Declaration of Islamic Emirate regarding assistance provided to Afghan nation in Geneva-18/11/2020


Declaration of the Islamic Emirate regarding the assistance provided to the Afghan nation in Geneva

An international conference on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan will be held in Geneva on November 23 and 24.

There is an urgent need for assistance to the oppressed people of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has always strived for the welfare of its people and for this purpose it has sought and welcomed international assistance.

The Islamic Emirate has provided services to the needy, but if the aid is collected in the name of the people and the country and then does not reach the deserving people, but goes into the pockets of certain people in the Kabul administration, as unfortunately This has happened in the last two decades and is still going on. Reputable international organizations have also periodically investigated and published reports in this regard.

The said situation (aid is collected in the name of the people and the deserving people do not reach) the Islamic Emirate does not demand or support such aid.

Therefore, we demand from the countries of the world and international organizations that the aid collected in the name of the people should reach the people.

In order to distribute this aid among the deserving people in a transparent and fair manner, the best suggestion is that the international welfare agencies distribute the aid in coordination with the Islamic Emirate. In this regard, the Islamic Emirate is ready for any kind of cooperation. It understands its responsibility and has from time to time shared its position with some donor countries and international organizations.

Finally, the Islamic Emirate would like to thank all the countries, nations, organizations and individuals for their support during this difficult time, which helped our troubled nation.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

03 Rabi al-Thani 1442 AH

according to 18 November 2020

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