The jurisdiction of a court of equity to set aside a gift or other disposition of property as, actually or presumptively, resulting from undue influence, abuse of confidence or other circumstances affecting the conscience of the donee is governed by principles the application of which calls for a precise examination of the particular facts, a scrutiny of the exact relations established between the parties and a consideration of the mental capacities, processes and idiosyncrasies of the donor.

The year 2020 threw at the world a bedlam of novel COVID-19 virus, threatening all that was taken for granted –mobility, safety, and a normal life itself. This, in turn, posed the most formidable economic challenge to India and to the world in a century. Bereft of a cure or a vaccine, public health policy became central to tackling this all-pervasive crisis. The imperative of flattening the disease curve was entwined with the livelihood cost of an imminent recession, which emanated from the restrictions in economic activities from the lockdown required to contain the pandemic. This inherent trade-off led to the policy dilemma of “lives versus livelihoods”

The draft Reserve Bank of India (Market-makers in OTC Derivatives) Directions, 2020 were released for public comments on December 04, 2020. Based on the feedback received from the market participants, the draft Directions were reviewed and have since been finalised. The Master Direction – Reserve Bank of India (Market-makers in OTC Derivatives) Directions, 2021 are enclosed herewith.

On April 14, 2021, President Joseph R. Biden announced the unconditional withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Afghanistan after 20 years of conflict. United States troop withdrawals led to the rapid collapse of the democratically elected Government of Afghanistan, effectively ended prospects for a negotiated settlement, threaten to reverse the hard-earned rights of Afghanistan’s women and youth, and created dangerous sanctuary space for potential terrorist attacks against the United States and allies and partners of the United States.

Fintech, or technology that provides digital financial services is transforming the provision and delivery of financial services. At its most basic level digital technology enables speed – speed in processing information and speed in communication. Processing speed has reduced cost and time for transactions while communication speed has enhanced connectivity of systems expanding the reach of transactions.

It is regrettable that the policies of the international community and the decisions of the relevant United Nations bodies regarding a solution for the Question of Palestine have until now not been upheld and implemented, resulting in a failure to hold Israel accountable and sanction it for its violations of international law, allowing Israel, which claims to be a democratic State, to act as a State above the law.

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