted to play in the politics of the world, that the Romanoffs owe the loss of their throne.

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